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Technical specialist for storage and backup

Graduation: BE ( Engineering)
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Languages: German (Limited professional) | English (Full Professional) | Hindi (Limited professional)




Cisco MDS, HCP, HDI, Panzura storage, Scality-S, EMC-Networker, NetBackup, IBM TSM, VMware LINUX, Hyper-V, SANnav management, Implementation, SVC, FC, IP, IBM, Flash 9K series, V7000, V5000, Cluster Mode, SnapMirror, NFS, CIFS, TPC, VSP, Pure storage, Flash array X series, Google cloud archive storage, object storage, router, backup, ESX, VMware, NetApp Clusters, Flash 9K, clustering, Data center, Vserver filer, Snapvault, NetApp, data migration, EMC Networker Configuration, Restoration, File system, Database, MSSQL, MYSQL, XIV, Flash system v900, IBM Flash v900, 3PAR, backups, GUI, SNMP, SMTP, system configuration, network design

“A Senior Technical Specialist with 10+ years long technical and solution management experience across Multiple environments which includes Bank, pharmaceutical, Telecom, Retails & Electronic. I have Implemented & operational support for large infrastructure projects. Siva has in-depth understanding and good working knowledge in storage tools, backup, and server (SAN, NAS, Object/archive storage, Backup, Linux, VMware and datacentre).  Siva has a strong Technically skill & result oriented. He has great interpersonal skills and a nice way to collaborate with team members.
Siva speaks 3 languages fluently (Tamil native, English, Deutsch) and has developed very good cultural awareness skills. Siva is able to mix into different cultures very easily"


Project history

05/2019 - 04/2022
Merck group. (Merck KGgA)

* Job Nature:
* IBM Storage implementation of (SVC, Flash 9K series, V7000, V5000, etc).
* Data migration to new Cluster Mode Storage from 7 Mode.
* Implementation of new ONTAP & Upgrade.
* New Cluster Onboarding configuration check and correction (System Acceptance)
* DC and DR cluster setup for SAN & NAS.
* Conducted DR drill through Replication Technology-Remote copy (SAN) & SnapMirror (NAS) as per
business requirement.
* NFS/CIFS Shares Management as per standard.
* Implementation Managing the Spectrum TPC & Insight manager.
* Administrator of Hitachi (VSP G series, HUS VM)
* Managing & Administrator of the Pure storage (Flash array X series)
* Panzura ( Google cloud archive storage)- configuration & etc,
* HCP ( content storage) & HDI (object storage) - administrator. Etc,
* Configuration of Brocade (DCX, Gen-4 to 7 & Gen6 FCIP router) devices.
* Administrator of TSM & NetBackup ( backup technologies).
* ESX (VMware): (Remote site only)- VM creation, Data-store configuration & increase size & VM
Snapshot configuration.
* Implemented Technologies,
* Onboarding of new cluster NetApp Clusters.
* Hyper-swap configuration implemented on SVC & Flash 9K.
* Implemented of Enhanced starched cluster at SVC.
* Inter /Intra clustering Fabric configuration.
* Experience in Completed Data center SAN storage design & implementation.
* Implementation of BNA & SANnav management tool installation and migration to SANnav from BNA.

10/2011 - 04/2022
Scarlet Technology and Services

Organization : Scarlet Technology and Services.
Job Profile : System Support Engineer for multiple Private industrial.
Duration : From 10th October 2011 to 28th 2012 December.

Job Nature:
* Handling system configuration and network design.
* System formatting and OS installation in raw system.
* User id and Safe & security configuration in system.

04/2017 - 04/2019
TECHNICAL LEAD FOR STORAGE TEAM( Aministrator & Data center admin)
SIFY Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Organization : SIFY Technology Pvt. Ltd.
Client : TNSDC State Government.
Duration : 4th Apr 2017 to 13th April 2019
* Job Nature:
* Design & Implementation for DR migration Configure the DR/BCP,DRM setup, planning & execute DR
test, GMCV,GM & MM remote copy setup.
* Configure the IP Replication Setup between DC SVC to DR V7000 and Configure the FCIP router
for NLDR replication from DC to NLDR, GMCV configuration between DC to DR.
* Image disk migration to another pool and configure the IP-quorum disk in SVC.
* Configure the Vserver filer( CIFS & NFS) and Configuration of Qtree & Quotas
* Remote copy configuration of Snapmirror & Snapvault on NetApp storage & Local copy of Snapshot
& flex clone.
* Basic knowledge of 7-mode to C-mode data migration & Upgradation of NetApp.
* Tape Library Initial setup and configuration (IBM TS3100, MSL2024).
* EMC Networker Configuration, Backup &Restoration for File system, Hyper-V and Database (MSSQL
& MYSQL) backup.
* All storage box monitor via CA tool and Sanovi tool configuration for DRM.

