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Last update: 24.03.2023

Cloud DevOps Infrastructure & SRE | certified Terraform , Linux LPIC-3 & Openstack

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Cloud / DevOps / SRE / Infrastructure Engineer specialized on GCP and AWS, with +15 years experience on IT Systems departments. Based in Spain:

I enjoy everyday learning on team and with many remote projects on Internet. Besides I'm also certified on Terraform, GCP, Security-AWS, Openstack, Linux LPIC-3, 2 & 1 between others skills that I most like of current and past projects. So I have always adapted to required role and environment and try to deep on the related components with infrastructure.

I work remotely from Spain on EMEA time zones to international clients as employment, or direct contract, with willingness to visit clients/ headquarters up to 5% of time if necessary.

- Current Stack:

#Terraform #Ansible #Jenkins #Gitlab-ci #Packer #AWS #OpenStack #GCP #Linux #LPIC3 #Kubernetes #Docker #RedHat #Ubuntu #CentOS #IaaC #CDK

Project history

10/2021 - 02/2023
Cloud Infrastructure Engineer (Internet and Information Technology, 500-1000 employees)

09/2018 - 04/2020
Cloud DevOps Engineer
Sngular. Internal Services

Maintenance and infrastructure management by IaaC. External and internal support.

Skills: AWS, Ubuntu, Terraform, Ansible, Packer, Jenkins, Bash, Docker, Kubernetes
(eks,kubectl,helm), Gitlab, Keycloak, Jira, Confluence, Grafana, Sensu, Graylog.

02/2019 - 02/2020
Cloud DevOps Engineer

Design and configuration by code of backend and frontend infrastructure. Development support
and management logs app. Support and modifications on demand.

Skills: AWS ( EFS, EC2, ASG, alb,route53, s3, VpnSite2Site, Elasticsearch, RDS, Cloudwatch ), Ubuntu,
Terraform, Ansible, Docker, Packer, Jenkins, Bash, Gitlab, Graylog and Sensu.

11/2018 - 01/2020
Cloud DevOps Engineer
Telefónica foundation

Full Infrastructure as a code of new Global Telefonica volunteering platform.

New architecture and config for new features with new Jenkins jobs, Ansible roles and Terraform
modules. Design and implementation of bidirectional synchronization code between Gitlab(s)
Telefónica and Sngular. Several DNS domains adaptation for dev, qa, preproduction and production
environments between AWS accounts. Performance tests for EC2 autoscaling policies.

Interaction with client for requests, meetings, incidents and teaching to other Telefonica engineers
for project delivery.

Skills: EC2, Route53, ALB ,ELB, S3, Cloudfront, certificate manager, RDS, IAM, SES, Cloudwatch,
Ubuntu, Terraform, Ansible, Packer, Jenkins, Groovy, Bash, Graylog.

05/2016 - 09/2018
Site Reliability Engineer

Deploy, configuration and administration of Openstack Mitaka and Red Hat Instances (KVM). Migration from
Oracle VM to Openstack labs. Labs for fresh Openstack Pike, several installs by Ansible on LXC- LXD and
Canonical Juju deployments.

AWS instances management for demos ( EC2, EBS, S3, ELB, ASG)

RedHat custom images for Instances on Openstack implementation (qcow2)

Install and configure Puppet Server and clients with abstraction modules and classes (Hiera).

Management Bare metal iLOS by MAAS Canonical.

Bash and python scripting for automation tasks by cronjobs. Some PoC with Ansible.


Rack Physical network on CPD and network switching Alcatel/Nokia. Hardware replacement (disks, network
cards 1Gb, 10Gb and fiber)

English documentation and written communication by Atlassian and Microsoft corporate tools.

Environment: OpenStack, Oracle VM, Juju, LXD-LXC, python, bash, Ansible, Puppet, Red Hat, Centos

Extra Projects

QA / Testing and performance with Indian matters of new Scramblers, ciphers and multiplexing SAT TV OTT.

