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Last update: 07.11.2014

Senior Systems Engineer

Company: Stephen Price
Graduation: Batchleor of Engineering (HONS) Degree
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Languages: German (Limited professional) | English (Native or Bilingual)




I am an experienced aerospace systems engineer having developed a skillset that enables me to integrate into a project at any stage in the Initial, development, proving, assurance, validation and verification and certification segment of any product lifecycle.
I have gained this experience via employment and contracts with engineering concerns that enjoy the accolade of being described as World class companies.
I am a committed and strong team player with excellent communication skills; I am also comfortable and competent with project lead and supervisory roles. 
1985 - 1990      Hanham High School - Mathematics, English, English Literature, English Oral, Integrated Science, Craft Design and Technology, History, Geography and French, GCSE’s.
1990 - 1991      Rolls Royce Training Centre - Basic Engineering Training 1 & 2, BET
1990 - 1994      Brunel Technical College - Mechanical Engineering Ordinary National Certificate (ONC), Manufacturing & Production Engineering Higher National Certificate (HNC)
1994 - 2002      University of West England - Manufacturing Systems Engineering, B.Eng (Hons)
Training and Courses Attended
2010 - München Volkschule - B2-Mittelstufe Deutsch
2009 - München Volkschule - Grundstufe Deutsch (Full)
2005 - Airbus UK - Performance Management
2005 - Airbus UK - Time Management
2004 - Airbus UK - Systems Engineering
2003 - Airbus UK - Visual Basic Familiarisation
2002 - BAE SYSTEMS Airbus - Flowmaster
2002 - BAE SYSTEMS Airbus - MS Office Familiarisation
2001 - BAE SYSTEMS Airbus - WebPages Design and Build.
1998 - BAe Airbus - Microsoft Access 97

PC competency
DOORS, Windows, MS Office, Vax, Superdome, UNIX, Anvil, Flowmaster, AutoCAD R14, Ideas, Dimensions.
Employment History
Senior Systems Engineer - MT Aerospace AG (2014 July - 2014 Aug)
Responsible for preparing and completing the Risk Analysis Reports for the Aerostructures and Equipped Insulation Tank of the Ariane 6 Launcher to ECSS-M-ST-80C standards. This involved a \"Top Down\" analysis, based upon the Statement of Work(s) and Technical Specification(s). Plus a \"Bottom Up\" analysis, which concentrated on the individual risks at sub-system and component level working with the relative experts in order to categorise all of the risks in terms of feasibility, probability and criticality.

System Verification Engineer - OHB Systems (2014 Jan - 2014 Jun)
Worked on the Galileo FOC project with the primary responsibility of putting the Verification Control Documents (VCD’s) together (within the DOORS database) using the test data and verification evidence from supplier documentation and the MAIT Test campaign.
Reviewed and commented on the V&V process and DDVP in order to improve the overall V&V process.

Validation & Verification Manager for MTG IRS - Kayser-Threde ?GmbH (2013 Jun – 2013 Dec)
Leading the team responsible for the validation and verification of the IRS instrument on the MTG-3 satellite. Responsibilities included the coordination of all V&V activities at system level down to sub-contractor and sub tier level;
Producing the System Test Specifications for the Optical, Thermal, Mechanical, Electrical & Functional and EMC requirements.
Created the V&V process including the flow from system design to AIT within DOORS and in general.
Working with AIT to produce the Test Procedures in conjunction with the Test Specifications, the Instrument and unit mode philosophy and the overall AIT Test Plan and Sequence.
Completion and maintenance of the V&V module within the DOORS database.
Produced the Instrument level Design Validation and Verification Plan (DDVP) for MTG IRS.
Reviewed and commented on the satellite level and sub-contractor level DDVP’s.
Responsible for preparing all VCD’s for MTG IRS and chaired the VCD preparation for VCB meetings with all key stake holders including ESA, at Instrument level.
Participated in satellite and sub-contractor level VCD’s and VCB meetings.
Responsible for reviewing and accepting all validation and verification documents from the sub-contractors.
Responsible for all V&V activities during the normal System Design Process lifecycle up to System PDR.