03/2016 - 01/2017
TCS Pvt. Ltd.

Organization : TCS Pvt. Ltd.
Client : DNA and Ruukki.
Duration : 16th march 2016 to 15 Jan 2017.
* Job Nature:
* Administrating and Maintaining of SVC, V7000, XIV and Flash system v900.
* IBM SVC CG8 node split - cluster Data center migration.
* Configure the XIV-to-XIV Data Lun live migration and decommission the XIV.
* Lun's I/O group migration from CG8 to DH8 in SVC.
* Configure the think Lun's to Compression Lun's in SVC.
* Performing code upgrade on SVC, V7000 and IBM Flash v900.
* Administrating and Maintaining of HP-3PAR administrator.
* Dell Equal logic PS6000 initial setup and upgrade.

* Achievements:
Technology refreshing node decommissions from CG8 to DH8 node and makes storage pool free
space 60-70% by using RTC technology in SVC DH8.

06/2013 - 03/2016
IBM India Pvt. Ltd.

Organization : IBM India Pvt. Ltd.
Client : National Bank of Canada.
Duration : 2nd June 2013 to 11th March 2016.
* Job Nature:
* Volume migration between I/O group and storage pool level Migration.
* Setup the Flash copy, Global mirror and Metro mirror on IBM storage.
* Zoning of the Hosts, storage Frame in SAN switch and LSAN zones SAN Switch, initial
configuration and Troubleshooting and switch configuration backups (GUI and CLI).
* Working as on call support to resolve high priority issues. (Mirroring, disk performance and
unavailability issues at DS Storage and SVC.
* Configured SNMP SMTP alerts on Storage and Switch side for failures purpose.
* Supporting On-Call 24x7 for account and working as escalation point of contact for my account
and Supporting DR test and DR trill from SAN end.
* Preparing monthly Storage capacity billing report and report documentation.

* Achievements:
* Pseudo host implementation in all SVC &V7000 for avoids the degraded status.
* XIV pool migration to storewize pool ( Via SVC)
* 200TB data-base date migrated to Pre-production site.

Local Availability

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I have 10+ year experience in Storage, Backup tool & data center, SAN Brocade switch and server, I have in-depth understanding and good working knowledge in storage tools, backup and server viz.,
Total 10+ Years’ Experience in IT industry (Administrator & Data center admin).
 Devices Administrated
• IBM storage: (DC-Physical Installation & configuration) IBM SVC, All storewize, (V5k &V7K), DS8K models, Flash system storage & Tape library (TS series)
• SAN: (DC-Physical Installation & configuration) Brocade Fabric from Gen-4 to Gen-7)& FCIP router, Admin level knowledge in Cisco MDS.
• Other SAN: Pure storage, Hitachi-VSP, HP-3PAR, Dell-P Series & EMC-CX.
• NAS: NetApp AFS8 series, IBM-N, NetApp C -mode & 7-mode & EMC-VNX.
• Archive storage: HCP & HDI, Panzura storage & cTera with Scality-S3
• Backup: Working knowledge EMC-Networker, NetBackup & IBM TSM.
• Server platform: Basic working knowledge in VMware LINUX, Hyper-V
• Monitor Tool: Spectrum TPC, Insight manager , TPC-RC, Sanovi, VI (Virtual instruments) and CA-E Health.
• SAN Tool: BNA (INA) & SANnav management tools.
 High level Implementation : SVC -FC&IP-based Replication, Stretched & Hyper-swap at SVC & flash FS9000, SAN virtual fabric in (blade & DCX), FCIP router.
 DR setup experience: Local copy services,(FC, migration) & Remote Replication.
 Vendor management: Experience in RFC /POC preparation & co-ordination.
 ITIL: Escalation Matrix, Client management & Capacity Reporting.
 Leadership work: Preparing SOP, Device validation & License renewal.
 Experience in BCP, DRM, DR setup configuration and DR trill.
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