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Márcio Figueiredo


Last update: 08.09.2023

DEV Specialist - Tech Lead - FullStack - Mobile

Company: E3M Consult
Graduation: Analysis and systems development and MBA in Mobile Development
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Languages: English (Full Professional) | Portuguese (Native or Bilingual)




I have been working as a Systems Analyst for over 25 years.

Experience with: Backend. | Main Stacks: Javascript, Node, Typescript, React.

Also with Fullstack, Frontend, Mobile. (React, Ionic, Angular, React Native, Expo, Flutter, Swift (basic), Kotlin (basic), Dotnet, Webforms and others. 
- Constant improvement of English conversation. (Current level Intermediate/Advanced)

Experience and performance at different levels with:

APIS, services, Cloud (AZURE, AWS, GCP), Devops, CI/CD, GIT, Github, gitflow, Serverless, Automations, Integrations, Lambdas, SQS, queues, SQL, PL, Oracle, MySQL, MS-SQL, Postgres, NoSQL.

Agile, Scrum, Jira, Azure Boards, UML, ITIL, Service Desk, Squads, XP, Kanban, Code Review.

DDD, TDD, Testing, Coverage, Prototyping, MVPs, POCs, Spikes.

MVC, MVVM, Clean Code, Clean Architecture, SOLID, Mobile, Mainframe, Data, BI, ETL, Requirements, Processes, Outsystems (basic), One Trust (GDPR, LGPD), DW, ETL, Mainframe, Cobol, Linux, Apache (basic), integrations, wordpress, RD, platforms, email marketing and others.

And also with Dotnet stack (framework and core).

Project history

03/1997 - Present
Tech Lead . Full-stack, Mobile, Front-end, Back-end Developer and Architecture
Globo, Vortx, E3M Consult, Voke, Framework Systems (Internet and Information Technology, 500-1000 employees)


Development specialist (Tech Lead) in the area of media, exhibition and programming solutions.

Working with: Architecture, infrastructure, code quality, development workflow, team upskilling, mentoring and side-projects, experimentation, solutions, cloud, React, JS, devops, CI/CD, testing, on-premises, modernization.

Front-end and back-end team leadership, participation in analysis and study initiatives for modernization and cloudification, cloudfinops, SRE, observability, monitoring and more.

AT my Own Company
At E3M Consultoria, my own company, I've been working with challenges of: development, analysis, requirements, processes, sql, cloud, leadership, team coordination, training, support, sustainment, projects and more.

Projects, challenges and companies from different areas: financial, BPO, travel, marketing, health and beauty, drugstores and medicines, ticketing, transport, hotels, leasing services and IT and more.

At Vortx (Fintech)
Working with financial market product related to investment fund market operations, asset management and administration.

Main technologies and roles:

- Working with an Agile Team, with Scrum, performing all the ceremonies, participating and leading several team initiatives.
- Reception, technical presentation of systems and support for new team members.
- Working every day with tests, code review, pair programming, spikes, technical presentations.
- Support to the team and implementation of initiatives to improve squad performance, lead time, quality.
- Participation in architecture mentoring and technical leadership program. Themes: DDD, BDD, TDD, Clean Code, Clean Architecture, SOLID, Design Patters, best practices, cloud computing.
- Backend projects, both domain and middleware.
- Technologies: DDD, herbsjs, express, javascript, ORM Sequelize, Apollo, SQS, GraphQL, APM, Kinesis, REST, swagger, Postgres, Dotnet, C#, RDS, Kong, Github, Git, Azure Boards.
- Serverless projects. Lambda, serverless configurations, AWS, Cloudwatch, Kinesis, ECS, SQS and other technologies.
- Frontend projects. React, Redux, Redux Saga, NetxJS, Axios, Material UI, Styled components.
- In all projects maintenance and evolution of test coverage and code quality control. (Jest, chai, mocka, React testing)
- Working with several elements of DEVOPS and CI/CD. Github actions, project settings, git flow, troubleshooting and other details.

At Microcity
Working with architecture, specification, systems development and partnerships. In the IT Assets & Infra as a Service #1 in Brazil.

Main technologies and actions:

- I worked with a team in transition from traditional to agile model, actively participating in this process.
- Creation of backend and frontend of various web systems. Customer Portal, B2B Ecommerce Portal, Service Catalog, Employee Data Management and others.
- Creation of APIs, microservices, modernization of legacy systems, apis gateway, integrations between systems (service desk, erp, marketing, ecommerce, government, authentication and others).
- Planning and definition of architecture for new systems. Both developed by our team and contracted with external companies.
- Monitoring development, deliveries, code review, tests, prototypes and acceptances.
- Various technologies. Mainly: Javascript, Typescript, node, express, adonisjs, sequelize, react, react native, redux, ionic react, azure, azure web apps, azure functions, power apps, rest, soap, graphql, ms sql, oracle sql.
- And also: dotnet, c#, dotnet framework, dotnet core, razor, docker, hypervisor, chatbots, AI, IIS, Linux Centos, Apache, certificates, scrum, agile, tests, jest, jasmine, prototypes, spikes, proofs of concept , security gateway, LGPD, GDPR, change management, low code initiatives with Outsystems.

At Framework Systems
Working with fullstack development, architecture, data, migrations, requirements specification, and processes in an IT Outsourcing (Development, Teams, Projects)

Main technologies and actions:

Allocation at ARAUJO (One of the Largest Drugstore Chains in Brazil)
- I worked in the Araujo Mobile APP, integrations and Backoffice web panel project. From conception to launch. Requirements, tests, approvals, POC's, integrations, services, optimizations, queries and procedures, specifications, architecture, documentation, team leadership, scrum, RUP, UML. And also, acting at times as a scrum master, organizing and conducting meetings with architects and also with various business areas: finance, accounting, marketing, payments, ERP, BI, ecommerce, infrastructure and others.
- Project started in a traditional model, waterfall and then was migrated to agile. Scrum based.
- Here I worked with processes, requirements, tests, prototypes, architecture, MS SQL, postgres, c#, dotnet, VB, javascript, react, a little java, IIS, change management and other processes and technologies.

Allocation at EMPRESA 1 (Big player in billing/ticketing of transport modals in Brazil)
- I worked with documentation, specification and participation in the legacy system migration project. Reverse engineering, creation and optimization of queries and performance. Understanding of legacy logic business rules written in C, specification and prototyping for modern stack (java on the backend and REACT on the frontend). Monitoring, validation and approval of the new code developed.

Allocation at MAXMILHAS (One of the main Tourism / Air Miles Startup in Brazil)
- I worked in the BI + DEVOPS team. BI / Big Data / Migration Project: Various activities involving ETL, cloud, jobs, Talend, BI, Postgre, MySQL, Mongo, Data Analysis, query conversion, performance optimization. Structure of tribes, squads, agile, scrum with all the ceremonies.

And other experiences.... (ask me)

Local Availability

Only available for remote work
Preference for remote work. I have a complete office, set up, prepared for online meetings. Prepared for communication at any necessary time.

I'm in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais so meeting in person here in the region is easy.

Job offers in other cities, states and countries are desired and welcome. Let's talk.
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