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Pankaj Verma


Last update: 06.09.2022

DevOps/ Java Developer/ Solutions Architect/ Test Automation/ APIs Development

Graduation: MS (Software Systems), MCA
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Languages: English (Full Professional)




➢  Recently worked with Aurea as Chief Architect for CI/ CD Operations team
➢  2+ years of experience in software architecture, design & implementation
➢  4+ years of experience in developing Java​ based applications
➢  5+ years of experience in testing​ OSS/ NMS, Fault/ Performance, Service
Management/ Assurance, ETL & ​other telecom applications.
➢  3 years of experience in ​Systems Engineering​ where I contributed my skills in 
performance tuning of applications.
➢  Good hands on over​ Ansible​,​ Docker & Kubernetes​. Used Ansible with Docker to
completely automate software deployment processes in virtual environment.
➢  Good experience in designing Test Automation Frameworks in Fluentlenium/ Selenium,
Protractor, Java, Rest Assured and JMeter
➢  Good hands on over​ Perforce (P4V)​ and​ Git​.
➢  Proposed a white paper to tune​ JBoss​ Application Server for its efficient use in​ Service
Assurance​ applications.
➢  A good understanding of​ SDLC ​and​ Agile​ Software methodology.
➢  Proposed a strategy to migrate Service Modeler & NetExpert for ​Internationalization
➢  Worked over​ Service Assurance​,​ SLA​,​ IPTV​ &​ QoSM​ Solutions.
➢  Worked over​ Performance​, ​Fault​ &​ Configuration ​Management solutions.
➢  Worked over​ SNMP​,​ SONET​,​ IP​,​ Auto​​Discovery​,​ Protocol​​ Agents​ &​ CORBA
Access​ applications.
➢  Simulated Routers, Switches, Hosts ando ther SNMP devices using Network Simulation
➢  Good hands on over​ Java​,​ UNIX ​​Shell​​ scripting​, ​PL​/​SQL​,​ Network​​Simulation
➢  Explored Rational Performance Tester,​ JMeter​,​ Squish​,​ BadBoy​,​ MIMIC​, ​HP​​Load
Runner​, ​Silk​ ​Performer​ and ​AppLoader​ for their use in different components of the
➢  Developed Java applications using​ CORBA ​​Access​ & ​RMI​ for use in NetExpert&
Service Modeler applications
➢  Developed multiple small Java clients to generate load & stress on various applications
using ​SQL Loader​ & UNIX shell scripts
➢ Excellent communication & presentation skills.

Project history

06/2019 - Present
Senior Backend Software Architect
Wakecap (Internet and Information Technology, 10-50 employees)

  • Create new scalable architecture for Wakecap product
  • Performance & Benchmarking for complete wirepas product
  • Design new CI/ CD architecture for the whole organization
  • Implement new architecture on GCP with Kubernetes
  • Remove bottlenecks in the old architecture deployments

03/2018 - 12/2018
Test Automation Chief Software Architect
Aurea (Internet and Information Technology, >10.000 employees)

  • Worked as Chief Architect to support the MSCentralization Factory Operations for CI/ CD involving resolving day to day support issues and providing support to all product teams
  • Support to different teams involved issues faced in Jenkins, Jervis, TeamCity & ElectricFlow build issues running over AWS EC2, Docker, Kubernetes and VMWare platforms
  • Created and configured EC2 instances running as build agents for TeamCity, Jenkins & Jervis
  • Collated performance data and compared results obtained on running builds over k8s, CDH & VMWare
  • Tested first VMWare and TeamCity integration to analyze the feasibility of VMWare VMs acting as build agents in TeamCity and Jenkins
  • Recently did a migration of EC2 Linux based agent to VMWare using RSync
  • Worked over deployment of sample application on k8s, CDH & VMWare using Jervis Ansible framework
  • Worked as Chief Architect on docker compose based products to migrate them to kubernetes
  • Migrated docker compose based artefacts to k8s by converting docker compose and ansible scripts to Stateful Sets, PVCs, Services & Ingresses
  • Deploying and running the k8s artefacts to ascertain the accessibility of the application running inside k8s pods
  • Created Pipeline scripts and jobs as per TeamCity build configuration for CI, IB & RC builds

03/2017 - 05/2018
Solution Architect
WDTS India Pvt. Ltd. (Internet and Information Technology, 50-250 employees)

  • Worked as a Solutions Architect to design new Solutions to be integrated with current software framework and help Test & Development teams to simulate Casino Gaming Table operations
  • Designed a solution using Sparkjava REST framework to simulate the Gaming Table operations. Integrated already developed C++ application with Sparkjava based REST framework to call C++ APIs using REST java calls and initiate the gaming functionalities for e.g. PlaceBet, TakeBet, PayBet etc.
  • Followed Agile Kanban process to develop the application
  • Used Salt deployment tool to configure large number of VMs to host product microservices

03/2014 - 03/2017
Technical Lead
MYCOMOSI (Internet and Information Technology, 50-250 employees)

  • Worked on Docker to automate the software deployment process inside docker containers using Ansible along with Jenkins in a Continuous Integration environment.
  • Designed a framework where several docker containers are linked to each other using docker compose & swarm to make software deployment and test process fully automated and virtualized.
  • Used VMWare vSphere to create VMs and then perform testing of various products over the created VMs
  • Following Agile process and Behaviour Driven Development (BDD)
  • Using Gherkins, Cucumber, Java & JUnit to cover User Stories of ProInsight (A Service Network Analytics application).
  • Using REST Assured & Fluentlenium to automate APIs & UI of ProInsight.

