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Great long term projects at freelancermap.com!

The quality of the projects and work that are offered at freelancermap.com are amazing. I hope to get my first long-term project by the end of the year.

Antonio Carrasco

Web Design, Social Media, Training, Español

Daily IT-project alerts that matches my profile!

I as a freelancer receive highly interesting - and relevant! - daily project offers to my profile.

paulo oliveira

Freelance Web Strategist

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Freelance Java projects - Remote and on-site contract jobs

On freelancermap.com you can find freelance Java jobs across the globe, both contract roles and permanent positions. Keep in mind, however, our clients are mainly looking for Java programmers who are working on their own as freelancers or self-employed. Usually clients are hiring for freelance java projects that last 2-3 months, but they also look for Java developers and experts who are available for jumping into the project ASAP for a short-term project or bigger projects that require long-term commitment.

Java is a common computer programming language and also a software platform. It’s traditionally used in creating web apps, allowing them to run on Internet browsers. It is also a common factor in the creation of popular apps on smart devices. Apps are the way to reach people nowadays, so everyone is looking for freelance java workers! It’s not just large corporations; the whole world is open to opportunity! Java works well with operating systems such as Linux, Unix, Windows or Android, so any experience with any of these will be a huge bonus in front of potential clients. We have remote freelance Java projects available as well.

Java freelance work for developers worldwide

The vast majority of freelance Java projects demand at least four years of experience with Java or in the IT field, strong analytical skills, and the ability to write technical documents. Extern Java programmers can bring their experience and fresh eyes to a project. If you are looking to hire a freelance Java programmer to develop a dynamic web or a desktop application, you just need to post your freelance job on our job board to find a talented developer who will help you with your task with high level standards. It’s completely free and you can reach out to as many Java specialists as you want! If you are unsure which programming language is better for your particular project, you can always reach out to a Senior Software developer and tell them about your idea. With their experience, they will guide you in the right direction and on a timely manner you will get your project done.