4 Reasons why other Freelancers should be your allies instead of rivals


Freelancing often has the image of a lone wolf profession. While not depending on anyone and having the power to take all decisions for yourself can be a positive thing, there is another side to it. A one man show is good and all, but for various reasons it is not always the best way to go about your freelancing profession. Here are four arguments why you should try to connect with your fellow freelancers rather than just compete with them and how to actually do it.

1. Eventually, you wont be able to do everything by yourself

When starting out, juggling all the different aspects of being a freelancer at once can be quite cumbersome, but it is possible. As your business grows, however, you will increasingly find yourself in the need of extra help. There are a lot of freelancers out there who have the experience and knowledge to assist you on parts of the projects you undertake, Web Developers normally need Web Designers and the other way arounf. This benefits both sides – you get to outsource some of your work, giving you extra time to find different projects, work on other stuff and handle your marketing for example. The colleague helping you gains invaluable new experience and insight on the working process of a more successful freelancer. 

2. Everybody is unique

Different people have different talents. And while smaller projects can be taken on by good, hard-working professionals, bigger ones may require amounts and ways of work which only collaborations can provide. Learning from others with different viewpoints and ways of approaching their work can greatly benefit you in the long run.

3. Communicating with others is the best cure for loneliness

Let’s face it – working 8 hours a day from your home can and does get lonely with time. Luckily for you, you’re not the only freelancer struggling with being alone. There are a lot of blogs, websites and even Facebook groups where you can find people with common interests who share a lot of the problems you have as well. Listening to each other and discussing various issues will go a long way towards you getting a sense of a belonging, helping with motivation and general happiness.

4. Networking is key for freelancing

Last, but not least, building up a network of fellow professionals who you can count on is one of the best ways to ensure that your business grows and doesn’t go stale. You can bounce clients off of each other and solve problems that you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to. 

So how do I reach out to other freelancers?

There is a lot you can do to connect with other freelancers in your area, be it online or offline. Go to get-togethers; maybe even find a co-working office space where you can enjoy all the privileges of working with others without some of the drawbacks. The Internet offers a lot of possibilities as well – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs or forums, you can chose at your behest. But the most important thing when reaching out to your freelancing colleagues is to be friendly. Offer a helpful hand when someone needs it and rest assured that you have found a new link to your freelancer network which is there when you need it. Give to the community and reap the fruits of your labor when they give something back. Freelancing doesn’t have to be a solo gig. Reach out, I promise you won’t regret it.
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Viktor Marinov

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By Viktor Marinov

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