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We are currently looking for 2 Data Architects to help us scale up the AI projects within the group. Your tasks will consist of developing further the ML pipelines on the on-prem GPU cluster as well as providing technical governance and establishing standards in the MLOps context. Moreover, you will plan and implement containerized ETL routes and training inference pipelines.

As a Data Architect, you will support the PO in the creation of coordinated increment roadmaps and backlogs. Additionally, you will build the development infrastructure using Infrastructure-as-Code, based on Kubernetes, AWS and Azure Services and the on-prem GPU cluster (Kubernetes, Ansible, FluxCD, Flyte, Kubeflow, Dex, Istio).

Project details:

Starting period: 01.03.2024
Ending period: 31.10.2024 (possible extension)
Full-time (5 days/week)
Location: Remote/Frankfurt (20%)
Languages: German

Role 1:
-AI models using the Kubeflow, Flyte and MLflow frameworks (> 2 projects)
-Railway industry
-Architecture and implementation of the Kubernetes stack (cloud and on premise)
-Architecture and implementation of relational databases, SQL, ETL and BI tools (> 3 years)

Role 2:
-MLOps (> 3 years)
-Railway industry
-Architecture and implementation of the Kubernetes stack (cloud and on premise) (> 3 projects)
-Kubeflow, Flyte and MLflow (> 3 projects)

If you see yourself as the perfect fit or have someone in your network, who might be interested, we will be happy to work together!
Start date
100% (5 days per week)
8 months
(extension possible)
Digital Associates GmbH
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Contact person:
Georgi Radev
Project ID:
Traffic and Logistics
Contract type
80 % remote
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