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Simon Whiteside


Last update: 16.06.2008

PHP Java C++ Javascript XML AJAX MySQL Developer

Company: Simkin Solutions Limited
Graduation: Master of Science (M.Sc.)
Hourly-/Daily rates: show
Languages: German (Elementary) | French (Limited professional)


Handheld device development :WML/PalmOS/Pocket PC, including connectivity with desktop and internet, Symbian OS, J2ME

Win32 : SDK, MFC, COM, ATL, ActiveX, Internet Explorer SDK, MAPI, DirectX, DirectSound

Java : JNI, JDBC, Mail, LDAP, Applets, Signing Applets, JSP, Servlets, Swing, JavaCC, Java2D, J2ME, Velocity Templates, JDNI, Tomcat
Javascript : advanced web scripting - including AJAX
C++ : Windows, MacOSX, Unix programming
PHP : object oriented programming with Smarty, Zend Framework, or our own PHP framework, web development or command line applications
XML :VoiceXML, SVG, J2ME, Xerces, Expat, JAXP, Simkin
Multimedia programming : MIDI, Audio, Animation, Real Player and Server, Windows Media Player and Server, Quicktime API
WML :WMLScript
Content Management Systems :Our own PHP-based system, development of systems for clients using Velocity, JSP or Perl
Web site development :Perl, Java Servlets, JSP, PHP, HTML, Javascript, DHTML
Databases : Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL, including SQL and PL/SQL
Browser Plugins :Netscape Plugins, ActiveX, Java Applets
Language Interpreters and Compilers : JavaCC, Yacc, Lex
Development tools : designing source code browsers and debuggers, Dialog editors and visual programming environments
Internet Security: including Secure Sockets and encryption Network Programming: at the TCP/IP level using C++/Java on Windows/Mac/Unix
Linux Administration: sendmail, mysql, ssh, ftp, x-windows, samba, tomcat
Music Notation Software: previously Team Leader at Sibelius
Cross platform libraries :Unix/MacOS/Windows/OS2/Windows CE/PalmOS
Games, Screensavers and Desktop Toys:for Windows/Mac/OpenTV
Game Engines : Windows, Java and mobile
Components : Java Beans, ActiveX, VBX and Windows controls
OO Design and Analysis : OMT and UML
Class libraries and frameworks :for Java, C++ and PHP
Object Request Brokers: including COM and Corba
E-Commerce: bespoke development, installation, configuration and customization of OS Commerce
Music Technology: DRM systems, music meta-data formats, streaming, downloading, converting, audio file formats, music notation file formats

Project history

Site Description:
MP3/WMA download store, with content from major labels, and unsigned artists
Key Features:
CMS, E-Commerce, Digital Asset Management, Web Services
Java Servlets, Tomcat, Velocity templates, Java Applets, DHTML, Javascript MySQL, Apache, Linux
My involvement:

* From the ground-up - requirements analysis, technical architecture, prototype build, full system implementation.
* Design of database
* Implementation of multi-currency, multi-national e-commerce integrating with HSBC, PayPal and TripleDeal
* Implementation of multi-lingual Content Management System (CMS)
* Implementation of self-publishing site for artists and labels, including Java Applet-based music uploader integrated with Javascript and DHTML
* Implementation of all back-end processes including ingesting XML music feeds from major labels such as Sony, Warner and EMI and reporting to rights bodies (MCPS) and Digital Upload Charts
* Integration of Last.FM apis for music recommendation
* Design of complex "proration" algorithms, including affiliate revenue sharing
* Design and implementation of administrative interface
* Design and implementation of digital asset management system, using SAN and NAS-based storage

Site Description:
Global Website and store for music notation software company
PHP, Javascript, AJAX, MySQL, Apache, FreeBSD
Key Features:
CMS, E-Commerce, Great Plains Integration
Our involvement:

* Initial requirements analysis
* Software architecture
* Design of database
* Implementation of bespoke multi-lingual Content Management System (CMS) with built-in change vetting/version control and digital asset management
* Implementation of multi-currency, multi-national bespoke e-commerce integrating with Microsoft Great Plains accounting system (two-way: catalogue and price upload, order and customer download)
* Design and implementation of bespoke permissioned administrative interface - including telesales ordering system

Local Availability

Only available in these countries: United Kingdom
I work remotely from my own office.
I'm available most of the time - please contact for more details.


Services Offered
I work on a project-by-project basis offering myself as a freelance software developer/programmer through my company, Simkin Solutions Limited.

I am an active member of various formal and informal networks of other software professionals, and can assemble a team qualified for most projects.

With a wealth of experience in Software Development gained over a decade, I provide my clients with:

* Excellent communication skills - aural and written
* "Can-do", self-managing, self-starting approach - which comes from running a business for over 10 years
* Experienced with dealing with non-technical clients
* Wide experience of the use of IT systems across industry sectors
* Business and systems analysis skills
* Full visibility of the development process
* The ability to work to remotely with minimum supervision
* An understanding of commercial pressures and an ability to deliver "on-schedule"
* In-depth technical architecture, design and implementation of complex software systems
* Understanding and awareness of a large range of software technologies, techniques and systems

I work mainly for clients in London and the South-East of England, but I am happy to work with businesses based anywhere in the world.
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