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Guest Post Guidelines
  • Well-written and original article (no duplicate content) in English or Spanish language
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  • Avoid self-promotion in the body of your article and save that for your author box
  • Minimal length: 800 words (We prefer 1.000 to 1.500 words, though)
Your guest post must:
  • Have a catching title (Between 50 - 60 characters long)
  • Include a short teaser that summarizes the content of your article and attracts interest
  • Be well-structured with matching subheadings and bold font for key sentences
  • Have a summary or conclusion
  • If available: Infographics, picture material, diagrams, helpful links or code examples
How to submit a guest post?
Please email topic ideas or your completed guest article to along with a short author bio (max. 200 characters) for the author box, which will be displayed below every article you submit. Please include links to your website, Facebook profile and profile (if desired) as well as a profile picture of yourself. You are responsible for copyright and permissions for your image.
Important hints
Please note that we don’t accept republishing of your guest post on your own blog or other blogs due to duplicate content. The team reserves the right to edit or adapt your submitted guest article to ensure the blog stays in line with our values and standards.

You may include up to two links within the post back to your own blog's content or other outside high-quality sources. In any case, these should be used to support the understanding of the content and not just to engineer the transfer of PageRank (SEO purposes). In accordance with Google Guidelines, links will primarily be rel='nofollow'.
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