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Last update: 06.09.2022

Senior SAP Integration Consultant (SAP Pi, SAP Po, SAP CPI, SAP UI5, SAP Fiori) / Mulesofg

Graduation: Bsc. Computer Science
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Languages: English (Full Professional) | Dutch (Native or Bilingual)


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WebMethods, Java, J2ME, JSP, DSP, Javascript, ASP, XML, XSLT, UML, SAP Xi, Mercator, Programming, Java Beans, ABAP/4, Visual Basic, (D), HTML, CSS, ASP Flash, Cold Fusion, MS Access, Oracle Object Oriented ontwikkelen, VISIO, ER diagrams, Jbuilder, Jcreator, Jdeveloper, DefyWire mobility suite, Lotus Notes, UltraEdit, SAP Business Connector, SAP Netweaver, Xi, Pi, SAP CE, Windows, HP Ux, Sun Solaris, JBoss, Oracle, RMS (J2ME), Acces, MySQL, SAP DDIC, Windows NT4, Windows 2000, XP, UNIX, Weblogic, Enterprise Application Integration, SAP, Cloud Platform, eXchange, Infrasctructure (Xi), WebMethods 4.6, WebMethods 6.01 en 6.1, EDI en flat file adapter technology, UI5, XSL, T, XSD, ABAP Proxy, webServices, SOAP, SAP Solution Manager, SOAPUI, SAP UI5, JSon, EDIFACT, Interface, Cloud, Oracle SOAPUI, Postman, SAP Pi 7.3 SAP PO 7.4, SAP CRM, backend, Oracle OSB, EJB, SAP ECC6, SAP Pi 7.3, CRM, Interfaces, SAP WF, SAP Pi, SAP Process Integration/ Process Orchestration, SAP Process Integration / Process Orchestration, SAP Xi adapter, SAP Process Orchestration, SAP Advanced Adapter Engine, SAP Portal, SAP CE Portal, Phobos, SAP BC, EDI, X12, Business Connector, ANSI X12, SAP Xi 3.0, SAP Pi 7.1, Xi 3.0, SAP BC 46, interface Migration, middleware, SAP BC 47, Webmethod, BAPI, FlatFile, SAP R/3, COPS, Actis, SAP R, Explorer, VBScript, Excelergy, WebMethods 6.1, EDIINT, EDIforTN, JD Edwards, ERP, JDEdwards, Webmethods 6, JDE, VAN, FTP of HTTP, UNEDIFACT, Integration Server, EDI adapter, Webmethods DSP, Webmethods 4.1.1, Clarify 8, Blue Martini CMS, Martini, client-server, webserver, Database, DHTML

Project history

06/2019 - 04/2020
Senior SAP Integration Consultant (SAP Po, SAP CPI)
PvH Tommy Hilfiger / Calvin Klein

Environment SAP ECC, SAP PO 7.5, SAP CAR, SAP CPI
Project Integration specialist Partner Program About You and Zalando
Description The initial project at PvH was to create Interface links between PvH and About You, so
all orders placed (CK and Tommy Hilfiger) would be distributed to our plant in Venlo
for distribution and Orders would be placed in SAP Backend.
These interfaces need to be as standard as possible so we could connect other webshops (like
Zalando) as well. therefor all interfaces and processes need to be as standard and
dynamic as possible
As stated in above, all need to be Orchestrated well. There SAP CPI is leading and is
the orchestrator, the stream starts with sending ProductData to broker and SAP CAR,
then CAR sends Stock information to the broker. All Orders created in About You are
sent to PvH via the broker to SAP FMS, which returns Order Responses, Shipping
Notifications and if required Cancellations. All these messages are routed via SAP
CPI in the Cloud.

Besides this project there are more tasks to be done, one of them would be to change complex
message mappings to more readable XSLT mappings.

