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Rush Fees: When, Why & How to Use Them as a Freelancer

All freelancers (and anyone who has worked for a living, for that matter) have been put in situations when a client wants a project to be done yesterday. These kinds of rush jobs can be very inconvenient but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be compensated for it. Here’s why and how you should be using rush fees as a freelancer.

Different Types of Invoices for Freelance Work: A Helpful Guide

As a freelancer, you’ll come across lots of different types of invoices that you can use to bill your clients. Initially though, invoicing can be a challenge for many self-employed people. In this article, we’ll cover the various important ones, from classic outgoing invoices to specialised small-value invoices, that will help you in your...

How to Set Your Rates as a Freelancer?

All freelancers have one challenge in common: setting a reasonable hourly rate. Beginners in particular often have a hard time deciding their hourly rate. Read on to avoid making rookie mistakes when it comes to setting your freelance rates!

Credit Note Template For Freelancers [Freebie]

It often happens that an invoice you issued to a client is wrong and needs to be canceled or amended. Editing, canceling, or refunding an invoice can be a pain, but credit notes make this process simpler. Find out when you need to issue a credit note, what you should consider and download a free credit note template we’ve created for you.

How to Deal With Late Payments as a Freelancer

It’s the bane of freelancing existence – getting paid late. Late payments aren’t just some nuisance freelancers like to complain about – they can be a significant financial risk. At best, dealing with it wastes valuable time that you can spend either on work or enjoying your life. At worst, late payments mean that you’re unable to pay essential...

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