AI Architect in Neuromorphic Engineering

Warsaw, Masovian Voivodeship  ‐ Remote


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Collaborate with key stakeholders within businesses to pinpoint challenges that can be effectively addressed through the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. Engage proactively in pre-sales endeavors to showcase our capabilities, offer relevant use cases, and grasp the specific needs and issues of clients.

Play an integral role in the Discovery phase of projects, delving into genuine requirements and potentialities, meticulously outlining project scopes, and leveraging domain expertise to propose robust architectural solutions. Furnish precise estimates regarding time and resources for projects while delineating significant milestones.

Identify potential risks and hurdles within projects, devising strategies to mitigate them effectively. Assume the role of a subject matter expert, steering projects towards successful completion with a keen focus on high-quality execution and deliverables.

Participate in the selection process of project teams and liaise with clients to communicate project progress effectively. Ensure the proper implementation of AI ethics and SecOps principles throughout project lifecycles.

Contribute to the enhancement of the clients assessment and delivery processes while bolstering the company’s domain capabilities, content, and competitive edge.


Over 8 years of dedicated experience in AI roles or related domains such as ML and Data Science, coupled with a minimum of 3 years specializing in Neuromorphic engineering.

Profound proficiency demonstrated in one or more facets of Neuromorphic engineering.

Possess exceptional technical prowess encompassing relevant technologies, coupled with a profound understanding of foundational concepts and mechanisms including mathematics, algorithms, models, and statistics, essential for crafting optimal and high-performing solutions.

Proven track record in scoping, designing, and architecting intricate and large-scale solutions, with a knack for accurately estimating milestones, timeframes, and resource requirements.

Demonstrated leadership prowess evidenced by successful project leadership and team management experiences.

Possess a keen business acumen and the ability to wield influence over key stakeholders, aiding them in making well-informed decisions.

Strong communication and presentation abilities, adept at distilling complex information and concepts into easily understandable messages tailored to clients with varying technical backgrounds.

Possess an innate curiosity, creativity, and an outgoing personality, driven by a commitment to excellence and fuelled by a desire for success.

- Fully remote
- Candidates from anywhere in Europe
- €50 per hour
- 5 to 10 hours per week, initially
Start date
20% (1 day per week)
12 months
(extension possible)
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Faisal Amejee
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100 % remote
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