Keywords XML, XSL(T), XSD, SAP FMS, SAP CAR, ABAP Proxy, webServices, SOAP, SAP Po, SAP CPI, SAP
Solution Manager, Oracle SOAPUI, JSon, Postman

06/2014 - 04/2020
Senior EAI Consultant SAP Pi / CE / Portal

Company Ministry
Period June 2014 - on call
Function Senior EAI Consultant SAP Pi / CE / Portal
Services SAP Process Integration / Process Composite Environment / SAP Portal
Project SAP Pi - SAP CE Portal issue solving
Description Working on issue solving considering existing SAP CE components connected to the SAP
Pi, Portal

Major work-effort required for this customer is issue solving and ensuring none of
the running interfaces are disrupted during migration to SAP Portal, all based on
connection via SAP CE and SAP Pi

Keywords SAP Process Integration, SAP Composite Environment, SAP Portal

08/2009 - 04/2020
Senior EAI Consultant
Isala Klinieken

Services SAP ECC, SAP Business Connector
Description Migration from SAP 46C to ECC6, and SAP BC40 towards SAP BC47

Isala Clinics is working on an upgrade from SAP 46 to SAP ECC6. This will also mean
that als their SAP Business Connector version should be upgraded from BC40 to BC47.
This migration has 2 phases, in the first phase the old SAP Business Connector
(version 40) needs to be integrated into the new SAP ECC installation and
simultaneously the old environment need remain active as well. The 2nd phase is the
phase where the new SAP Business Connector (version 47) is introduced into the SAP
environment and takes over the services which were running in the old SAP BC
environment. All running services in SAP BC40 need to introduced in SAP BC47 and
connection settings from and to SAP ECC need to be created and activated.

Keywords XML, SAP ECC, SAP Business Connector

01/2004 - 04/2020
Integration Consultant EAI

Environment JD Edwards, webMethods
Description EDI and WebMethods (competence centre).
Consultancy & advice at Royal Numico where was arranged that their ERP system (JD Edwards) was
Keywords Java, JSP, DSP, webMethods 6.01, JDEdwards backoffice, UNEDIFACT (ORDERS), X12

01/2003 - 04/2020
Integration Consultant EAI

Environment Java, JSP, DSP, Webmethods 4.6, DefyWire Mobility Suite
Description Integration project for IT distributor in de USA.
* First world wide integration project which is based on the Defiire Mobility Suite.
* Development of applications and services for integrating the DefyWire environment
into the Webmethods integration platform.
* Focus on this project was making use of a PDA for e-mail and business integration.
* coaching consultants on site.
* Writing a technical guide for implementation and developmetn using the J2ME based
DefyWire Mobility Suite.

01/2003 - 04/2020
Integration Consultant EAI
DePuy (Johnson & Johnson) Farmaceutical

Environment Java, JSP, DSP, Webmethods 6.01, UN/EDIFACT, X12, JDE One World
Description Integration project based on Webmethods 6
* Integration and converting EDI and FlatFile messages received via VAN, FTP of
HTTP(S) to messages conform their own standards. Which can be delivered to their
ERP software towards their own CRM system.
* Based on WebMethods 6.0.1 platform.
* Design and develop Flatfile and EDI messages (UNEDIFACT en X12) making use of
WebMethods Trading Networks, Integration Server and EDI adapter.

01/2003 - 04/2020
Integration Consultant EAI

Environment Java, JSP, DSP, Webmethods DSP, webMethods 6.01
Description Integration project at ABN AMRO based on the Webmethods 6 platform.
* Project focus monitoring worldwide payment process.
* Design and develop a monitoring tool for the bank employee to enable them to trace
the payments. And for them to see how many messages have arrived within the SLA

01/2003 - 04/2020
Integration consultant/ senior developer

Environment Java, JSP, DSP, Webmethods 4.1.1, Clarify 8
Description Upgrade project for a big telecom organization.
* webMethods 4.1.1 platform.
* upgrading the CRM environment without losing the already available functionalities.
* Upgrading ca. 560 operations and integrations.

