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Naruhito Takei


Last update: 16.07.2023

Blockchain Developer, Full Stack Developer, Full Stack Developer

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Solidity, Solana, Angular, Node, PHP, Laravel, MongoDB, Android Development, Social, Truffle framework, Linux, Woocommerce, Shopify, Magento, React, AWS, GCP, Azure, Python/Django and MERN, MEVN, WAMP, LAMP, MAMP, Blockchain, Ethereum, BEP20, BEP721, BEP1155, ICO, IDO, DLT Apps, Private Blockchain Development, HTML, CSS, MVC, React Native, Next.js, JavaScript, Bootstrap, LESS, SASS, Node.JS, Bower, Jenkins, JASMINE unit test framework, GIT, SCRUM, UI, React libraries, store data, Responsive Design, JIRA, bugs, color scheme, HTML/CSS, XHTML, CSS/CSS3, CodeIgniter, js, Python CMS, Wordpress, MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, MongoDB AWS, Firebase, Vue, Typescript MySQL, Electron Git, Trello Blockchain

Project history

06/2020 - 04/2021
Blockchain Developer

ThimbleGang Puerto Real, Spain

Token development based on Ethereum and Binance
(ERC20, ERC721, ERC 1155, BEP20, BEP721, BEP1155).
ICO & IDO Development with Created Token(Coin).
DLT Apps & Private Blockchain Development.
Smart Contracts Audits

02/2019 - 05/2020
Full Stack Developer
Ratio Finance

Ratio Finance Houston, United states

Designed dynamic and multi-browser compatible pages
using HTML, CSS, MVC, React, React Native, Next.js and
JavaScript and also developer responsive interface
using Bootstrap and used LESS, SASS for CSS.
Created and deployed new features in order to sustain
and amend existing applications under MVC pattern
using Node.JS, React, Tailwind.css, Express and

Developed the Front end by using Vue, JavaScript by
Package manager NPM, Bower.
Worked with Jenkins, JASMINE unit test framework to
write unit tests for JavaScript code and used GIT version
Involved in daily SCRUM meetings to keep track of the
project status.

12/2016 - 01/2019
Full Stack Developer
Wizcorp Tokyo

Wizcorp Tokyo, Japan

React and Functional Driven JavaScript expert in SPA's,
UI Components, Mobile web and Performance
Responsible for implementing UI mockups, integrating
third party React libraries, and handling/creating Redux
store data.
Developed certain features of the application
functionality i.e. CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete)
features using Require.js and Responsive Design.
Used JIRA to keep track of outstanding bugs to reduce
downtime, increase productivity, and improve

06/2015 - 12/2016
Frontend Developer
ProofSpace Lausanne

ProofSpace Lausanne, Switzerland

Worked with clients to develop layout, color scheme for
their website and implemented it into a final interface
design with the HTML/CSS and JavaScript.
Created webpages according to client's guidelines and
standards throughout the development and
maintenance of the website using HTML, XHTML, CSS
and JavaScript.
Designed web pages using XHTML and CSS/CSS3 and
Implemented functionality in JavaScript.

04/2014 - 05/2015
Software Development Codegram

Codegram Tokyo, Japan
Required internship as part of my Bachelor's Degree.
Something I did there:
Collaborated with developers to learn development
conventions, and code patterns.
UI test of website for responsibility and developed using

Local Availability

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