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Jorge Juan Grosso


Last update: 13.12.2019

SAP MM / WM / LE Senior Consultant

Graduation: System Engineer
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Languages: English (Full Professional) | Spanish (Native or Bilingual)


  • +20 years working in IT as system Professional consultant.
  • +17 years working as SAP consultant, including Training, Improvements, Support and Implementations (small, medium and large implementation projects).
  • Demonstrated ability to successful identifying and delivering solutions to solve organizational challenges in multiple Industries, processes and several technologies involving managing and coordinating people and tasks.
  • Demonstrated skills to work in different projects include dealing with international teams, travelling abroad, remote and on-site support.
  • Senior MM, WM & LE Consultant whit experience in Production planning and control (PP) and Quality Management (QM).
  • Sap Releases: 4.0B; 4.7; 5.0; ECC 6.0
  • Friendly and very sociable person.
  • Analytic, proactive, negotiator and effective professional under pressure.
  • Leader skills with facility to teach (knowledge transfer), expose and delivery courses.
  • Strong performance process reengineering.
Dedicated to provide excellent business solution

Courses & Certificates:
  • My Sap ERP Warehouse Management Academy Axigma Technologies (2009)
  • MySAP ERP Procurement and Logistics Execution Academy, V 6.0 Sap Argentina (2006)
  FCE Certification University of Cambridge (2002)
  • Accelerated SAP Learning 4.6c – Implementation Phase
   Sap Argentina
  • Concepts of Project Management
Grupo Assa
  • Administrating Sap R/MM and FI3
Software del plata
  • Customizing of Material Management module– Release 4.6c
Siemmens Itron Business Services
  • Material Management module possibilities
 Siemmens Itron Business Services
  • Oratory - Course
 Buenos Aires University (2001)
  • Leadership - Course
 Buenos Aires University (2001)