01/2001 - 04/2020
JAVA Developer

Environment Java, JSP, J2ME, UML, PDA client-server
Description During this PDA web-server project i had the responsibility to arrange a connection
between a Handheld PDA and a webserver.
* High level functional design and interfaces
* Class diagrams, use-cases and sequence diagrams in UML.
* Database (JSP) creation for Java handheld
* Creating a bridge connection between a J2ME Handheld and a web server.

06/2015 - 06/2019
Senior SAP Integration Consultant (SAP Po, SAP CPI)

Environment SAP ECC, SAP Pi 7.3 SAP PO 7.4, SAP CRM, SAP UI5, SAP CPI
Project SAP Pi/SAP Po integration solutions, SAP CPI integration
Description Patrick has the role of SAP Pi/SAP Po integration specialist for this customer.
His responsibility is being a lead developer in projects like migrating interfaces
from SAP Pi to SAP Po (java only).
besides daily business there were several big projects:
* LIP (Nationwide intake process), this project is based on interfacing from the
intake portal towards SAP Backend, this portal is used by customer as well as 3rd
party business. In order to make this word knowledge of SAP BPM and SAP BRM was
* Intelligent meter: this is a project where the exploitation of the intelligent
meters is supported throughout the whole working environment of Alliander in the
* SAP Po / SAP Ui5 interfacing, this was a project especially for the fieldworkers.
Via a UI5 app on their tablet/phone they could send in Energy station information
which was parsed to SAP and send to backend to arrange products and companies to get
in contact with.
* the most recent project which Patrick worked on was phasing uit EDIFACT EDINE
messaging for Delivery Forecasts and migrating these in an Generation Load
MarketDocument XML structure. Sending messages via SAP Po / SAP CPI to a HUB and
being ready for receiving GL documents as well as Acknowledgements. This was
especially for ensuring creation of near real time and near excellent forecasting of
Usage in energy stations. This project is ready to go-live in June/July 2019

Keywords XML, XSL(T), XSD, SAP ECC, SAP CRM, ABAP Proxy, webServices, SOAP, SAP Pi, SAP Po, SAP
CPI, SAP Solution Manager, Oracle OSB, SOAPUI, SAP UI5, JSon, EDIFACT, Postman, SAP

02/2015 - 06/2015
Senior SAP Pi/Po Integration Consultant
Kadaster; D.E. Master Blenders

Environment SAP ECC6, SAP Pi 7.3, SAP CRM
Project KliC, BAG(Administration of Building and Addresses)
Description At this moment te Customer is ready to migrate existing interfaces to a CRM
orchestrated platform. Patrick was responsible for updating / migrating the Klic
interface functionality, without disrupting running processes.

The renewed functionality also meant to extend the interfaces with a B2B perspective
and updating the BAG Interfaces to the renewed platform. Besides interface
development Patrick also was involved with implementing interfaces in Solution
Manager for monitoring.
Keywords XML, XSL(T), XSD, SAP ECC, SAP CRM, ABAP Proxy, SAP WF, webServices, SOAP, SAP Pi, SAP
Solution Manager

Company D.E. Master Blenders 1970
Period October 2014 - December 2014
Role Senior EAI Consultant SAP Pi / PO
Environment SAP Process Integration/ Process Orchestration
Project SAP Po (Dual Stack).
Beschrijving The main project fort his Customer is migration of interfaces between DE and Jacobs.
Especially for the OTC Plants/Distributors. When migrating interfaces from Jacobs
towards DE standards this is a good time for optimization and standardization. The
Role fulfilled by Patrick was a Streamlead which would create technical specification
based on functional requirements so that another technical party could create and
implement these interfaces. As a interface specialist he was owner and responsible
for the build interfaces. The deadline was very strict due to combining companies and
there was no stretch in this.

