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Myroslav Toloshnyi


Last update: 31.12.2020

Frontend Web Developer

Graduation: not provided
Hourly-/Daily rates: show
Languages: English (Limited professional)




Got knowledge in next languages and technologies:
    ✮ HTML5 and main semantic tags;
    ✩ HTML5 canvas ;
    ✮ Meta tags and Open Graph protocol;
    ✮ BEM methodology;
    ✮ CSS3 especially flexbox, responsibility and elastic layout;
    ✮ CSS3 animations and using keyframes;
    ✮ SVG graphics;
    ✮ SASS/SCSS nesting, variables, mixins;
    ✮ JavaScript at a sufficient level to animate elements;
    ✮ jQuery and it`s plugins (swiper, nouislider, magnific popup);
    ✩ Gulp.js: reloading browser, compiling SASS, collecting html/scss/js files;
    ✩ Git/GitHub basic commands; 

My favorite design environments:
    ♥ Photoshop;
    ♥ Figma;
    ♥ Avocode;

Also worked with:
    ? Ajax;
    ? Node.js;
    ? Python;
    ? PHP & phpMyAdmin;
    ? MySQL;
    ? Wordpress;
    ? Opencart;
    ? C++;

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Only available in these countries: Ukraine
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