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Women In Technology: Challenges & Opportunities

In today’s rapidly advancing day and age, one would think gender no longer plays a role in work. Far from it - this view of technology being “male” centric is a notion that continues to persist even today and prevents many girls and young women from even considering the exciting professional field of IT.

The IT Freelance Market In Germany – Market Insights

What does the IT freelance market look like in Germany in 2022? freelancermap asked over 2,000 IT freelancers in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland about their rates, income, client relationship, and more. We’ve compiled the most interesting insights!

How AI Is Revolutionizing The Freelance Economy

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a concept that has grown more popular over the years and is set to change the future of work as we know it. But what does that mean for freelancers? And as AI continues to develop further, will its impact be felt on the freelance economy? Read on to find out!

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