Keywords SAP Process Orchestration, SAP Advanced Adapter Engine, SAP ECC, Order To Cash proces

05/2014 - 09/2014
Senior EAI Consultant SAP Pi / PO

Environment SAP Process Integration / Process Orchestration
Project SAP Pi - SAP Po (Single Stack) migration, SAP Po Project Services
Description The main project at this customer was migrating SAP Pi 7.11 interfaces towards SAP Po
7.4 Single Stack. These existing interfaces shouldn't be affected during migration.
Some interfaces were based on the SAP Xi adapter and needed to be converted using
HTTP AAE on the SAP Po environment.
Another project we were working on was a project called GIV Services. This is a project which helps
Achmea to deliver a generic service towards all SAP environments and 3rd parties
which are communicating with them. One of the main goals here was standardization and
reusability of modules / integration Flows

Keywords SAP Process Integration, SAP Process Orchestration, SAP Advanced Adapter Engine, SAP ECC
/ CRM / FiCa / FiCo

03/2014 - 03/2014
Senior EAI Consultant, migration specialist SAP Pi - SAP Po
Simac Phobos

Services SAP Pi 7.11, SAP P0 Single Stack
Description For the customer FlevoZiekenhuis of Simac a new SAP Po environment is created the task
of the integration consultant is to ensure all interfaces are migrated correctly and
working on the new Single Stack SAP Po environment. Using the Java HTTP-AAE instead
of the Xi adapter.

Keywords SAP Process Orchestration, SAP Process Integration

02/2012 - 12/2013
Senior EAI Consultant, migration specialist SAP Xi- SAP Pi
Friesland Campina

Services SAP ECC, SAP Xi 3.0, SAP Pi 7.1 EHP 1, SAP Po
Description Within the Friesland Campina organization some active processes were still running on
the older SAP Xi and SAP Pi environments. A project was started to Phase out all
older SAP Xi/Pi landscapes so these interfaces needed to be migrated to the new SAP
Pi landscape.

Besides the mapping logic and the interface conventions, we needed to update all Interfaces to
confirm to the renewed guidelines and ensure some improvements on mappings and

Patrick fulfilled the role of integration specialist and is responsible for time
estimation, migrating and support and guiding the internal colleagues of Friesland

Keywords XML, SAP ECC, ABAP Proxy, SAP WF, SAP Xi, SAP Pi, SAP Po, interface Migration, Java,

02/2013 - 04/2013
Senior EAI Consultant, migration specialist SAP BC- SAP Xi- SAP Pi
Konica Minolta Medical

Services SAP BC 4.8, EDI ANSI X12
Description For a new Konica Minolta partner UPS messages needed to be exchanged from SAP ECC to
and from UPS via the Business Connector and as ANSI X12 definition.

An extra role that Patrick had to fulfill was getting some SAP Business Connector
knowledge available by the internal employers so they could easy filter issues and
solve them when they would encounter it.

For this project 3 SAP-inbound and 2 SAP-outbound interfaces were created. The mapping was created
in segments so the maintenance would be more easy and by using this segment based
mapping the re-use of mappings in future interfaces is granted.

Keywords SAP Business Connector, EDI ANSI X12

02/2008 - 04/2012
Senior EAI Consultant

Services SAP ECC6, SAP Xi 3.0 (Pi 7.1, 7.11EHP1), SAP WF, SAP BC 47
Description Patricks main activity was the creation of the Digital KliC process. This is a process
where the customer can create a digging request and need to know if there are any
cables or pipes lying in the ground at this specific location. The request is send to
all stakeholders which are asked to send their detailed information back to the
client. This is a separate flow which is also developed and is at the moment up and
running in the production environment.
All parts SAP as well as 3rd party processes are modeled in SAP Pi and are created in
the SAP Pi ccBPM tooling.

Another project where Patrick worked on is a process which ensures the mortgage deed
will be automated. This process isn't just technical SAP Pi middleware implementation
but will also have a big part in the functional environment of the customer.

Patrick also arranged the SAP Business Connector phase-out. The customer needed to
switch over due to the support stop of the Business Connector middleware. All running
interfaces needed to be migrated to SAP Xi, and later updated to SAP Pi.

