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Graduation: Engineer degree in Automatic Systems and Industrial Informatics.
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Intel Corporation (Santa Clara/California)                                                      09/2016 – Present
Software Engineering Manager, Platform Analysis Center (PAC) - Technology Development
  • Leading the Intel US CoFluent Core development team. Using EMF (Eclipse Modelling Foundation), Java SE and C++, my team is responsible with delivering new features for Intel CoFluent System Modeling and Simulation Solution. This solution analyzes the behavior of the system, and predicts the network and performance requirements of software stacks and hardware activities before purchasing and deploying the equipment — including equipment for big data clusters and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.
  • Product Security Expert/Business Unit Security Champion for STO (Systems Technologies and Optimizations). Responsible for managing and tracking all our organization’s security needs. Ensuring that Intel exercises the due diligence necessary to ensure products and services deliver consistent security and privacy quality.
  • Led the research & development team for the AI workload development and pre-silicon analysis.
  • Established bold deliverables to support Intel’s AI business strategy, thus ensuring my team’s path to becoming the first US pre-enabling team for future Intel AI Cores.
  • Mentored a powerful team of engineers that plays a vital role to the Core Architecture team, responsible with the s/w part of the Deep Learning hardware/software co-design (2020+).
  • Designed and hands-on coded a framework independent C++ implementation for two AI topologies: seq2seq (Google NMT) and reinforcement learning (A3C). Coordinated the international teams involved in this project to ensure we were on track with the deliverables and our customers got the best results on time. Both implementations were fully optimized for CPU (including support for lower precision) and the findings will be implemented across Intel’s DL Boost features, scheduled for future Xeon Cores (2019+);
  • Coordinated a bi-weekly forum across Intel dedicated to presenting and ratifying competitive performance projections for ML/DL and HPC workloads. Guided my team to improve their deliverables and present them in this forum to strengthen the relation with our stakeholders and customers. Example of topics covered in the forum: performance and power projections, workload characterization on IA (Intel Architecture) and competition, architecture analysis discussions, quarterly package released by the forum for Intel Marketing and product planers.
Intel Romania (Bucharest/Romania)                                                                05/2015 – 09/2016 Engineering Manager, PAC ROMANIA
  • Led PAC Romania group – a research & development department of 40+ software engineers including 4 Engineering Managers, that was in charge with studying the competitiveness of Intel products across all market segments: enterprise, HPC, personal computing and IoT.
  • Worked closely with other managers across international locations in Development (Software & Hardware), Business & Product Management and Operations to define, implement and deliver cutting age processes and software solutions for IA (Intel Architecture).
  • Developed and implemented projects according to roadmaps, business needs and trends and presented them to the leadership board.
  • Presented practical input (analyses) for strategic technology decisions to hardware and software architects, product planners and marketing engineers on a weekly basis on technical forums gathering Intel engineers from all organizations across the world.
  • Some of the projects delivered by the group I coordinated are:
    • First team across Intel to port SPEC CPU2000/2006 to iOS;
    • SGX (Intel Software Guard Extension) evaluation;
    • ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems) competitive analysis – created the first competitive versions for 2 workloads (object recognition and lane departure warning);
    • Delivered workload competitive analysis for 25+ workloads in the Big Data and ML space.
Intel Romania (Bucharest/Romania)                                                                04/2014 – 05/2015
Software Engineering Manager, PAC Client Systems
  • Managed the PAC Client Systems team – a research & development team responsible for the platform performance and power analysis and optimizations of software and hardware stacks, including workloads in the mobile and throughput segments.
  • Implemented new strategies and new directions for the team that led them to become the single point of contact for any mobile workload request across Intel.
  • Acted as the development safety-net for all my team members by identifying any blockers that may arise and mitigate them.
RINF Outsourcing Solutions (Bucharest/Romania)                                       12/2013 – 04/2014
Lead Software Engineer
  • Coordinated a team of Java/C++ software developers for an outsourced project for Intel which was designed to monitor the hardware components for servers (frequency & power).
IBM Romania (Bucharest/Romania)                                                                   09/2012 – 12/2013
Master Data Management (MDM) Lead Developer
  • Developed solutions using MDM for PIM for two of IBM customers: one of the worldwide leaders in the Cosmetics & Beauty industry and the 2nd one in the Telecommunication industry. I was involved in design and architectural phases and hands-on coding of the projects.
  • Worked with multiple team members across Europe to make sure every change request was met with fast response.
  • Worked for 3 months in Belgrade, Serbia at IBM’s customer headquarter were I joined MDM Architects in customer meetings and workshops. The success of the project led to the allocation of more resources in the next year.
  • Developed import/export scripts from different formats (xls, csv, xml, json), custom screens to manage the MDM Catalog Items, custom business rules for every MDM Catalog and scheduled jobs for custom operations.
  • Technologies used: Java, CSS, SQL, HTML, JavaScript, WQL and MDM scripts, Ajax, Dojo.
Other experience
ENEA Romania (Bucharest/Romania)                                                             07/2011 – 08/2012
C/C++ Developer
  • Worked in a team responsible with the development of a Real-Time Custom System for a stationary multi-channel pump designed to reduce drug administration errors, created by Hospira.
  • Created a custom communication mechanism between Plum A+ components, to deliver the feedback regarding the sensors state and other components. Language used: CC++.
Acrelec Software (Bucharest/Romania                                                             07/2010 – 09/2011
Delphi Developer
  • Developed applications that interpret the communication between Acrelec applications and InTouch work terminals, the communication being made through the serial port.
  • Designed and developed a skin editor (de-serialization) for K-POS applications, and a mobile application which was in charge for connecting multiple Acrelec applications.
  • Technologies used: Delphi, XML, Windows CE 4.2 -5.0, PocketPC 2003, Embedded Visual C++.
Halley Informatica (Braila/Romania)                                                                  01/2010 – 06/2010
Software Developer
  • Developed proprietary applications using an internal framework developed in-house by Halley. The main customer was the Italian Government.
AttoSoft (Galati/Romania)                                                                                     08/2005 – 01/2010
Delphi Developer/Software Tester
  • Developed applications dedicated to small companies in the automotive, constructions and finance areas.
  • Applications for palm computers that enabled the communications with the ECR (electronic cash registers) via Bluetooth.
  • Automatically sending emails features when bills are emitted by AttoSoft directly to the customer mailbox.
  • Developed and implemented the first testing plans, with analysis, testing cases and testing environment.
  • Improved the customer acceptance of AttoSoft programs by writing the technical manuals for the tools and updated the already existent ones.
  • Technologies used: Delphi, XML, SQL, Java, SuperWaba, Firebird DB.
Freelance Projects
Java/C++ Developer                                                                                              07/2013 – 08/2013
  • Developed an Eclipse plugin (RCP) for scan & validate C/C++ projects. The team was formed of 10 software engineers and the project was delivered in 2 weeks (12hrs/day, 7 days a week). Technologies used: Java, JNI, C/C++.
Android Developer                                                                                                03/2012 – 06/2012
  • Designed and developed an Android application for taxi drivers using Android OS and Java. The application had the following characteristics: capable to communicate bi-directional with a web service using TCP/IP protocol by sockets, keep alive connection in case of out of range, check for new updates and install them, receive orders from customers, use offline maps – low data traffic, draw route from taxi position to client position, rotate map by car orientation.

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