Project history

  1. Epson Argentina SRL 06-2014 / 01-2015
  • Category: Sap MM consultant
  • Contact Person: Pablo Garcia (Operation Manager) / Norberto Pazos (Regional Finance director).
  • Description: SAP 6.0 Rollout for 10 countries divided in 3 regions, I was responsible for South Region MM implementation (Peru, Chile & Argentina). Responsibilities: Global template analysis, GAP’s identification, BBP, construction, unit test and integral user test support.
  1. Lat Capital SA From 07-2013 / 02-2014
  • Category: Senior MM &  WM Consultant
  • Contact Person: Milagros Yepes (PM) Fernando Rondon (Portfolio Mgr)
  • Description: SAP MM & WM consultant for a SAP implementation in Colombia / Venezuela and Mexico using Agile methodology. Implementation Included RF, two production plant, six non production plant and three company codes. Responsibilities: Business process analysis, BBP, construction, unit test, integral test cycle, UAT and Go live support.
  1. General Mills Argentina 12-2010 / 06-2014
  • Category: Senior Supply Chain specialist.
  • Contact Person: Oscar Rossi (Supply Chain Regional Manager).
  • Description: SAP Supply Chain consultant for General Mills International, worked in several project both remote and on site with international teams.
  • Projects and enhancements implemented (All in SAP ERP 6.0):
  • Supply Chain specialist for China implementation project (6 plants, 4 company codes. +6000 users).
  • Warehouse Management implementation in 4 countries.
  • SC analyst for TR implementation in Europe.
  • PM in Worksoft  implementation (SAP test automation program)
  • SC consultant in medium and small enhancement projects.
  1. Axigma Technologies (Sap Educ. Partner) 06-2011 / 07-2013
  • Category: MM & WM trainer
  • Contact Person: Mario Aguero (Training Director)
  • Description: Trainer in both MM and WM official SAP academy.
  1. General Mills Argentina 12-2009 / 12-2010
  • Category: Category: Sap Supply Chain specialist for Latin America and South Africa
  • Contact Person: Oscar Rossi (Supply Chain Regional Manager).
  • Description: Analysis of business process in different countries, search design and implement improvements in Sap (Supply Chain area, Sap MM, WM, LE, QM, PP, PM and transportation). Analysis of errors, support and maintenance. I was part of an international team with colleagues in Venezuela, México, Usa, Uk and India.
  • Projects and enhancements implemented (All in SAP ERP 6.0):
  • Implementation of WM from a global template (rollout) in a new storage location in Venezuela. Using RF technologies, HUM, storage units and different kinds of strategies and storages modes.
  • Implementation of a new storage type with replenishment method in an existing warehouse in Argentina
  • Improve of MRP and DRP process.
  • Implement of Intercompany purchase process between different countries and trading models.
  1. T-Systems Argentina (ex-GEDAS) 08-2007 / 12-2009
  • Category: MM / WM Senior Consultant
  • Contact person:  Alan Carabajal (Project Manager) – German Pereyra (SAP Mgr).
  • Projects:
  • Volkswagen Argentina (Automotive) Sap R/3 version: ECC 6.0
  • Implementation of a global template (Rollout) in SAP WM and LE module. Business analysis and GAP’s definition, organizational structure and detail design.
  • Responsibilities: Logistic Execution (Picking, packing and shipping process, goods receipt/issue process), warehouse structure, RF, SU and HUM, warehouse movements, interface with MM and SD, input/output strategies, replenishment, Sap Web console, development of the interfaces, custom programs for RF, unit and functional test, post go live support. Team size 45 people.
  • Amanco Argentina SA (Plastic pipes) Sap R/3 version: ECC 6.0
  • SAP WM Implementation. Including the model design, BBP, customizing, and functional test, cutover, final user training, master data migration with LSMW process. Post go-live support. Team Size: 15 people.
  • Responsibilities: Logistic Execution (Picking, and packing process, goods receipt/issue process),  warehouse structures, RF, HUM, SU, warehouses movements, interface with MM/SD/PP, stock management, stock transfer and replenishment, strategies  (input/output), reports, inventory, RF with Sap ITS Mobile, custom programs for RF transactions.
  • Magnetto Automotive (Automotive) Sap R/3 version: ECC 6.0
  • SAP WM and MM implementation. I did the full cycle of WM implementation and started to work in the 3rd project phase of the MM implementation, doing the design, make of the BBP and build (only in WM). final user training, cutover with master data analysis and  migration with LSMW process, post-go live support in MM and WM.
  • Responsibilities: Warehouse management: Logistic Execution (Picking process, goods receipt/issue process), warehouses structure, SU, RF, warehouses movements, interface with MM/SD/PP, stock management, stock transfer and replenishment, strategies (input/output) , reports, inventory.
  • Agroindustries Pla  (Industrial machines) Sap R/3 version: ECC 6.0
  • Responsible for implementing SAP (ERP 6.0) MM module in the 2nd project phase, including the make of the BBP, build, test, final user training, cutover with master data migration (LSMW) and post-go live support.  Team Size: 20 people
  • Responsibilities: Purchasing (PUR), Inventory management (IM), Invoice verifications in Logistic (LIV), MRP, Serial number, LIS, Batch Management.
  • Weber-Iggam - Saint Gobain Group (construction products) ECC 6.0
  • Implementation of a global template (Rollout) in Sap MM module, working with client requirements, design, make of the Business Blue Print, build, test, cutover, final user training, technical specifications for building programs to perform the migration of master data and post-go live support). Team Size: 25 people
  • Responsibilities: MRP, Purchasing (PUR), Inventory management (IM), Invoice verifications in Logistic (LIV), GR/IR account maintenance (CA), LIS, Logistic movements.
  1. Grupo Assa SA 02-2007 / 08-2007
  • Category: MM / WM Sr Consultant
  • Projects:
  • Molinos Rio de la Plata SA (Beverages & food manufactory) Sap ECC 5.0
  • Responsible for maintaining WM, LE and MM module (customizing for new requirements,  business opportunities, analysis and functional design, testing, final users training) Team Size: 12 people
  • Responsibilities: WM process, Logistic Execution, MRP, Batch Management, Purchasing (PUR), Inventory management (IM), Invoice verifications, LIS, Logistic movements, Split  valuation, Warehouse management systems.
  1. Software del Plata SA 01-2005 / 02-2007
  • Category: MM SSr Consultant
  • Projects:
  • OSDE (Health) Sap 4.6C
  • Responsible for maintaining MM module (customizing for new requirements, analysis and functional design, testing, final users training). Team Size: 20 people.
  • Responsibilities: Purchasing (PUR): master data, purchase requisition, RFQ and quotation, purchase orders, purchase agreements with vendor (contracts and scheduling agreements), purchasing info records, conditions, price determination, release procedure. Inventory management (IM): Physical inventory, inventory samples. Logistic movements.
  1. Siemens Itron S.A. 01/2001 - 01/2005
  • Category: MM Junior and Ssr consultant.
  • Projects:
  • Correo Argentino SA (official Arg. Carrier) Sap: R/3 4.6C
Maintaining of MM module (Customizing, Functional Analysis, design, testing). 1st level support. Team Size: 20 people

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