Besides these projects Patrick was also responsible for enhancing / training the
knowledge of the internal Kadaster employees. The people at the customer have broad
knowledge about the running (SAP Workflow) processes but need to gain more knowledge
about SAP Pi process integration. So trainings as well as Coaching was one of the
main goals in this "project".

Last of all Patrick was partly responsible for looking at SAP CE. This to ensure the
benefit of this SAP Application environment combined with SAP Pi. The reason for this
was that "het kadaster" uses more the just machine to machine interaction. In some
processes manual interaction is required. This is more difficult to handle in SAP PI
then handling this in SAP CE. The conclusion was that for 36% of the interfaces SAP
CE would be a good addition. For the other interfaces (B2B) this isn't the case.

Keywords XML, SAP ECC, ABAP Proxy, SAP WF, webServices, SOAP, SAP BC 47, SAP Xi, SAP Pi

10/2011 - 02/2012
Senior EAI Consultant, migration specialist SAP BC- SAP Xi- SAP Pi
Friesland Campina

Services SAP ECC, SAP BC 4.6, SAP Xi 3.0, SAP Pi 7.1 EHP 1
Description Within the Friesland Campina organization there were some active processes running on
the unsupported SAP Business Connector. The need was to get these migrated to the
renewed SAP Pi 711 environments.
All these interfaces were based on Flat File Asynchronous processing, but making
Synchronous calls to the back-end system so ccBPM needed to be included.

Besides migrating the interfaces the need was there for optimization, this also is
done for these processes, using XSLT as default mapping technique.

When the Business Connector was phased out Patrick immediately started on another
migration project, which was converting all existing interfaces on the Xi 3.0
environment also to the Pi 7.11 environment. Using the same optimization standards as
done with the SAP BC Phase out.

Keywords XML, SAP ECC, ABAP Proxy, SAP WF, SAP BC 46, SAP Xi, SAP Pi, interface Migration, Java,

12/2008 - 03/2009
Senior EAI Consultant
Organon - Shering Plough

Services webMethods 6.5 myWebmethods
Description The job description was to continue the daily business and getting involved in the
creation of new inferfacing projects. All interfaces and processes are based on
Webmethod Modeler and monitored in MyWebmethods Monitor. All interfaces are build in
the webmethods suite making use of Trading Networks.

Keywords XML, SAP ECC, webMethods 6.5, MyWebMethods Monitor

07/2007 - 02/2008
Integration Consultant SAP Xi
Nederlandse Spoorwegen

Services SAP ECC6 SAP xi
Description For the NS-Poort organisation (which is a conbination of Vastgoed and Stations) the
requirements were to switch from 2 different back-office programs to SAP ECC 6. this
causes some changes to be made for the 3rd party delivering manufacturers. The goal
is to make the switch to the new back office without making changes at the 3rd party
suppliers. So 4 new interfaces are created with SAP Xi
Keywords XML, SAP ECC, BAPI, ABAP Proxy, FlatFile, webServices

08/2006 - 07/2007
Integration Consultant SAP /EDI/ XI
PHILIPS Lighting Lamps

Services SAP R/3
Project "EAI Roadmap'. This project arranges a realisation a consolidated EAI
platform based upon SAP Xi for Philips Lighting. Technical as well as a functional
oriented SAP EDI position, also responsible for making decisions regarding structural
changes in different already existing Philips systems. All based upon the financial
department, where inbound and outbound payments will be processed. The main goal is
to achieve those functional descriptions will be translated to technical designs.
Using the Philips message types like XML, COPS(Philips standard) and UN/EDIFACT.