System Technical Manager - Kayser-Threde GmbH (2013 Jan  - 2013 June)
Responsible for the coordination of the Technical Supply Managers, Technical Experts and monitoring of all ?engineering activities (including technical interface with the Customer)? on the Sentinel 4 project. Providing technical support to the System Development Life cycle, Schedule, WBS/WPD, Cost Control, Risk ?Management, CRs/CCNs.
Technical Management of the ‘Invitation To Tender’ (ITT) process for supplier selection.?
?Creation and maintenance of the system specifications and Requirements.
Responsible for the validation and verification of the requirements from supplier to sub-system level, providing the necessary verification evidence and justification files.
Organization and control of the DOORS database for the Sentinel 4 project.

System Validation & Certification Engineer - MTU Aero Engines GmbH (2011 - 2013)
Responsible for writing the certification documentation required for the TP400 D6 CMS Software Releases. Documentation includes Validation Strategy Reports, Standardisation Reports and Flight Approval Sheets. The task involves liaising with the various stake holders and design groups, including System Design, Software Design and Hardware to prepare and produce the documentation in conjunction with the CS-E’s for airworthiness approval and ultimately issue to the authorities (EASA).
System Validation Team Leader of ‘Non System Test Requirements’ - MTU Aero Engines GmbH (2010 - 2011)
Responsible for the verification of the TP400 CMS requirements that were previously verified by alternative methods to system integration test. These include hardware qualification, design traceability, engine and flight test and analysis methods. The task includes producing and validating (with system design) the design traceability of top level system requirements down the lowest level requirement that can be verified. The verification tasks mentioned ultimately involved obtaining and producing the verification evidence by the chosen method that provided complete verification coverage of the requirement.

Systems Validation Engineer - MTU Aero Engines GmbH (2008 - 2010)
Working within the Validation and Verification department on the TP400 D6 project, I was responsible for producing the EPI System Development Plan and System Implementation and End Product Validation Plan to industry and project standards including ARP4754 and ABD0100 / 200. I was also responsible for producing and issuing the Flight Approval Sheets for different software trims and releases of the CMS on the Flying Test Bed engine.

Senior Control Systems Unit Engineer - Rolls-Royce Deutschland Ltd & Co KG (2006 - 2008)
(TP400 and BR725) Responsible as the Unit Engineer for Engine Anti-Ice Valve and Handling Bleed System for TP400. Plus the Starter Air Valve and Handling Bleed Valve for BR725. Responsibilities include Requirements capture, Integration, definition, Specification, Risk, Interface, Supplier Selection and Supplier Technical management / liaison and analysis of Suppliers FMEA’s / FMES’s. This was from development stage to qualification and certification throughout the unit design life cycle.

Design Build Team Leader (Ice & Rain Protection) - Airbus UK Filton (2002 - 2006)
Technical lead of a team of engineers, responsible for the design of the A380 Wing Anti-Ice System through the design process of initial concept stage to Type Certification. This involves initial requirements capture, pneumatic architecture, definition, supplier selection, project management, integration (with Wing) and other systems to cost and schedule. Finally ensuring the A380 WAIS was fully validated, verified and certified according to ABD0100 / ABD0200 and the Safety Requirements according to AP2616.
Was also responsible for the design and manufacture of an A380 WAI Test Rig procured from an external manufacturing company. The Test Rig was used to validate the WAIS design and then integrated into the overall A380 Pneumatics Integrated Test Team (ITT) facility in Hamburg.

