How to Write a Testimonial – Tips & Examples


References have always been key when landing a new job. Now, with the increase of professionals working on a freelance basis, the term reference has morphed into testimonials and recommendations.

If you are someone who has worked with freelancers, these same freelance testimonials and recommendations have probably helped you pick a freelancer to work with.

We all read the comments and reviews before making the decision to buy a product or hire a service. 

Now, you might have been asked to write a recommendation for a freelancer you’ve worked with or simply you know that testimonials are key for freelancers and you’d love to show praise.

That’s great! But where do you start?

If you are now in front of a blank paper and you’re not sure how to write a recommendation. We’re here to help!

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How to write a testimonial for a freelancer

Ideas and examples for writing a testimonial for a freelancer

If the freelancer has asked you to write him a testimonial or you simply have decided to go for it. This is the structure with examples that we recommend you to use.

You can consider including all the sections mentioned on the list or just focus on the most relevant part for the freelancer. 

1 – Comparison to others

Comparing the freelancer to others you’ve worked within the past is a great way to highlight their profile and make them stand out from the crowd.

You could start with the following examples:

  • “[The freelancer] is one of the most motivated freelancers I’ve ever worked with!”
  • “Having worked with over 10 different freelance developers at [company name] over the years, I can honestly say that [The freelancer] is one of the best developers we’ve worked with.”
  • “I’ve outsourced several projects to [the freelancer] and his/her know-how, flexibility, and enthusiasm are what keeps us hiring him/her for more work!”

2 – Highlight their soft skills

Depending on the role of the freelancer, soft skills can be pretty crucial. Highlighting the freelancer’s soft skills is another great way to show how much you’ve enjoyed working with them.

For example, good communication is crucial for the success of any project and business relationship. It was easy to communicate with the freelancer, then let others know!

Use the template below to recommend a freelancer for their soft skills:

  • “[The freelancer] is always creative, attentive to detail, and consistent in meeting deadlines.”
  • “[The freelancer] integrated within our in-house team perfectly and showed a real passion for being a team player – consistently updating the team of their work and progress. This resulted in a fantastic work environment that harbored positivity and great results. I would not hesitate to recommend [the freelancer] to any potential clients looking to work with him/her!”
  • “[The freelancer] is very easy to work with. Straightforward communications and [the freelancer] perfectly understood our needs and expectations”
  • “[The freelancer] met all deadlines and his communication skills are top-notch”

3. Praise the strong hard skills

Certain projects require advanced technical and hard skills. Especially in the IT field where it’s very important to be up-to-date with new technologies.

Highlight the technical skills of the freelancer in your recommendation using examples like these: 

  • “[The freelancer] has a strong understanding of current development best practices. He/she is particularly skilled with [insert hard skills] and has been a valuable addition to our team! I would gladly recommend [the freelancer] for all development projects!”
  • After presenting our company and the direction we wanted to take, I told [the freelancer] to think outside the box and be creative. [The freelancer] delivered incredible good designs that exceeded all our expectations. [The freelancer] would be a great asset to any company!
  • “Highly professional [role]. He ended up leading our [field of work] team”
  • [The freelancer] is an amazing consultant and brainstorming with [him/her] is a breeze. [The freelancer] is up-to-date on all the useful technology and helped us implement very useful tools for our product that we didn’t even know about.

4. Final recommendation

Add in a final touch by really affirming your overall experience having worked with them.

Be straightforward and encouraging without sounding too pushy. Here are some testimonials examples for this: 

  • “If you have the opportunity to work with [The freelancer], I say go for it! You are guaranteed an enjoyable and productive experience. [the freelancer] is skilled at what he/she does and we look forward to working with [The freelancer] again for our next [field] project!”
  • “I can’t wait to hire [The freelancer] again for future [field of work] work!
  • “[The freelancer] provided excellent work. She will be the first person we contact for all future projects.”

Do you always need to write a testimonial?

Ask any freelancer this question and you’ll be greeted with a unanimous “YES!”.

Recommendations and testimonials are the lifelines for a freelancer because good words coming from someone else are always more trusted than freelancers selling themselves.

Here’s why you should absolutely leave recommendations for any freelancer you work with:

  • Useful for the freelancer as in it helps with potential clients
  • Motivates the freelancer to continue pushing great work
  • Gives them a chance to improve in areas they may be lacking
  • A great recommendation can do absolute wonders for any freelancer’s business.

We hope this has been valuable in your search for writing a great Freelance Testimonial.

If you have any questions or comments on how to write a testimonial, please leave them down below and we would be happy to answer them!

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By Natalia Campana

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