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Doreen Schollmeier is dealing with the international freelancing and outsourcing market for more than 5 years and knows both sides of the coin. After working as a project manager for an India based company until 2012, supporting the company to find clients worldwide, she nowadays helps freelancers to find jobs and clients.

Stefan Lindblad – Freelance Illustrator, graphic designer and artist


“Being my own boss is so much part of who I am” – Stefan Lindblad from Sweden is a very successful freelance illustrator, graphic designer and artist. He is also one of 8 CorelDRAW Masters in the world. Because he is working in different areas and for a wide range of clients he likes to describe himself as “Jack of all trades”. Getting up early...

How to write a killer freelance bid at


Your application or bid is the first contact with the client, so it is very important to make a good first impression. Unfortunately, we at often see freelancers who waste a lot of potential with writing inappropriate and meaningless applications. If you don’t get any responses from clients, then try using the following tips to...

Archibald Butler – Website Designer, Developer and passionate surfer!


Archie loves website designing, developing and surfing! To promote himself he likes to share and inspire people by giving some of his knowledge and work away for free. As he wants to choose by himself with whom he works together freelancing is the perfect solution. It also gives him the flexibility to pursue his favorite hobby. However he prefers...

Freelancer Report: 8 findings about freelancers in 2016


Based on a survey among freelancers and the evaluation of data of our freelancer network we have found 8 major insides about freelancers. Where to they work? What are the most demanded freelancer skills? And which are the best cities to work as a freelancer? Check our latest Freelancer Report and find yourself!

Ashley Ennis – Freelance PR expert and brand communications manager


Ashley Ennis who is an expert in the PR industry decided to freelance after she reached a burnout point. Although she had some troubles with the tax laws and implications in the beginning of her career, she didn´t let herself be discouraged and kept on freelancing. According to Ashley treating your clients right and structuring your work day...

Hiroshi Ohata – bilingual SAP specialist from Japan


As Hiroshi Ohata from Japan realized that he couldn´t fully develop his skills when working for a company, he became a freelancer. He has developed his skills in the field of SAP and is an expert in troubleshooting, PMO role, MM team leader SAP implementation and S&P process consulting. Moreover he is fluent in Japanese and English and plans to...

Lovey Pale – Graphic & Web Designer


“Cultivate an unquenchable thirst for learning” and “never be ashamed to say you don’t know something.” These are two instrumental and honest tips from our freelancer of the week Lovey Pale. Since he got inspired by a fellow designer over seven years ago and decided to become a freelancer himself, these guiding words have helped him through many...

Stefano Scarpanti – Senior Software Engineer


“Think Different! Think for yourself!” This is the philosophy of Stefano Scarpanti, Senior Software Engineer and freelance newcomer from Italy. Upon working for several companies within a regular employment for years, Stefano Scarpanti always felt like something was missing in his life. But just some months ago, he found an answer. When searching...

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