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Last update: 06.09.2022

Consultant Inspection & Quality Engineer, Freelancer Lead Auditor 9001-2015 CQI & IRCA

Company: Alwan Quality Control
Graduation: BSc. Mechanical Engineer
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Mechanical QA/QC Eng. Audits, inspection & expedition, experience within CPF /SPS / FPSO & SURF and umbilical projects.
Inspection experience with Piping welds & S. structures, Materials & Forged products , mill products & Subsea equipment’s, Pipes & Casing , X-trees, BOPs. FAT witnessing at static & rotating equipment’s, Gearbox assembling, agitators & Submersible mixers, Dampers, Pumps inspection manufacturing & testing, Sea water filters , Expansion Joints , Cooling unites, Hydraulic pressure units & equipment's according to PED 2014/68/EU and well head equipment’s, OCTG- API 5C T drilling pipes manufacturing & testing.
Surface & Coating inspection experience with Polychloroprene and PFP components & fireproofing insulation, HDPE pipes inspection. Inspection experience at high pressure hoses manufacturing and FAT, Elec. Transmitters inspection, ICSS unites, SOH batteries, Transformers & Power cables, Elec. Panels & Heat exchangers and vessels welding, inspection experience with lifting tools & columns elevators and watertight doors / firefighting doors & Multi Cables and Pipes Transit Sealing System, Hydrogen units for energy use.
experience with the Americans, Europeans, Norsk, TRs, DNV OS-f101 & ISO13628-5 & PED 2014/68/EU.
QA tasks including written & review technical and specifications documents.

Certified by LR - CQI & IRCA approved Lead Auditor QMS ISO 9001-2015, Course 2020
Qualified as ASNT NDE III VT, MT, PT & RT, UT level II & Certified Cswip 3.1 Piping weld & Steel structures, Certified & trained at BPVC ASME VIII by ASME training center and at PED 2014/68/EU certified by LR. Netherlands.
Trained at Quality Management Systems ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 new edition Sep.2015 by B.V Sweden 2015
& Certified Six sigma Master Black belt- MBB, Sep. 2019.

Project history

12/2020 - 12/2020
client representative
Second Party Auditing

- Evaluation of serval suppliers in Sweden & Norway "Client DSME south Korea" 2018
Project scope a steel structures welding & assembly and vessel fabrication
- Auditing at beginning of the project in Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, Client Shell USA 2019
Evaluation & Auditing activities included compliance with Project requirements and the main clauses in ISO9001 & 14001- 2015
- At FRAMO AS - pumps manufacturing in Norway & Alfa Laval AB in Sweden for auditing & evaluation.
All my inspection assignments below are including partially auditing activities on the scope of inspection.

12/2020 - 12/2020
Site quality representative
Client Exxon USA at Emerson AB

The scope including (UNS S32750) Super D. pipes for subsea manifolds & umbilical tubing, Heat treatment, material control,
NDT, dimensions control and final MRB doc. Review, client Qatar Gas for North field project.

06/2012 - 12/2020
Senior QA/QC ENG. Coordinator

water pipes system & fabrication works on the steel structure buildings in the refinery activities including all welding works
and NDE coordination & ITP & procedures review and approval, Documents review and approval from the material base until
the final erection & 12" 36" gas piping works welding and coating and Commissioning to the client stage by stage.

07/2016 - 04/2017
QA/QC Eng.

Freelancer QA/QC Eng. inspections on behalf of LR. Clients (Inpex Australia, DSME, PTTEP, Chevron & BP UK) at various
location in Europe, based location Norway the inspection activities including Mechanical and instruments inspection and
PIM, PPM, ITP review & ITP steps follow up, FAT & Final inspection, MRB/MTR review & approval
- Sands sensors FAT for Subsea 7 Australia, at Force Technology in Denmark, S.sea project
-IGG. Package at Wartsila Norway & at SMI Slåttland AS fabrication of steel structure skids for FPSO topside, Client PTTEP
-Subsea tie-in tools & manifolds and Vertical subsea X-trees at GE Sandvika and Stavanger, Aker S. Client Inpex
Works including welding manifolds spools material S. duplex and stainless steel.
-High pressure hoses manufacturing and testing at Depro AS. Stavanger, Client Inpex
- Drilling tools & control equipment's final inspection at Bab Rortryckning Sweden. Client J&P constructions.
-Siemens HV transformer FAT & Final inspection, Rated power < 400 MVA for power generation.
-Agitators & Chemical Mixers at Noble Installation AS Norway, Client Chevron USA
-Manufacturing control at WAB drilling pipes with Auto. Cladding weld at Well-Tec in Denmark for BP UK Clair Ridge project
- Coating with Polychloroprene and PFP At Trelleborg AS Norway at 12*risers 22" ,12", Client BP E&P UK

- Gearbox assembling and FAT & final inspection at Transtech AS. Oslo (3 right angle gearboxes for water pumps)
- Agitators & Submersible mixers FAT and final inspection at Allweiler AS. Norway.
-GE Gas turbine 44MW . in Sweden-Norrkoping, PPM&PIM and following ITP inspection steps, Client Kuwait petroleum.
- Hydroxide and Carbonate on-line analyzer system & Water analyzer system at applitek in Belgium.
- Assembly and FAT at R. corrosion monitoring system for refineries and pipelines at Supplier Rosemount Tank Radar
- FAT test at Topside Umbilical Termination Unit TUTUs, Nexans Halden, Norway. Client BP, for West Nile Delta T.L. project.
- Siemens Hydro power generation , Inspection including Rotor machining and assembly works according to ITP steps, Client
IBAKH for Ingula Pumped Storage South Africa project.
- Plant Gas power generator for GE project in Kazakhstan, witnessing FAT, GE Norway.
- Manufacturing control and Testing on HVDC Power cable Subsea manufacturing at ABB, Sweden

02/2016 - 07/2016
QA/QC Eng.

