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Consulting Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenShift Functional Testing Application Configuration Access Protocols Technical Support Architecture Automation Business Software Capacity Management Ceph (Software) Data Storage Management Coaching and Mentoring General Knowledge Safety Principles


The Openshift Consultant will primarily assist the End User team with the following tasks:
- Through the technical assistance provided, address issues which are related to the Red Hat technology (e.g. OpenShift, Ceph Storage or ArgoCD)
- During the non-functional testing, provide expert troubleshooting and improvement guidelines related to the platform based on Red Hat products
- Provide expert advice on Red Hat products architecture, installation and configuration to improve the performance and the reliability of the business applications, when feasible
- Informal mentoring, general knowledge and best practices sharing related to Red Hat products
- Improve the OpenShift security posture through Advanced Cluster Security (ACS)
- Improve the OpenShift storage management through OpenShift Data Foundation (ODF)
- Performing two (2) Red Hat Architectural Reviews, with a focus on both performance and operational readiness

The Openshift Consultant will also assist the End User team with the following tasks:
- Reviewing and advising OpenShift cluster configuration and deployment
- Reviewing and advising application configuration, deployment, and assurance review
- Reviewing and advising about the cybersecurity posture of the platform
- Reviewing and advising functional and non-functional testing of the platform
- Reviewing and advising on capacity management and monitoring
- Reviewing and advising day-two operations and automation
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12 months
Orcan Intelligence
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Gregory Bouvier
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