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Lucas Viveiros


Last update: 16.05.2023

Senior technician, Research Fellow, Unity Developer

Graduation: Master in Information System
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Languages: English (Limited professional) | Portuguese (Limited professional) | Spanish (Limited professional)


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Project history

05/2021 - 04/2023
Senior technician
Polytechnic Institute of Bragança

2023/04 Hired by IPB on the project Oleachain - innovation in the value chain
of traditional olive groves in Portugal's Interior. My job entails researching
and developing better strategies to solve case scenarios
in agriculture and virtual tourism using cutting-edge technologies
like virtual and augmented reality. A hybrid application was created
using Mapbox SDK to list and manage all 150 olive trees registered
in a local database, as well as augmented reality to enhance the
information on centennial trees. In addition, a marketing experience
for the Museum of Côa and its products is being developed to deploy
on Oculus Quest 2.

09/2019 - 04/2021
Research Fellow
CCVB/CeDRI; CCVB Science Center

Cedri, my work consist in VR/3D development, and articles writing
for scientific journals. The main project, Natureza Virtual (article
link) consists of a 360 3D Virtual Reality experience to the cruise of
the International biological station (EBI) in Miranda do Douro. The
project exposition is inside CCVB Science Center since 2021 and was
co-funded by the "La Caixa" foundation for a fellowship program. In
this project, I was in charge of 360 3D recording, post-process, videostitching,
and 360 editing with: Insta360-stitcher, Adobe Premiere
Pro, After E?ects, and FFMpeg . And, the development of the Oculus
Quest application with some functionalities like hands recognition,
virtual buttons action, video management and hotspots interaction
made in Unity (git link)

04/2018 - 08/2019
Unity Developer
Samhoud Creativetech

2019/08 During my internship in the Netherlands, I used the C# programming
language to investigate the Mixed Reality device Magic Leap
and its potential functionalities such as Spatial Mapping, Holograms
Persistence/Geo-localization, Hands Tracking and Interaction, 6-DOF
Controller, Head/Eye Raycast, and Holograms Occlusion (AR/MR Portal
and shaders). The main goal was to create an MR system from all
of the company's previous applications in order to demonstrate the
power of MR to the next consumers. Some 3D Web technology such
as Three.js and A-Frame were investigated, as well as performance
in iOS and Android with remote access in the WebXR environment.
In addition, I was in charge of continuing the AR project development
for Ziggo Wi-fi Assistant (Vodafone Network) (Video Link), a
Wifi-Assistant that assists users in creating AR Network points based
on the geolozation of the roouter device as the calculation of the
velocity, ping-conection, and delay of the wifi device router.

Local Availability

Only available for remote work
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