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Simon Funke


Last update: 06.09.2022

Data-scientist mit breiter Programmier-Erfahrung

Company: DeepTech Consulting AS
Graduation: Dokotorgrad in mathematik&informatik
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Languages: German (Native or Bilingual) | English (Full Professional) | Norwegian (Full Professional)


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machine learning, data science, SAAS, physical simulations, scientific computing, neural networks, Programming, Python, Kotlin, Java, C, C++, Fortran, SQL, Javascript, Ruby, Bash, Makefiles, Data analysis and machine learning, Pandas, Scikit-Learn, pyTorch, TensorFlow, Cython, Numba, MPI, OpenMP, Ruby on Rails, Flask, Django, AJAX, JSON, HTML, Node, Test-driven development, py.test, Jenkins, continuous integration, CI/CD, Git, Docker, Linux, vim, OptaPlanner, algorithm, Google, algorithms, Microsoft Dynamics, data analysis, Microsoft SQL, Azure, GPS, Bluetooth, Numpy, Youtube, RASA, chatbot, NLP, Point Cloud Library, PCL, open-source, Wikipedia, SciPy, pylons, backend, MySQL, Redis, code review

Project history

01/2020 - 12/2021
Lead developer
FutureReady AS (Internet and Information Technology, < 10 employees)

Technology: RASA, Azure, Python
Lead the tech team as well as implementing chatbot solutions based on Google NLP, Rasa and Google
Dialogflow. Wrote and received funding through an Innovation application to Forskningsrådet.

Imerso AS - Software for 3D scanning of construction sites

01/2019 - 09/2021
Principal investigator and data-scientist
Simula Research Laboratory AS (Internet and Information Technology, 50-250 employees)

Technologies: Tensorflow, pyTorch, Finite Element Solvers

I received funding and am leading two research projects (12 MNOK and 16MNOK) funded by the Norwegian
Research Council. Both projects revolve around the intersection of physical simulations of partial
differential equations and machine learning. In particular, we develop hybrid models that benefit
from the generalizability of first principal physical laws (e.g. ordinary or partial differential
equations), with the flexibility of data-driven approaches (e.g. variations of neural networks).

01/2014 - 09/2021
Research Director
Simula Research Laboratory (Internet and Information Technology, 50-250 employees)

Performed research and consultancy work within the field of physical simulations, optimization and
scientific machine learning. Leads a strong research team of 40 people in scientific computing,
digital physiology and physical simulation. Received 28MNOK funding through research applications to
the Norwegian Research Council.

01/2014 - 07/2021
Python developer
E.ON AG (Energy, water and environment, 500-1000 employees)

Technology: Python, NumPy, SciPy
Designed and implemented a Python software for optimal cleaning of electric pylons.

02/2021 - 05/2021
Operational research developer
Simula Consulting (Transport and Logistics, < 10 employees)

Role: Algorithmic development and implementation

Technologies: Kotlin, Java, OptaPlanner
I developed and implemented an algorithm for solving time-constrained vehicle routing optimization
problems using the Google OR and OptaPlanner software framework. The main challenge was to achieve
high quality solutions, which met the contractor's needs, while adhering to tight computing budget
constraints and ensuring that the algorithms scales to thousands of scheduled visits.

01/2020 - 12/2020
Project leader
Simula Consulting AS - Tech Due Diligence (Internet and Information Technology, 50-250 employees)

Technologies: Microsoft Dynamics, C++

I performed two Tech Due Diligences for acquire and merge and investment companies. This involved
evaluating the technical quality and potential risks in large-scale production software codes.

03/2020 - 09/2020
Data scientist and project leader
Simula Consulting (Internet and Information Technology, 250-500 employees)

Technologies: Python, C, Microsoft SQL, Azure, Jenkins, Docker

I was leading the core team of the data analysis part of the Smittestopp App. In particular, I was
responsible for the design, code development, code quality and testing. In addition, I developed
algorithms for identifying contacts from GPS and Bluetooth data within the analysis pipeline. These
problems were demanding due to the large amount of data and required specialized algorithms.
Performed idealised and real-world testing to measure the reliability and quality of the contract
tracing app, which was published as report as well as a Springer book.

01/2014 - 12/2018
Data scientist and lead developer
Simula AS (Internet and Information Technology, 50-250 employees)

Technology: Python, C, pyTorch, tensorflow, pyTest

Implemented of an open-source automatic differentiation package to optimize physical simulations (website
). This package won the Wilkinson Package Award for Numerical Software. Wikipedia page.

01/2015 - 12/2016
Developer and data scientist
Imerso AS (Architecture and civil engineering, < 10 employees)

Technology: Python, Point Cloud Library PCL

Initiated the company and developed the first software version of Imerso's 3D scanning technology
for digitizing construction sites.

01/2009 - 12/2012
PhD student / Scientific programmer
Imperial College London

Technology: Python, MPI, OpenMP, C, C++ and FORTRAN.

Developed an award-winning software within the area of ocean simulations, with a focus on
high-performance computing and optimization, for optimising the positioning of tidal turbines within
arrays (website). Worked in a 30 strong team with emphasis on code review, test coverage and version
control systems to deliver high-quality code.

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Profileimage by Simon Funke Data-scientist mit breiter Programmier-Erfahrung from Oslo Data-scientist mit breiter Programmier-Erfahrung