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Natalia is part of the international team at freelancermap. She loves the digital world, social media and meeting different cultures. Before she moved to Germany and joined the freelancermap team she worked in the US, UK and her home country Spain. Now she focuses on helping freelancers and IT professionals to find jobs and clients worldwide at

What does a Laravel Developer do?


A Laravel developer is an expert specializing in the Laravel framework. They use the PHP programming language to build and maintain innovative and functional web-based applications that elevate user experience as well as ensure the consistency of HTML, CSS, and shared JavaScript across applications. What does a Laravel Developer do?

What Does A Graphic Designer Do?


A graphic designer is someone who creates visual concepts for organisations and uses design elements to communicate ideas. They design everything from advertisements and brochures to business logos and reports by use of a computer program. What does a graphic designer do?

What Does An SEO Consultant Do?


An SEO consultant is in charge of planning and managing an organisation’s SEO strategy. They help business owners and heads perform many different types of digital marketing services and use SEO best practices to increase the website traffic of the company they work for. What does an seo consultant do?

What Does A Dynamics 365 Developer Do?


A Dynamics 365 developer is in charge of developing ERP for companies according to functional specifications. These professionals can be found in various industries such as finance, IT, commerce, and more and are detrimental to any organisation that uses Microsoft’s 365 applications.

Identifying Your Ideal Client: Customer Profiling For Freelancers


Finding the right clients is essential if you want to succeed as a freelancer. You could be the best at what you do and have expert skills but if your clients are not a match, your business will suffer. This is why it’s important to identify your ideal client. Read on to find out how you can do this and get tips on how to create a customer profile...

What Does A PHP Developer Do?


A PHP developer is in charge of developing programs, websites and applications using the PHP programming language. They troubleshoot issues and maintain developed systems for companies. What Does A PHP Developer Do?

Working With Freelancers: Hiring, Onboarding & Management


Freelancing has gone from “niche” to “trend” to basically a worldwide standard in the last ten years. Whether you are a small business owner or the CEO of a huge corporation, the thought of working with freelancers might have crossed your mind over the last couple of years. This article will explain everything you need to know about hiring a...

What Does A Big Data Developer Do?


A Big Data developer is in charge of managing data sets that are too big for traditional database systems to handle. They are responsible for a company's Big Data infrastructure and tools and have to ensure the integrity of the company’s data and data models. What Does A Big Data Developer Do?

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