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There is a lot of useful advice on getting new clients as a freelancer. Unfortunately, few resources focus on nurturing your older connections and making the best out of them. A seasoned freelancers knows that is much easier to work with somebody who already knows you than winning over an unfamiliar person. Having a continuous flow of profit from a number of clients makes your work a lot easier. So here are a few techniques that will help you keep in touch with your former clients and make use of already built relationships.

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1) Research

First and foremost, make sure you know what your former clients are up to. If they have new projects coming up, you can just straight out offer your assistance. “Congratulations on reaching goal X or finishing project Y, I noticed your website might need some maintenance here and would be glad to help you out if you’re interested”. 

The main point is to keep track of what the clients are up to, follow their social media pages to stay up to date. If they´re not big on social media check their websites or typ their names out in Google once a month and be ready when an opportunity arises.

2) Have a good reason to contact them 
Contacting clients without a reason can often feel awkward. Research will help you overcome that sometimes, but there can be a lot of “excuses” for contacting a former client. You could, for example, offer them a special deal. Be careful to not undercut your prices significantly, this is just about reminding them that you’re still out there. Holidays such as Christmas are another great occasion for leaving them a sweet, short message and keeping your name present, e.g. by sending Christmas cheers.
3) Consider newsletters
Newsletters are an excellent tool for making sure nobody on your mailing list forgets you and keeping them updated on top of that. However, they can be pretty time-consuming. Choose carefully how often you want to send newsletters out – it can be as often as once a week, but a quarterly newsletter can work just as well depending on your goals.
There are a lot of things you can pack in a newsletter. Tell your former clients what new experiences you have gained, share your new ideas with them and be vocal about things you are excited about. Linking useful and informative articles can help you fill out the pages with useful content.
4) Keep it short and to the point
Avoid being seen as just another spammer – you want to be the friendly freelancer who is just checking in to see how a client is doing. Don’t bury the receiving side in emails containing two-digit paragraphs. It is extremely unlikely that anybody will actually have the time to read a long email. Just keep it short and simple.
5) Don’t be put off by lack of response
Keeping in touch with your former clients doesn’t always work out. Sometimes you will spend hours on your newsletter, send it out and then receive so little feedback that it makes you wonder whether it was worth it. Don’t be put off though – reflect on your strategy, adapt accordingly and become better. Often you won’t get an answer, but sometimes you’ll get a new project all thanks to keeping in touch so keep at it.
Do you keep in touch with former freelance clients? Leave us a comment below and let us know if you found our tips helpful, we’re more than happy to answer any questions you might have on the topic!

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