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Liviu Mischie


Last update: 05.06.2019

Software Engineer (.NET, Angular, OPC-UA, IIoT)

Company: Xentient Labs SRL
Graduation: BSc Computer Science
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Languages: English (Full Professional)


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I am a software engineer with more than 13 years of experience working in the IT industry, mainly using Microsoft's .NET technology stack.
I have excellent troubleshooting skills, I am able to analyze code and engineer well-researched, cost-effective and responsive solutions.
Here are some of my tech skills:
- Languages: C#, Typescript, Javascript, Python, SQL;
- Technologies: .NET, .NET Core, WPF, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web API, EntityFramework, REST, Angular 2+, HTML, SCSS, NodeJs, ElectronJs, Field Device Integration, OPC UA;
- Architecture: Microservices, Domain Driven Design, MVVM, Redux;
- Tools: Visual Studio, Resharper, TFS, Git.

Project history

XENTIENT LABS SRL | Timisoara, RO | April 2017 - Present
Founder / Senior .NET Software Engineer
Responsible with company management and providing software engineering services to customers.
Fieldbus Device Management
This is one of the first FDI-based software products for device management, making the configuration,
commissioning, diagnostics and maintenance of fieldbus instruments easier and quicker and helping
technicians to effectively work with the process instrumentation.
I was responsible for development of various components of the system: FDI server based on OPC-UA
architecture, OPC-UA client test scripts, various tools for importing data into the system, components for
handling device diagnosis based on customizable rules etc.
Technologies/Tools: Field Device Integration, OPC-UA, .NET, WPF, SQL Server, VS 2015-2017, ReSharper, TFS.
OpcUa for Devices (DI) Plugin for PACTware
Development of an OpcUa Server implementing Device Integration Model (DI) as a plugin for PACTware.
Technologies/Tools: VS 2017, Azure DevOps, FDT 1.2.1, OpcUa, PACTware 5.0

FOUND MEDIA SOFTWARE SRL | Timisoara, RO | September 2016 - March 2017
Senior .NET Software Engineer
Lead software engineer, responsible with architecture and implementation of one of the company’s main products
and other internal tools.
Stiller Alarm (
Architecture and development of a system for workplace safety management, that allows users to silently
trigger alarms/alerts from their PCs or other devices, in case of emergency or threatening situations. Once
an alarm is triggered, configured devices of the nearby colleagues are notified in real-time, allowing them to
take action and deescalate the situation. I was responsible to rewrite the existing product from scratch, using
modern technologies and scaled it for concurrent use on tens of thousands of devices.
Technologies/Tools: ASP.NET Core, REST APIs, Angular 2+, ElecronJS, ZeroMQ, VS 2017, SQL Server, TFS.
Product Licenses Management
I was responsible for developing an internal web application tool for managing company’s products, clients
and licenses purchased by clients for the products.
Technologies/Tools: ASP.NET Core, REST APIs, Angular 2+, Entity Framework Core, VS 2017, SQL Server, TFS.

BERG SOFTWARE SRL | Timisoara, RO | October 2005 - August 2016
.NET Software Engineer
For more than 10 years I've been working as a .NET Developer at the Berg Software company, in Timisoara. I have
worked here on a broad range of projects, using various technologies and I was involved in all aspects of the software
lifecycle from analysis, design, development and testing to installation.
Clinical Laboratory Automation System
For more than 5 years I have worked on this very complex system, with a big interdisciplinary team involving
both software and hardware disciplines (electronics, mechanical, firmware). The system was developed by
one of the biggest players in the field and the purpose of it was to efficiently automate the workflow and
analysis of clinical samples (blood, urine, serum etc.) in medical laboratories. I have been working on the high-
level software framework that controls and orchestrates the hardware for automating the processing and
analysis of clinical samples in medical laboratories.
I was involved in writing requirements, design and implementation of software components that control and
coordinate various hardware modules, hardware simulators etc.
Technologies/Tools: .NET Framework, WPF, TFS, ReSharper, PostSharp, Enterprise Architect (UML design),
XTrace (logs analysis and troubleshooting), Visual Studio, TFS.
Home Automation System
I have implemented various software components of a home and building automation solution using the KNX
standard. Main task was developing WPF tools for creating customized building views that allow for
controlling building devices (lights, temperature, air conditioning etc.). The product was eventually acquired
by Siemens.
Technologies/Tools: .NET Framework, WPF, MVVM, WCF, Visual Studio, TFS.

Local Availability

Only available in these countries: Romania
I prefer to work remote from my home town, but I am open to travel when necessary.
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