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Natalia is part of the international team at freelancermap. She loves the digital world, social media and meeting different cultures. Before she moved to Germany and joined the freelancermap team she worked in the US, UK and her home country Spain. Now she focuses on helping freelancers and IT professionals to find jobs and clients worldwide at

What does a Performance Engineer do?


Performance engineers design and develop computer software and applications using performance engineering strategies. They help improve system performance and reliability and also analyze performance issues and provide solutions for correction. What’s the role of a performance engineer?

What does a Hadoop Developer do?


Hadoop developer - the role involves creating apps that help manage Big Data for a company. They are tasked with the programming, design, and development of Hadoop applications in the Big Data domain. What does the Hadoop developer do?

What does an Innovation Manager do?


Innovation Managers drive technical innovations within companies and ensure competitive advantages on the market. They not only develop new solutions but also improve existing processes, products, and services. Let’s explore the role of an innovation manager.

What does a TIBCO Developer do?


A TIBCO developer is an integration specialist that can implement application strategies using enterprise integration patterns and cloud-based approaches with containers and microservices. Let’s take a closer look at the role of a TIBCO Developer!

Writing a Freelance Project Description – Tips & Examples


Finding the right person for a project is not entirely straightforward. The hiring process is hard when looking for full-time employees and hiring freelancers is no different! In order to attract good talent, you need a meaningful project description with clear requirements and as many details as possible.

What does a Control Systems Engineer do?


A Control Engineer is responsible for the design, development and management of control dynamic systems in large organizations. They bring stability to these systems that are constantly changing. What do control systems engineers do?

What does an Integration Developer do?


Integration Developers work to integrate or combine varying software components to form a unified set. Read more about the role, responsibilities, and just what it takes to be an Integration Developer.

What does a UAT Tester do?


UAT Testers serve as the final round of testing a new product – be it software, an app, a website, or a device. They ensure the product is ready for final users by developing test plans and conducting thorough testing. Let’s take a closer look at the role:  What is User Acceptance Testing? UAT or user acceptance tests are tests that check...

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