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Lesser Poland Voivodeship, Krakow  ‐ Onsite


Mathematics Testing Java (Programming Language) Operations Research Agile Methodology Algorithms Big Data C Sharp (Programming Language) C++ (Programming Language) Information Systems Computer Programming Databases Continuous Integration Software Design Patterns Engineering MapReduce Python (Programming Language) MATLAB Machine Learning NoSQL Object-Oriented Software Development Pattern Recognition Physics


Location: Krakow, Poland (Hybrid)

Experience: 5 Years of Experience

Requirement & Responsibility:

MSc or PhD in a technical field such as Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Operational Research and/or Information Systems (Informatics)
Demonstrated 5 years of experience building, and testing applications in a professional environment

The following attributes are a minimum requirement:

substantive and consistent experience developing applications using an object oriented programming language (e.g. Java, C++, C# or Python)

Contract: 6 Month + Extension

Some experience programming in a mathematical or engineering technical environment (such as MATLAB)
– knowledge of the more common design patterns
– strong knowledge of testing principles

• The following attributes are highly desirable:
– Some experience developing in an Agile environment with preferably some experience with continuous integration practices
– Familiarity with algorithms for capturing and processing large datasets (i.e. Map/Reduce)
– Some knowledge of machine learning and pattern recognition techniques
– Experience working with non-tradtional database architectures (such as column free / NoSQL / graph-theoretic structures
Contract: 6 Month + Extension
Start date
6 months
(extension possible)
N Consulting UG
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Contact person:
Kirubanandam Swayamprakasam
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