Environment: Red Hat, Centos, Bash, Python, SARS performance, Grafana, Influxdb

01/2012 - 04/2016
Senior Linux System Administrator

Deploy, administration and configuration of Ubuntu & Centos virtual machines on VMware vSphere 5.X ESXi,
KVM by Ovirt on HA (Open version Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization) and PoC with Docker.

Create, import and modify snapshots, templates, virtual disks and virtual switches.

Physical to virtual servers (P2v VMware).

Some IBM SoftLayer public cloud instances for demos.

Linux Centos, Ubuntu Server, virtual and physical in racks. RAID configuration with DELL hardware
controllers and software with mdadm Linux. Upgrade disks by LVM

Nagios software monitoring. Bash scripting for new checks on demand. New configuration of hosts, groups,
contacts and participation on-call 24/7.

Linux hosts supervision and reporting by mail several tools such as Tripwire, Logwatch, Nmon, Lsof,
Tcpdump, Netstat...etc.

Checking and creating new file rotation by Logrotate.

Typical Sysadmin tasks: Users, groups, Samba, sftp, cron scheduling management. Secure servers by iptables
rules, ssh server tuning (hardering & LDAP login), tcp wrappers, Fail2Ban.

Mail accounts management with Postfix/Dovecot mailserver by OpenLDAP users sync ( scripting crontabs
with ldapsearch, pdbedit..etc).

Bacula software backup based on disk and tape; management of clients, restore jobs. Daily and weekly with

OpenVpn deploy and configuration by group users. Department segregation by networks (allow previous
vlans cisco switchs).

Basic MySQL and PostgreSQL queries, as well as dumps & restores backups.

Deploy and tuning corporate tools: Redmine CRM, Webmail Open Xchange, OSticket and hesk for ticketing,
room meeting manager, CMS Wordpress, Gitlab, Apache, Tomcat, SVN Subversion.

Windows 2012 Server and earlier for the finance department; Domain, users, file sharing...etc.


Software and hardware support: Windows and Ubuntu desktops (in site / ticketing / phone). Support and
collaboration with developers' issues.

About 7 months leading Systems department, while leader's pregnancy absence:

Management of department tasks, as well as special intervention to replace 4 switches of all company with
new devices. This required coordination with several providers, clients and departments, stopping all
infrastructure and special formation day for the rest of workers.

Schedule with different product leader several periodic meeting to improve infrastructure and

Virtualization of physical servers to VMware VM


Ubuntu, Centos, Docker, Linux administration and hardening, OpenLDAP, Postfix, Dovecot, OpenXchange,
Bacula, Mysql, Nagios, VMware, Ovirt, IBM Softlayer, Windows 2012 Server, Windows 7.

06/2008 - 12/2011
Systems Engineer

System based on Windows, management of active directory Windows 2000-2003 server, Microsoft ISA
server 2000-2006, Microsoft Exchange 2007. Testing Virtualization on XenServer and VMware, with some
P2V migrations.
Symantec backup software. SFTP Linux server. Software support and replacement hardware workstations.
Install and configure local networks in different locations; servers, printers, local desktops...
Management of purchases of computer equipment, budgets elaborations for CTO and stock control.
Coordinator of IT helpdesk mattes on different TV productions. Documentation tutorials .

04/2007 - 05/2008
IT Technician

Install, configure and repair computers, servers and TPV. Hardware replacement, malware cleaning and
improve performance desktops.
Local networks, domain servers, FTP, mail server. IP cam recording, TPV on customer sites.

Local Availability

Only available for remote work


Fully remote Freelancer or max 1visit/month EU office
  •  CET/CEST Time zones.
  • ✌ 2 interview process max
 If these works, you can send me an email to with:
  1. End-client company name
  2. Full Job Description
  3. Start/End dates
  4. Hourly/Daily rates
Please, forget the phone calls. The best moment and sound quality for both is a scheduled e-call (Google Meet, M. Teams, Zoom...etc). I'll share my calendar for this.
Profileimage by Miguel RExojo Cloud DevOps Infrastructure & SRE | certified Terraform , Linux LPIC-3 & Openstack from PedroMuoz Cloud DevOps Infrastructure & SRE | certified Terraform , Linux LPIC-3 & Openstack