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Last update: 02.05.2024

Linux C++ developer

Graduation: Physics@University of Bucharest, Netwoking@ICTP-Trieste, Software@University of Amsterdam
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Languages: English (Full Professional) | Romanian (Native or Bilingual)




Subversion, Windows, Python, VoIP, Linux, Embedded Software, Embedded Systems, Digital Signal Processors, Security, Bash, Unix, Software Development, Operating Systems, C, Programming, OOP, C++, Embedded Linux, Software Engineering, Test Automation, Testing , Multithreading, Software Design, Object Oriented Design, ClearCase, Debugging, Shell Scripting, TCP/IP, Perl, CVS, Git, Distributed Systems, Design Patterns, UML, Algorithms

Project history

08/2023 - 02/2024
Senior C++ Developer at Sports Broadcasting Company
embedinker (Media and Publishers, 50-250 employees)

The client had dedicated hardware running sports broadcasting for field games.
The software was unmaintained and required skill to rebuild - also taking a lot of field
support resources and development work.
▪ Reduced need for (support) broadcast attendance by 80% - through implementing
the extension of the broadcast schedule based on field player stats
▪ Improved code quality by 50% by implementing static analysis for code and
preparing it for the CI pipeline.
Skills: C++, Computer Vision, System Programming, Embedded Programming, Statistics

02/2023 - 08/2023
Senior C++ Developer at Ivanti (Avanti)
embedinker (Internet and Information Technology, 500-1000 employees)

Senior C++ Developer at Ivanti (Avanti)
The client had a software distribution system designed to monitor and patch security
vulnerabilities for enterprise IT inventory. Secure transport and web connections were
based on an obsolete security transport layer that reached End Of Life
▪ Improved security by 20% and extended product life - by upgrading openssl to the
latest (3.x) in all (12) supported distributions
▪ Improved code stability/coverage by 5% - by adding unit tests for openssl-calling
▪ Improved maintainability by 10% - by updating CI scripts
Skills: C++, System Programming, SSL, ADO, C programming, Security

03/2022 - 02/2023
Senior C++ Developer at Ivanti (DSM)
embedinker (Internet and Information Technology, 500-1000 employees)

Client - a leading security company - had a software distribution system with a Linux
module run by clients and inquired by prospects. The client couldn’t support or sell it: it
was outdated, with security vulnerabilities, and binary-only.
▪ Increased the number of clients by 25% - by reviving and bringing up-to-date the
Linux functionality
▪ Improved user experience by 3x - making the system monitor app work again on
gnome and kde-based desktops
Skills: Linux Distributions, Linux Architecture, Security, Linux Development Tools, C
programming, C++ programming, Grub Script Parsing

Local Availability

Only available in these countries: Romania
Only interested in remote work, available 7-17 GMT
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