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Last update: 06.09.2022

Manager and Marketing Specialist at PureLocal

Company: PureLocal
Graduation: Bachelor in Business (1997)
Hourly-/Daily rates: show
Languages: English (Limited professional) | French (Native or Bilingual)




PureLocal's Business Directory showcase local businesses , individuals and companies. All publications are moderated and edited by real staff members to ensure only trusted Australian businesses are made visible to the public. All business listings shown on the PureLocal Directory have valid ABN or ACN numbers. We've partnered with a number of Australian marketing firms to ensure your business is displayed in Google and via social media websites.

Paul Williams and Katie Manning (PureLocal staff) specialize in...
  • Small Business Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Local SEO
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Local Search Engine Optimization
  • Amazon Vendor ,EDI Integration
  • Amazon SEO Services
  • Cryptocurrency Marketing
  • UI/UX Web Development 
  • Social Media Marketing Ecommerce 

Project history

02/2014 - 03/2017
Investor, Serial Entrepreneur, Adventurer, and Father
PureLocal - Australia's Business Directory

The PureLocal Business Directory advertise both Australian and foreign
business who offer goods/services to Australian consumers.

Local Availability

Only available in these countries: Australia
We work virtually for most tasks , when COVID is over (vaccine widespread) then we will be able to consult in person.


Following the population of your business details you will be prompted to preview your PureLocal listing and complete account activation (required). Failure to complete account activation and/or follow our standard guidelines will result in the permanent deletion of your account(s) and listing(s). Non-Australian and un-responsive accounts will be deleted. Activated accounts are permanent and include one business listing , admin access for updating content , unlimited article posts , directory inclusion , categories inclusion , unlimited photo uploads , customer review requests and contact pages. Un-activated and incomplete accounts/listings are permanently deleted. Contact "" if you are a digital agency listing on behalf of client(s) in order to pre-activate PureLocal business accounts.

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PureLocal - Australia's Business Directory

Profileimage by Purelocal Marketing Manager and Marketing Specialist at PureLocal from Mascot Manager and Marketing Specialist at PureLocal