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You are a freelancer and would like to gain attention of worldwide clients? You are seeking for new gigs and want to grow your customer base? Then write a short article about why you love being a freelancer and present yourself in our global network with a backlink of your choice! The best submission will be shared via Social Media. Find further details on the promotion below!

When starting a freelance business people normally see things through rose-colored glasses. They start freelancing full of expectation to earn the big money, to reduce working hours and to achieve something we like to call the perfect “work-life-balance”. As a freelance newbie the idea of being your own boss still makes them feel like having butterflies in the stomach. 
But the reality looks somewhat different: Setting up a successful business is a tough work and freelance newbies need a long breath. Also established freelancers will agree that being an independent worker has good and bad sides. 
And after a while “the wheat separates from the chaff”. While some will find fulfillment in the life of a freelancer, others will take their heels and return to a permanent employment. Freelancing is definitely not for everyone. It’s not only a profession; it’s an attitude to life. And either you love it or you hate it. 
Are you among the first group? Then take part in our Blog Carinval!
Blog Carnival: Call for Submission!
We would like to hear more about your freelancing love story! Take part in our blog carnival and write an article in which you explain why you love being a freelancer! 
  • What are the advantages of freelancing?
  • Why did you decide to become a freelancer? 
  • Can you imagine returning into a fulltime employment?
Let your creativity go wild and write your individual love letter to your freelancing life!
All submissions will be promoted in a huge summary on our blog, which is read by clients, recruiters and freelancers worldwide. Include a link to your blog or portfolio and attract attention! The best transmittals will be shared via our Social Media channel at facebook, Twitter and Google+ and get a place in our newsletter.
The expiry date for the blog carnival is the 30 July 2015. Submit your article to  

How to participate?
Why to participate?
Blog Carnivals are a great possibility to promote your blog, website or portfolio as a freelancer. After the deadline of the Blog Carnival on 30 July 2015 we will write a summarization about the submitted posts and link all participants with their website, blog or portfolio. Your advantages:
  • Increase your exposure
  • Boost your traffic
  • Grow your readership
  • Build reputation
  • Highlight yourself in a worldwide network of clients and recruiters
  • Gain attention of prospective clients
  • Extend your profile
What is a Blog Carnival?
A blog carnival is a collective article series about a specific topic. The blog carnival starts with the hosts the blog carnival and his first post on the topic. Within this article the host of the carnival calls other blogger to take part in the article series and to submit posts.
Participating bloggers publish an article on the given topic on their blog or websites and send the link of the post to the blog carnival host. After the end of the blog carnival the host writes a summarization about all received posts that include links to the participating posts to drive traffic to the participating bloggers.

Author: Doreen Schollmeier – team

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Doreen Schollmeier

Doreen Schollmeier is dealing with the international freelancing and outsourcing market for more than 5 years and knows both sides of the coin. After working as a project manager for an India based company until 2012, supporting the company to find clients worldwide, she nowadays helps freelancers to find jobs and clients.

By Doreen Schollmeier

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