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Proposed and secured a new project with a client? Time to send an order confirmation. Download our free order confirmation letter and adapt it for your business! Available in several formats: Word, PDF and more.

Order Confirmation Template in Word, PDF and PowerPoint

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What is an order confirmation?

An order confirmation is a message that informs your client that you accept his order. It is used when a freelancer has already worked on an offer for that particular client in which possible services and prices were listed. If the client accepts that proposal, they officially make an order.

With the order confirmation you inform your client that you’ll start processing the order very soon. As a freelancer it can be for a service, but this will be also the document that you will have to send if you sell any products, e.g. if you have published a book, designed a font, etc.

An order confirmation is generally a written document. It’s important that all relevant information regarding the order is included in the document. This stands as official documentation of what services and/or products upon which you and your client agreed.

An order confirmation should be concise and compact and include the following information:

What to include in the order confirmation

  1. Name and address of the freelancer – that’s you
  2. Name and address from who made the order – that’s your client
  3. Client number and order number
  4. Order confirmation date (in body of document and in subject of the email you send to your client)
  5. A thank-you to the client for the order
  6. Description of products/services ordered.
  7. A billing summary
  8. Taxes
  9. Total cost for the order
  10. Payment details

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What is the purpose of the order confirmation?

1. Prevents misunderstandings

Both the client and the freelancer know about the services ordered, so that unplanned surprises don’t happen. This is to prevent disputes in the future.

  • The customer (customer) receives the service formulated in the order confirmation.
  • The contractor (freelancer) must carry out the service formulated in the order confirmation.

2. Gives protection

in case of a verbal order. An assignment can be made orally, for example, in the course of a phone conversation, a consultation, etc. After discussing a project with the client and confirming that they want to purchase your services or product, a written order confirmation will have your back. The confirmation order will put on paper that reiterates the details of your verbal agreement.

3. Add changes from the offer.

If the order confirmation deviates from the offer in important points such as services provided or price, the order confirmation will act as final agreement.

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Order confirmation e-mail template

There is no need that you send a paper confirmation order letter to your new client. It’s enough for you to answer them with an e-mail with the electronic document.

Having an order confirmation e-mail template will help you optimize your time, but of course we encourage you to edit it according to your business and the client at hand.

Here’s a template you could use:

Dear client,

Thank you very much for accepting my proposal. I’m really excited to start working with you on this project.

Please find below the list of services that will be completed:
[Service 1] – $ Price
[Service 2] – $ Price
[Service 3] – $ Price

The total amount for this project will be [$X,XXX]

Best regards,
Your signature

General advice about order confirmations

Once the client agrees to work with you, you should send the order confirmation to the client as soon as possible. Having an order confirmation template at hand will save you from having to start working on formating, information to include, etc. We’d say that it shouldn’t take you more than 2 days.

Also, keep in mind is recommended that you send an order confirmation if you have been in discussion with a client for a long time and so you have sent different offers and also if client accepts an offer that you sent when this already expired.

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