The Top 9 Tech Jobs Safe From Total Automation


With technology developing rapidly all around us, it is easy to begin worrying about one’s own future. And it’s a smart thing to do – robots are already changing the way we work today and will continue to do so. However, there are some things that machines just cannot replicate on a level that humans do.

Machines lack creativity, interpersonal skills and are not known for out-of-the-box thinking.

Similarly to how the industrial revolution changed the way people work, the current developments in technology will also do so. Menial jobs, like working at the cash register in the supermarket, are very likely to be replaced. But there are plenty of jobs which are very safe from a robot apocalypse. Here’s a list of the top 9 tech jobs that aren’t likely to be automated in the future:

1. Web designers

Anyone who has tried to create a website, even the most basic one using WordPress or Squarespace can tell you – designing one is a creative process. There are a lot of small decisions, all leading up to something unique. Websites can convey personality and emotions. That amount of creativity is likely to remain in the hands of humans.

2. Game developers

Similarly, creating games will definitely remain a human-only domain. While it is easy to imagine computers creating a game based on a certain set of rules, coming up with something new and exciting is something that only real people are able to do. Weaving a complex story, creating an entire world full of interesting and unique characters – as much as I’d like to see that, no computers will be able to do so in the recent future.

3. VR developers

VR (or virtual reality) is one of the hottest buzzwords in tech right now. And that’s not without reason. Interacting with a virtual world and actually being a part of it holds enormous potential for the future. But again – building such a world requires a ton of imagination and creativity. It’s like producing a movie or a theater play. Developing a VR world might be very technical, but in a way, it’s art. And art is one of the things most likely to remain in the hands of humans.

4. Mechanical engineers

Machines need someone to build them. And while there are machines that can build machines, there will always be a human element at the end of the line. As such, mechanical engineers are sure to be part of the future, regardless of how much tech develops.

5. Programmers

Similarly, writing the software for machines is always going to be needed. Obviously, rudimentary lines of code can be automated already today. But the real coding which requires creativity, persistency and a lot of experience is irreplaceable by algorithms. Furthermore, all of that tech is going to need someone to look after it, right?

6. Cyber security experts

On the topic of looking after tech, cyber security experts are amongst the people who won’t have to worry about their jobs in the near future. These past months we have been witnessing hacks on international level, which disturbed banks, train services and even hospitals. This tells us two things: First, more and more things depend on technology and as such, are vulnerable to hacks. And secondly, they need more protection.

7. Data scientists

Here’s one profession that might seem a bit counterintuitive. After all, aren’t robots amazing at processing huge amount of information at incredible speed? The answer is yes, they are. But they’re not that amazing at understanding the data and explaining unexpected correlations. Data scientists are indispensable in a world where huge datasets are available en masse. Understanding that data is what humans can do better than any machine.

8. Tech coaches

Finally, any job that involves interpersonal relationships or communication with other people won’t be taken over by machines. Yes, it’s funny to speak with Alexa and ask her to tell you a joke. But if you have a real, important problem, you would much rather speak to a human than a machine. That’s why tech coaches are people who won’t be losing their jobs. Conveying information is easy, but going beyond that is what makes coaches great. Empathy is one of the most indispensable human skills.

9. Project managers

Project managers are another branch of professionals that can only function through empathy and understanding different people. Finding the right strategy isn’t just about percentages and making sure people work enough hours a day. It’s also about turning people who sit next to each other into a real team and motivating them. Finding the right skills in the right individuals and encouraging them is what project managers do. And that cannot be replaced by machines.

Can you think of any other tech jobs that won’t be replaced by automation? Tell us in the comments below this article!

Viktor Marinov

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By Viktor Marinov

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