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What Does An Infrastructure Manager Do?


An infrastructure manager is responsible for managing IT infrastructure and maintaining the systems and personnel that are at the core of an organisation. They design and measure key metrics and specialise in computer network infrastructures. What does an infrastructure manager do?

What Does A Mechatronic Engineer Do?


Mechatronic engineers are in charge of designing and developing electro-mechanical systems and mechatronic devices. They build smart machines, improve existing ones and create software to control the mechatronic systems they build. What does a mechatronic engineer do?

What Does A Robotics Engineer Do?


Robotics engineers are primarily in charge of designing, developing and configuring robotic prototypes. They also build and test machines and design software systems to control these machines. What does a robotics engineer do?

What Does A Financial Analyst Do?


Financial analysts are in charge of gathering and analysing financial data and then using this data to help companies make business decisions. They track a business’s financial performance and prepare reports and projections based on their analysis. What does a financial analyst do?

What Does An Industrial Designer Do?


Industrial designers are in charge of developing concepts for manufactured products. They design, develop and document industrial, commercial or consumer products and then make prototypes to test the design to be considered for production. What does an industrial designer do?

What Does An Industrial Engineer Do?


Industrial engineers are in charge of finding ways to eliminate wastefulness in production processes. They then design and implement these processes in order to efficiently make products or provide services. What does an industrial engineer do?

What Does A Financial Manager Do?


Finance managers are in charge of managing and optimizing the finances within a company. They create financial reports, perform data analysis, and monitor financial details - all in an effort to ensure a company’s continued viability. What does a financial manager do?

What Does A Cloud Architect Do?


Cloud architects are IT all-rounders who specialize in technical issues relating to cloud services. They oversee a company's cloud computing strategy and are in charge of establishing best practices for cloud usage within an organization. What does a cloud architect do?

How to set your rates as a freelancer?


All freelancers have one challenge in common: setting a reasonable hourly rate. Beginners in particular often have a hard time deciding their hourly rate. Read on to avoid making rookie mistakes when it comes to setting your freelance rates!

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