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Marketing is a must for every freelancer. Having a consistent marketing strategy is essential to either start your freelance business or keep it running smoothly. However, with little time to spare, many freelancers end up ignoring this task and this is a big mistake.

In fact, to keep clients and the workload constantly coming, marketing needs to become a part of your daily routine. That’s the logic of the freelance business. It’s all about showing off your skills and outstanding the competition.
Think about your freelance business as a tree: you need to take care of it a little bit every day to grow strong and to harvest the best fruits. That means that you will have to carve some time in your busy calendar for this activity.
But don’t worry. Marketing for freelancers doesn't have to be a daunting or an expensive task. Sometimes the simplest and cheapest ideas are the most effective. And in times of digital marketing, the possibilities are infinite.
We know well that some freelancers don't want to feel like they have to become a salesperson and that it can be overwhelming to come up with new ideas, especially when you don't have the experience. But you are not alone!
We are sure that our freelance community has some great and effective marketing tips to share and help you to start or boost your freelance business.
What are your favourite marketing strategies? Considering that you don’t have that much time and every penny counts, it is crucial to find the best marketing strategy that pays off and brings the best return on the investment.
If you had to hand-pick any marketing tip to help others in your field to grow their businesses this year, which would be? We would love to know your expert tips!

BLOG CARNIVAL: Calls for submission

Share your best marketing tips with us! Write an article shortly explaining which marketing actions have worked best for you so far and how freelancers could put them into practice to achieve better results.
Once we receive all your tips, we’ll publish an article on our blog promoting all of them, and we'll share it via our social media channels (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc.) and feature it in our newsletter.
The last day to contribute to our blog carnival is Sunday, 2nd April 2017.

How to take part in our Blog Carnival?

  • Write a non-commercial post on the topic “My best marketing tips for freelancers” and concisely explain which marketing strategies better worked for you and why would you recommend them.
  • Publish your tips on your blog or website. If you don't run your own blog, you can also submit your tips directly to
  • When publishing your article, include a link to this post:
  • Send us the URL of your article, your name and the URL you would like us to link to our article (i.e. the article, your blog/website/portfolio, etc) to Deadline: Sunday, 2nd April 2017.
  • Please use the following subject line in your email: Your name - My best marketing tips for freelancers
Please note that you must be the original author of the content and have full permission to post it.

Why should you participate?

From an altruistic point of view, you will be able to help freelancers from all over the world to improve their marketing skills and grow their businesses.
For you directly, you will have the opportunity to promote your blog, website or portfolio, reach new customers and enhance your brand positioning. We’ll round up all your tips on an article that we'll publish on our blog. All participants will be featured with the link that they have provided.

The advantages at a glance

  • Increase your exposure
  • Boost your website traffic
  • Grow your readership
  • Build reputation
  • Highlight yourself in an international freelance network
  • Gain attention of prospective clients and recruiters
  • Extend your profile
  • Set yourself as an expert
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 We can’t wait to receive your marketing recommendations!

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