Senior Systems Engineer (Ice & Rain Protection) - BAE SYSTEMS Airbus Filton (2000 - 2002)
Responsible for dealing with in service Wing Anti-Ice System issues on A300/A310/A320/A321/A330/A340. This involved Wing Anti-Ice Valve and Telescopic Duct re-design and qualification. Ice Shapes prediction using Trajice2 and 3 (Airbus Ice shape prediction code) and dealing with the thermal and pneumatic part of the system using Flowmaster and first principles. Working with the Flight Test department in Toulouse to produce FTR’s, FAS’s and FAS’s for the various flight test campaigns involving the verification of the WAIS. This includes Fight Test Instrumentation preparation and analysis of the Flight Test reports and data against the system design requirements.

BAE SYSTEMS Airbus Filton - R&T Senior Systems Engineer (Ice & Rain Protection) (2000 - 2002)
Responsible for the feasibility study of new Wing Ice Protection Systems architectures for the Power Optimised Aircraft (POA). This involved determining the heat power usage of the current bleed air anti-ice system and converting that in terms of drain off of the engines. This was then assessed against alternative Wing Ice Protection Systems in terms of power usage off the engine, integration with the aircraft and other systems and ability to meet the JAR.25.1419 Appendix C requirements.
R&T Senior Systems Engineer (Air Systems) - BAe Airbus Filton (1996 - 2002)
Responsible for the Systems Technical Lead on the Airbus Laminar Flow Project. This involved the design and feasibility study of an active Hybrid Laminar Flow System on the A320 Fin, (where we designed, built, and test flew on an A320 demonstrator), The A310 “Design for Retrofit and Retrofit for Design Project”, and the ALTTA project. This also included assessing and designing suitable Wing Ice Protection Systems, De-Contamination Systems and architecture of the suction system in terms of valves, ducting and compressor sizing.

Logistics Controller (Tooling) - British Aerospace Aerostructures (1995 - 1996)
Working in the British Aerospace Toolroom responsible for the capacity planning, MRP and shop loading of the shop floor in terms of receiving the initial job and route card from the Tool Planning department and loading it on the relevant “Tool Cells”. This included procuring or organising the materials and resource for the job and liaising with the customer to ensure it was delivered on time and quality. I also acted as the “Front Desk” support for any tooling issues around the British Aerospace site.

Tool Planning Engineer - British Aerospace Airbus Ltd (1994 - 1995)
Responsible for the planning of tooling work for the Fabrication department, Redux department, and the Main Assembly departments. This would range from programming CNC Cutter Paths (Anvil), cut and file, jigs, Bonding tools and assembly jigs.

British Aerospace Airbus Ltd - Mechanical Technician Apprentice (1990 - 1994)
Started initially in the Rolls Royce Training Centre where I learnt my basic engineering skills including bench fitting, electrical engineering, welding and machining. I then was positioned for 3 month intervals around the various departments within British Aerospace gaining primarily detail shop engineering and aircraft fitting experience.

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A Little About Me
I am a keen sportsman, my passion is rugby union. I make every effort to attend rugby events around the World supporting my National side. I also play squash, football and ski. I also cycle and go to the gym in order to try and keep some level of fitness.
My greatest achievement in recent times is that I completed an unsupported ‘End to End’ bicycle ride of Great Britain. This involved riding from the most North Easterly point (John O’Groats) to the most South Westerly point  (Lands End). It was the hardest yet most enjoyable and rewarding experience of my life and a substantial amount of money was raised for charity in the process.
Living in close to the European Alps, I am a keen hiker and often go trekking in the mountains as well as ski in the winter. I like to read and go to concerts. I also like to socialise and meet new people.
I am learning to speak German. I am progressing along the required programme timeline; I can speak German to Mittelstrufe level, which (as the certificate states) requires one to communicate spontaneously and fluently with native speakers about a broad spectrum of topics.
Lastly I am continually trying to develop and better myself, so i am currently studying and self teaching myself Python (language and programming), as well as other subjects. This will enable me to expand and develop my capabilities, as well as fulfill my business aspirations.
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