07/2007 - 02/2014
Senior Software Engineer
Objective Systems Integrators Inc. (Internet and Information Technology, 50-250 employees)

  • Development of System Engineering plan and send it for review to various teams.
  • Worked as a System Engineer to find out the core performance bottlenecks and various OS, Network, Database & Application parameters to propose a plan to further tune the application.
  • Developed a proposal to use the DataManager for gathering LTE KPIs.
  • Simulated LTE KPIs, UMTS network to send performance KPIs to the application.
  • Development of Java programs, UNIX Shell scripts, SQL Loader scripts to populate the Database with the LTE KPIs
  • Analyzed and tested the functional and performance testing of the application.
  • Extensively used Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) for capturing database snapshots to find bottlenecks in the database.
  • Proposed tuning areas of the application as a whole.
  • Used JConsole, UNIX Shell scripting to gather and monitor various statistics of the resources under utilization.
  • Used AdventNet Network Simulation Toolkit 6.0 to simulate Cisco 3600/ 7600 Routers, Solaris based Servers, Windows 2000 devices, Printers, Switches & Multiplexers.
  • Used SNMP and Cisco IOS for the simulated devices to perform Stress and performance testing.
  • Tested Telnet, Shell, SNMP, TCP-IP, X.25, Serial, XML, Database based protocol agents for performance and functional testing.
  • Development of Java programs, UNIX Shell scripts, SQL Loader scripts to test mentioned protocol agents.
  • Created Java based utilities to test applications.
  • Proposed the deployment architecture for an IP Management application to manage an SNMP
  • Based network.
  • Used JMeter to automate the performance testing of Portal.
  • Provided a plan for the scalability of the Service Modeler by tuning in the areas including JBoss Clustering, Thread Pooling, Logging, Caching, JVM Tuning.
  • Evaluated Apache Tomcat tuning area with Load balancing using mod_jk and mod_proxy, mod_rewrite
  • Used 3G KPIs in the system to actually simulate a part of 3G Network.
  • Faced issues while discovering simulated networks and coordinated with Rocket Software to resolve the issues.
  • Sniffed SNMP packets using Wireshark (Ethereal) to find out the issues in the discovery applications.
  • Generated reports on comparative analysis of two discoveries to synchronize the network inventory with the physical network for future uses.
  • Proposed the deployment architecture for an Auto Discovery application to manage an SNMP based network.
  • Incorporated the actual VzW (Verizon Wireless) and Sprint environment for using the Network Command Center to monitor their different zonal networks for alarm processing.
  • Sent bulk alarms by simulating Switches having Line Cards & Ports and filtered alarms on the basis of no. of Switches, Line Cards & Ports.
  • Created deployment architecture to use multiple operators within a zone using LDAP mechanism for authentication.
  • Used Load Balancing mechanism in a master/ slave fashion to distribute the alarm processing.
  • Performed Stress and Performance testing to find out the Variability, Scalability and finally the bottlenecks in the application.
  • Studied Gauges/ Graphs/ Tabular data being reported to the application for functional and regression testing.
  • Integrated IP Management application with the Advance Performance Management application to process performance data gathered from SNMP devices.
  • Developed Java scripts to be used with the AdventNet Simulation Toolkit 6.0 to send fault data to the application.
  • Tested Fault, Delay, Threshold, Correlation & Throttling mechanisms of the application.
  • Tested Shell, Telnet, BCN, TCP-IP, SNMP & File based Gateway Agents.
  • Used Rational XDE Tester to functionally test the application. Developed generic methods in XDE to be used across the whole application.

11/2005 - 07/2007
Software Engineer
Agilent Technologies International Pvt. Ltd. (Internet and Information Technology, >10.000 employees)

  • Automated testing of Internet Protocol Assurance application using XDE Tester
  • Generated generic libraries of tests to be used in different tests of the application

03/2004 - 11/2005
Software Engineer
Nucleus Software Exports Ltd. (Internet and Information Technology, 500-1000 employees)

  • Had been contributing to the testing process by manual as well as with automated tools. like QA Load and QA Run.
  • I was responsible for building test plans, formulating test strategies, creating test scripts and executing them.
  • Involved with the performance testing of banking products using Rational Performance Tester & Rational Robot

Local Availability

Only available for the countries India
  • Gurgaon
  • Minimum Travel
  • Available for any time zone


I am a self managed, problem solver, highly organized and a  proactive communicator. I would like to work on the latest technologies and resolving complex technical problems. I Also like to design and architect efficient CICD solutions.

I was always a good team player when I worked in teams for several projects. However, Last couple of years I worked remotely and independently and enjoyed a lot. Being a DevOps and Solutions Architect, DevOps always fascinates me due to the complex problems and challenges it brings and I love to solve them. It would be a great experience to work with you.

Profileimage by Pankaj Verma DevOps/ Java Developer/ Solutions Architect/ Test Automation/ APIs Development from Gurgaon DevOps/ Java Developer/ Solutions Architect/ Test Automation/ APIs Development