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Patrick Roose

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Last update: 28.01.2023

interim mgr: change / transition / transformation / digitalization (business & IT)

Company: Care Automation
Graduation: Bachelor
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Languages: German (Limited professional) | English (Full Professional) | French (Full Professional) | Dutch (Native or Bilingual)




Anbei ein kurzer Überblick über meine Kompetenzen als Interim Manager, damit ich Ihren Anforderungen gerecht werden kann.
- 43 Jahre Gesamterfahrung (international) seit 1981
- davon 20 Jahre Programm-Transformations-Restructuring-Projekt-Veränderungs-PMO-Mgmt, seit 2000
- davon 15 Jahre ERP (Einführung und Change Management von Grund auf, Optimierung, Operational Excellence)

Ich halte mich zur Verfügung für:
- Programm-Management / Änderungs-Management / Projekt-Management
- Operational excellence (Umstrukturierung, Prozessoptimierung, ICT, PMO)
- Transformationsmanagement (Digitalisierung, Auslagerung von Unternehmen)
- Strategische Umsetzungen (CRM / ERP / M&A / Aufspaltungen)

Patrick has extensive experience as a hands-on interim manager & senior consultant in service operation, service transition and transformation to support projects on the cornerstone of IT and business.

As senior consultant Patrick is hired to support requests on the edge of ERP, Finance & IT in a multi cultural, multilingual environment

1) CHANGE operations
- focussing on development lifecycles from "Strategy Design-Plan-Implementation-Roll-Out till Transition"
- manage the changes to improve business processes, organisations, information exchange and IT-solutions
- conduct audits, due diligence steps, consolidate business cases, till benefit realisation
- in-depth process & IT alignment, reorganization of companies to become lean, get rid of waste

2) RUN operations
- focusing on business continuity, operational roles
- service delivery management
- daily line management
- project tactical support

Roles/Assignments :
1) start-up missions
- solution proposal (assessments - restructuring - ipo prep - feasibility analysis - business case design - setup change mngt plan)

2) get it done
- turnaround management
- crisis management

3) delivery
  • Program – Organisation Change – Restructuring - Project Manager (Business, IT)
  • Transformation Manager (Merge & Acquisition, Carve-out, ERP)
  • Transition / cut-over / Post-implementation review
  • Setup of RFP's, selection of suppliers & solutions, setup of roadmaps
  • Coach & Trainer using Agile/SCRUM/Spotify/Waterfall / PROSCI ADKAR / MVP iteration cycle
  • C-Level communication, Stakeholder Mgmt (top/operational team/business/IT/externals)                                                                                                                                                                                
  • Product Owner / Business Architect / Service Delivery Manager (infra/archi)
  • PMO / PSO strategy & governance manager (operations / development) + PPM-tooling
  • Requirement Engineer (Aufbau epics / stories / demands / use cases Übersetzung nach IT) 
  • Operational Excellence (Business Process Improvement, LEAN mgmt., CPM, BPM)                                                                           

+32 486 69 34 04  

Project history

Local Availability

Available worldwide
  • Germany (NRW): Bonn - Düsseldorf - Aachen - Essen - ...
  • Europe : travel
Tel/WhatsApp       : +32 486 69 34 04


Relevant Business Experience
Patrick has an extensive track record of assignments as management consultant and as interim manager to support demands on the edge of business & IT in a multi-cultural and multi-lingual environment.
For each phase from CHANGE to RUN, he has taken on various responsibilities in assignments to implement solutions for growth and revenue increase (strategic advice, restructuring, process optimization, setup & drive departments, renewal of IT infra & archi).
  • Type of organizations: SME, multinationals, governmental organizations, holding structures.
  • Type of projects: transitions, ERP implementations, digitalization, Merge & Acquisition, Carve-out, corporate performance management, Business Intelligence, service management (operations & delivery), running a department with P&L
  • Type of business: Manufacturing, Construction, Chemicals, Automotive, Energy/Utilities (water, gas, elec), Banking, Retail, FMGC, Public Sector, Government
Strong transformation management skills in multicultural organizations in Europe.
Large affinity with SCM, ERP and operational experience in businesses for multinationals, mid-sized companies and governmental organizations.
  • Improved corporate performance management for all value streams for the pharma branche
  • Redesigned the interoperability of all national IT systems and European Member States with IoT & Industry 4.0 to support security & safety operations for Defense, Coast Guarding, Customs, Rescue Centers
  • Optimized OPEX for SAP service management
  • Setup, daily managed and improved PMO departments to support the digital transformation of banks, retailers, governments
  • Designed & deployed the concept of a European Shared Service desk for banks and FMCG-players
  • Improved the operations of retailers in using an externalized service desk to support changes in the stores
  • Designed the business case to carve-out of the manufacturing operations of cement
  • Setup and deployed operational excellence for IT improvement programmes for banks, food industry, governmental bodies
  • Redesigned, best practice standardization and implementation of CRM, ERP and WMS processes for waste & renewal management, automotive, chemicals, retailer (order 2 cash, procure 2 pay, manufacturing, logistics, distribution)
  • Empowered management opposed to global cultural changes with a vast and energetic drive
  • Strategic thinker and builder by converting ideas into deployable solutions
  • Coached C-level in a complex and ambiguous context to deliver stable solutions
Profileimage by Patrick Roose interim mgr: change / transition / transformation / digitalization (business & IT) from Peer interim mgr: change / transition / transformation / digitalization (business & IT)