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6 Reasons Why Introverts Make Great Freelancers


“Introvert” is a term that has become associated with negativity in the age of advertising, where it’s all about who can shout loudest. But looking at the roots of the word is enough to realize that introverts might be more valuable than originally perceived, especially in the world of freelance.

73 Must-read books for freelancers from freelancers


Last September, we hosted a blog carnival on the topic “book recommendations for freelancers” at Today, thanks to the participation of 22 freelancers from all over the world we are able to present a great collection of books that will help every freelancer to thrive on their business and stay inspired.

10 awesome Facebook Pages to follow as a tech-loving Freelancer


Technology and freelancing have a lot in common – they are fresh, fascinating and as dynamic as it gets. Things that are extremely relevant today will probably only be remembered through photos five years from now. Staying on top of all those developments and keeping a positive outlook as a freelancer while learning new things can be tricky...

How To: Stay Motivated As A Freelancer


Motivation is crucial for any job. As a freelancer you have more freedom than most employees, but that freedom can turn into a disadvantage pretty quickly. If you find yourself postponing that thing you have to do or if you often just don’t feel like working, read on. This article gives you a few tips that will keep you motivated and help you...

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