3 Key Steps for the Healthy Freelancer


Being a freelancer is much like juggling 10 balls (more like swords) at once. Marketing, keeping track of your finances, expanding your business, networking, et cetera – you feel like if you fail at any one of those areas, your freelancing career is going to crumble. However, some swords are sharper and more dangerous than others – and one of the sharpest once which is often disregarded is your health. Staying fit keeps you away from sick days, gives you more energy and helps sustain your motivation.

That’s why we decided to give you a short overview of the 3 key areas you can improve your freelance lifestyle to make sure you stay on top of your health.

1. Working environment

First and foremost, where you work has a huge impact on how healthy you are. As a freelancer, you are going to be spending a lot of time at your office which is often your home as well. There is no employer who will be in charge of creating a healthy working environment, so you have to do it yourself. There are a couple of key elements when working from home.

Let’s start with your chair. Don’t be afraid to invest in a good, comfortable office chair which supports your back and allows you to switch positions now and again. Second, make sure that the distance between yourself and the monitor is appropriate – you don’t want to have your nose in your computer. Studies show that the perfect viewing distance is at approximately 30 inches, or around 75 centimeters. Aim for that. Lighting in your office is pretty important as well. Brighter walls and a generally light environment increases motivation.

2. Working out

Obviously you won’t stay fit only by having the perfect working environment. It will only reduce the strains your body hast to deal it, but will not make it stronger. To do that, you’ll have to work out. Thankfully, nowadays, you don’t have to search long for exercise routines. Go on YouTube, find some workout videos appropriate for your level of fitness (lots of beginner exercises there, son don’t be afraid) and get going. 

You can always go the classic way of jogging as well. Especially in the warmth of summer, going out and enjoying the wind for a 20-30 minutes long jog is going to do wonders for your body and your mood. If you haven’t worked out in a long time, you will be greatly surprised at how much physical activity can increase your motivation levels.


3. Eating healthy

To finish it off, the final and sometimes hardest part of staying healthy – watching what you eat. Before you think I’m going to make you count calories or think about how high your carbohydrates intake is, hear me out. You don’t have to go crazy about your eating habits to stay healthy.

Just make sure you don’t overeat on your meals, chew slowly and stop when you’re full instead of pushing yourself. Eat regularly, get a good breakfast and maybe try picking up a few simple cooking recipes. One of the benefits of working at home is that you can always eat a meal you prepared yourself, instead of filling yourself with burgers and fries in your afternoon break as quickly as you can. Take advantage of that.

Staying fit often looks scary, overwhelming and time-consuming but ends up being something you cannot imagine living without once you start. The tips above are really basic and simple to follow and will make a world of a difference to your lifestyle.

Do you have any other useful piece of advice we missed? Share it in the comments below!


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Viktor Marinov

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By Viktor Marinov

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