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Sean Becker


Last update: 25.02.2023

Senior React Frontend Developer, Front-end Developer

Graduation: BSc
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Languages: English (Limited professional)


ReactJS ECMAScript (C Programming Language Family) Front End (Software Engineering) AngularJS HTML JavaScript (Programming Language) PHP (Programming Language) Agile Methodology Amazon Web Services JIRA + 28 more keywords




agile, AWS, Angular.js, Angular, Bootstrap, C#, CSS, code coverage, Codeigniter, Django, ECMAScript, ES6, UI/UX, Express.js, HTML, User Interface, Computer Science, JIRA, jQuery, JavaScript, Laravel, Material UI, MongoDB, MySQL, Next.js, Node.js, PHP, Postgre SQL, Python, React Native, React.js, React, REST API, scrum methodology, software architecture, Tailwind CSS, test-driven development, Three.js, Typescript, unit tests, Vue.js, web app

Project history

05/2019 - 04/2022
Senior Frontend Developer
NextBig Technology(NBT)

NextBig Technology(NBT) Tucson, United States
Transitioned this freelance agency's mobile web app to
acomponent-based architecture in Angular.
Created unit tests for all the newly created components, keeping
100% code coverage.
Regularly updated the PHP legacy code to support new features.
Attended daily scrum meetings and helped with the creation of
new tasks.
Created an automatically generated component library
consisting of all the reusable comp
Technologies : Bootstrap, User Interface (UI), REST API, Angular,

02/2019 - 11/2021
Senior React Frontend Developer
FWM Software

Designed software architecture: delivering blueprints for
communicated plans which were divided into well-documented
JIRA tasks.
Developed highly tested robust modules to be reused for multiple
Transitioned from idea-driven development to test-driven
development to achieve maintainable, flexible, and easily
extensible code.
Communicated using agile scrum methodology, conducting two
week-long sprints, keeping the product shippable at all times.
Designed a simple UI/UX, consisting of previously created
Technologies: C#, PHP, Three.js, ECMAScript (ES6), Express.js, Node.js,
React Native, Vue.js, React, JavaScript

04/2017 - 11/2018
Front-end Developer

Implemented React component-based UIs for new product
Created mobile-first, responsive interfaces.
Utilized advanced ECMAScript 6 and 7 language features for
more expressive, flexible code.
Worked effectively with a remote team in a distant time zone
Technologies : Node.js, React, Material UI

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Nice to meet you!
My hobby is being sensitive to new technologies and challenging difficult all. I am a ambitious Full Stack Developer seeking an opportunity to work with a team and client that can utilize my ability to produce creative solutions.

Please check my skills........
  • C, C++, C#,Javascript,
  • Bootstrap, TailWind CSS, MUI, Styled-Component
  • TypeScript, React, Vue.js, Next.js, AngularJS, Redux
  •  Mobile(Ionic, Android, IOS) 
  • Node.js, Express.js, PHP, Laravel, ASP.NET, C#
  • Unit tests(such as Jest, Cypress)
Furthermore I like physics and AI field I have been utilizing Unity, Unreal Engine, Physics Game, Three.js. My focus in a work is always writing clean, testable, easy to keep and repair code and expandable. Thank for reading end.
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