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Last update: 05.09.2018

Java Developer

Graduation: not provided
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Languages: German (Elementary) | English (Full Professional) | Russian (Native or Bilingual) | Ukrainian (Full Professional)


Java SE, JavaEE, Spring(IoC, AOP, MVC, Data), SQL (MySQL), NoSQL(MongoDB), Hibernate, RESTful, RabbitMQ, JUnit, Maven, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery.
  • Java 8 - 3 years of commercial experience.
  • - Wrote a parcer that parces web server log file, loads the log to MySQL and checks if a given IP makes more than a certain number of requests for the given duration.
  • - Performed a layout  of warships for the game "Sea Battle".
  • - Performed concurrency syncronization tasks.
  • - Read/Write operations to the files.
  • - Program that prints out a greeting message for the dweller of entered city. The message depends on the current time and the time zone of the city.
  • - Program of sorting of array of integers by its bitwise representation (0101001).
  • - Program of parcing an array of "<>><<><>" and "{}{{{}}" and such like strings for determining if an expression is ballanced. (that is complemented by the closing pair), counting the number of necessary comlementations.
  • - Program of analizing arrays of numbers for a prime numbers (numbers that divide only by itself and 1), sorting them.
  • Spring
  • Spring (Spring-Core, Spring-Data, Spring-MVC) - 2 years of commercial experience
  • - Created Spring multitiered applications from scratch (using Hibernate framework).
  • - Created and configured Spring Web multitiered applications from scratch.
  • - Created front-end jsp pages (used HTML, CSS, jQuery).
  • - Used Spring form tags.
  • - Developed Spring MVC controllers (for GET and POST requests).
  • - Obtaining path params and URI templates params and invoking services accordingly.
  • - Performed data binding with JSP page forms, obtaining data from the forms and invoking persistant services.
  • - Performed validation of obtained data.
  • - Performed exception handling.
  • - Performed AJAX requests (via jQuery and JavaScript).
  • - Developed DAO tire.
  • - Performed Spring JDBC and Hibernate CRUD operations.
  • - Used logging.
  • - Performed JUnit and integration tests of Web and Persistance layers.
  • SQL - 2 years commercial experience.
  • - Used MySQL database.
  • - Used imbedded databases HSQL and H2.
  • - Performed SELECT/ FROM/ WHERE (with GROUP BY/HAVING/ORDER BY) type requests to the database.
  • - Performed multitable JOIN requests.
  • - Wrote DDL scripts for databases.
  • - Used liquibase framework for creation of databases.
  • REST - 2 years commercial experience.
  • - weather forecast REST multitier service for regional airports.
  • - programmed REST endpoints using Spring framework.
- performing AJAX requests for JSON data.

Project history

  • CRM system development
  • development of RESTful service for local airport weather requests 
  • Developed Internet Phone book application (https://github.com/schmidt-yuri/phonebook).
  • Web Server access log file parser(https://github.com/schmidt-yuri/parser)
  • A city greeter(https://github.com/schmidt-yuri/CityGreeting)
  • Developed Chat Web Application (using Servlet, JSP, Json, JavaScript, Ajax) featuring to communicate both publicly and privately.

Local Availability

Only available in these countries: Ukraine
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