Responsible to follow up and carry out all mechanical inspection on behalf of CB,I UK in Norway at different locations
(Bergen, Oslo, Kristiansand, Moss, Horton, Drammen) PFP package inspection including: Fire water pump system with power
generators 5 sea water pumps & sea water filters with skids and fire doors inspection & PFP components at Rapp B. AS ,
HVAC system, Utility Stations, Actuated Butterfly valves, Titanium condensers & H. exchangers, S. duplex pipes fabrications
16" 18" 22" flange at Vector product, Agitators &Pump gearbox, AutoSafe Integrated Fire and Gas Detection System (IFG) FAT
Watertight doors / firefighting doors at Gard Norway & Momec Sweden, SOH batteries final inspection at Siemens, Norway
for emergency system use, GE ICSS , Integrated control & Safety system Final inspection for CPF use.

02/2015 - 02/2016
QA/QC Eng.
Total UK.

Freelancer QA/QC Eng. Subsea production system SPS. Project: Deradour-Glenlivet Subsea in North Sea Representing Total
UK LTD at FMC sup-contractor Agility group in Tonsberg, Norway scope of work is including
- SWPSx3 (Satellite Well Protection Structure) welding, NDT, FAT and final inspection over all the steel fabrication works
- Manifolds x2 including the CS and Duplex SS. pipes, Valves, Structure, welding and NDT including RT and AUT.
- SGB x3(Satellite Guide Base) & FBS x2 (Foundation Bottom Structure) Welding and fabrication & FAT
- Subsea Wellhead & X-tree `s fabrication and inspection follow up at FMC, Kongsberg (x12) Gas Producer & Gas Injector
Gas Lifted Wells and Dual Bore Subsea & High Pressure -Temp. X-Tree`s
- Inspection at Titanium condensers & Heat exchangers and piping fabrication works with welding on steel structure,
Client CB & I UK. In Sweden at Örnalp Unozon AB
- FAT and final inspection on Well collision detector for Total Paris office at Clampon AS. Bergen
-On behalf of CB & I UK to witness FAT & Final inspection and packing at Stainless steel & Titanium valves at Westad AS
Norway and heat exchangers, Shell and Tube & Plate H. exchanger at Alfa Laval, Sweden, Client Statoil, for Mariner project

09/2013 - 02/2015
QA/QC ENG. Assigner inspector
Inpex Australia

production in our supplier Wärtsilä Moss at gas generator (IGG) and manifolds welding works, including procedure review
and welders qualifications and welding productions, material S. duplex and stainless steel and molybdenum.
And at Air products, Kristiansand for tow Nitrogen generation units high & low Capacity and HVAC Exhaust system
at FRAMO Flatoy vertical / centrifugal pumps package 22 pumps different flow rate up to 4500 M3/h. & x4 with Diesel
Electric Generators units 2800 Kw & 4000 kw & one HPU unites x2 500 Bar with Auxiliary Unit x2 & 120 Hydraulic pumps
Material inspection (piping, CS, S. Duplex, Titanium) titanium condensers / Plate Heat Exchanger (Alfa Laval)
And in Germany for the same project at API 675 pumps package "10 pumps" with different capacities I carried out
manufacturing of Elc. Pumps & FAT "performance and NPSH test "At LEWA Gmbh.
In Italy API 674 pumps package "4 pumps packages with ABB motors " inspection during manufacturing and pumps assembly
& FAT "performance with NPSH " at Peroni Pompe, FAT & final inspection at Corrosion monitors Sys. At Clampon AS. Norway.

10/2012 - 08/2013
Technip USA

Freelancer QA/QC ENG. Assigned to lead activities on manufacture of 315T Flow Line Lifting tool & SPS parts for Thunder
Horse water injection project at EAB Subsea in Norway and FAT and final inspection at 4 Sand monitoring systems.
And 2 Multiphase flow meter for Shell FLNG project at ClampOn AS. Bergen.
- Final inspection at Vector Inter. at x3 Flanges 32" with all attached parts client Saipem UK.

02/2006 - 01/2007
QC. ENG. Welding & painting inspector
Saipem Algeria

QC. ENG. at MLE project Algeria gas pipe line & stations responsible over pipe line work fabrication of carbon steel, duplex,
stainless steel, Welders' qualification witnessing & Hydro test, Steel structure, Total pipes length 3200km.
From Feb, 2005 Until: Jan,2006 Client: J & P construction Location: Greece
QC. ENG. Welding & painting inspector on steel structure project (bridge and stadium roof) In Athens, Marousi stadium

Local Availability

Only available in these countries: Norway
Travel available at extra cost.
Profileimage by Nezar Alwan Consultant Inspection & Quality Engineer, Freelancer Lead Auditor 9001-2015 CQI & IRCA from Oslo Consultant Inspection & Quality Engineer, Freelancer Lead Auditor 9001-2015 CQI & IRCA