Project "E2E Secure payment":
Making one standardized format for the PaymentFlow for Philips Payment Factory. For 5 different
Kernel payments, coming from US, NL en D, which were using a different middleware
tool and connection towards the payment factory, these all are standardised and send
via SAP Xi. The total conclusion is less maintenance due one storage location, and
"one face to the customer".
Keywords XML, SAP R/3, XI, EDI UN/EDIFACT, Mercator, Actis

08/2005 - 08/2006
Integration Consultant SAP/ EDI
PHILIPS Lighting Lamps

Services SAP R/3 Sales and Distribution
Description Technisch/ functioneel georiënteerde SAP EDI rol.
Daarnaast het bepalen van structurele wijzigingen in de verschillende systemen van Philips
Dit om zorg te dragen voor het juist koppelen en integreren van de vele klanten van Philips die op
dit systeem aangesloten willen worden.
De hoofdtaak is hier om er zorg voor te dragen dat de functionele omschrijvingen verwerkt worden
tot een technisch design. Via de bestaande middelen als XML en UN/EDIFACT bericht
Keywords XML, SAP R/3, EDI UN/EDIFACT, Mercator, Actis

07/2005 - 08/2005
Integration Consultant SAP
GEODIS Logistics Vitesse

Environment SAP R/3
Description SAP Business Connector development connected with RFC and Idoc' s towards SAP.
Creating different inbound/outbound messages (for communicating to suppliers of GEODIS) based upon
XML message structure for the DELL REMAP Interface.
Keywords XML, Flat-files, SAP Business Connector, SAP R/3

03/2005 - 07/2005
System engineer Excelergy Templates, Customer Explorer
Energie Direct

Environment XSL, XML, JavaScript, ASP, VBScript
Description XML en Javascript Developing a new web based invoice layout using XSLT and
Keywords XML, XSL, JavaScript, ASP, VBScript, Excelergy

01/2005 - 03/2005
System engineer Excelergy Templates, Customer Explorer

Environment XSL, XML, JavaScript, ASP, VBScript
Description Responsible for creating re-useable template structures for invoicing, where a
generic Customer Explorer was the platform where we worked on in order to
make is possible to add more "prospect" clients and let them use their own look
and feel.
Keywords XML, XSL, JavaScript, ASP, VBScript, Excelergy

11/2004 - 01/2005
Technical Consultant
O.N.S. Energie

Environment XML, JavaScript, XSL
Description XML en Javascript Developing a new web based invoice layout using XSLT and Javascript.
This all based upon invoices (XML) created by the Revenue Manager.
Keywords Excelergy Revenue Manager, XML, JavaScript, XSLT

05/2004 - 10/2004
Integration Consultant SAP/ webMethods
International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF)

Environment webMethods 6.1, SAP R/3
Description Project based on development of in- and outbound EDI messags towards a WebMethods 6.1
environment for communication with different IFF suppliers and customers.
Keywords webMethods 6.1, XML, UN/EDIFACT (ORDERS, ORDERSP, DELFOR), X12, EDIINT, EDIforTN, Trading
Networks, SAP Business Connector

02/2004 - 05/2004
Integration Consultant SAP
International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF)

Environment SAP R/3, SAP Business Connector, webMethods
Description SAP Business Connector worked with RFC and
Idoc' s. Development of different inbound/outbound messages (for communicating with
different IFF suppliers) based upon XML used for the Shop Floor Interface.
Keywords XML, SAP Business Connector 4.7, webMethods 6.1, Trading Networks

01/2002 - 02/2003
Senior developer

Environment Java, JSP, Oracle, UNIX, Blue Martini CMS
Description Blue Martini E-commerce project
Member of the Blue Martini Runcenter at Schiphol. The project was to update and create a better
look and feel for their website (www.schiphol.nl) making use of Blue Martini
* Building new functionality on their existing website, like Travel Insurance, travel
updates, SMS flight information and a calamity pop up.
* Adjusting and updating the current website functionality.
* Design, Develop and implement teasers, adding weather forecasts on the city of
* Website maintenance, availability guarantee.

01/1998 - 01/2001
Developer, Technical support

Environment Javascript, ASP, DHTML
Description Multiple activities.
* Creating different (web based) user interfaces.
* Coordination several websites.
* Course and project coach.

Local Availability

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