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2years ago I started studying programming, I started from a c language, and thanks to it, now I understand how the basic things in c# are implemented, because I had an experience of doing same on the low level. Next step was in studying OOP in c++, I started from implementing classes with same functionality as list or array, and soon I began to use QT for developing projects with GUI, my first big project was done in QT, at the time I was doing it I hadnt known a lot about clear code or refactoring, so this was project with very ugly code, but I somehow implemented in it CRUD operations with set of objects, work with database, telegram, authorization and client-server architecture. That was very good experience after that I understood how I dont have to write my code and the most important WHY. Now i know that I can add any funcionality even if I hadnt heart about it earlier, just by using google.
At the same time with this project I got an experience of using git, linux, sql and learned basics of c#. So after it I started to code on c#, but this time I tried to do my code better. I learned SOLID principles, tried myself into winforms, but I hadnt liked it a lot, and now Im improving myself into wpf with MVVM pattern, using 3tier architecture, automapping, Ninject container, entityframework in my projects. I tried to do projects in xamarin and liked it a lot, same as wpf.

Now im interested in Xamarin.Forms or WPF projects(backend developing).

Some more info about me:
Enthusiastic student from a software engineering course at the KPI university. Experienced level of a software developing and math analytics, improved level of communication skills. Can work successfully within a society. Fast adaptation to any kind of job. Flexible, self-motivated and hardworking.

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