Freelancer Tips


  • Career Insights: What Does a Release Manager Do?


    In today’s edition of Career Insights, we’re taking a look at the role of a release manager. Find out what exactly a release manager does, their typical responsibilities, and the qualifications you need to get into this field.

  • 10 skills which no freelancer can do without


    We often talk about how many things are needed to be successful as a freelancer, but we rarely say which exactly, mainly because they really are a lot. Everybody who has tried out being a freelancer for at least a year or two, knows just how vast the required skillset can be. For those of you thinking about going into freelancing and wonder what they could do to increase their chances of success, here are the 10 skills you are absolutely going to need:

  • Passive Income for freelancers in 7 Tips


    Freelancing is mostly associated with active income – you get paid for the hours you put in or for a certain workload, ideally a finished project. However, there is another way to earn money as a freelancer - passive income.

  • How to Get Started As a Freelancer Without Quitting Your Day Job


    Beginning a freelance career can be challenging. It involves giving up financial security, a set routine, and is a usually big step out of your comfort zone. However, transitioning from a regular day job to freelancing doesn’t have to be terrifying, or a huge risk. You can start freelancing on the side.

  • Teardowns: an amazing way to show what you can do


    For most freelancers, having a strong portfolio that shows what they can do is far more powerful than simply telling potential clients what they can offer them. One way to really show what you can do is by doing a teardown - in this article, we’re going to explain exactly what this is and how to do one yourself.

  • How to travel and protect your data: 5 Security Tips


    Being a travelling freelancer can be great. You get to experience new cultures, dip into the international freelancing community and serve clients from all over the globe. However, protecting your data is an essential part of doing all that carefree. There is nothing worse than losing all of your hard work, getting your gadgets stolen or your email compromised.

  • Career Insights: What Does a Network Engineer Do?


    In this edition of our Career Insights series, we’re taking a look at the role of a network engineer and discussing what exactly they do, the skills required, and the average salary an experienced network engineer can expect to make.

  • KPIs for Freelancers: How to Track the Growth of Your Freelance Business


    There are many ways you can measure success as a freelancer. How much money you’re getting is one, but it isn’t necessarily the most important. Other aspects you might want to keep track of include how many clients you’re getting, what you’re really earning per hour and the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. If you want your business to do well, “going with the flow” isn’t really going to cut it.

  • 11 Real Freelance Horror Stories


    Working as a freelancer is great - you forget the commute, you work your own hours...but it can be also unpredictable! You can work with incredible easy-to-work-with clients, but a crazy one can slip in from time to time. You might have a lot on your plate and with an overloaded schedule, there’s room for mistakes!

  • How to Create a Course and Sell Your Freelance Knowledge


    Online courses: how many have you seen on the Internet? If you’re already running your own freelance business, you might be asking yourself whether investing the time and effort into building a course is really worth it. Creating a course could definitely benefit you and your freelance business, especially in the long term.

  • Alternative Financing Methods – Invoice Factoring Pros and Cons


    Freelancers, especially at the beginning of their career, are very reliant on cash flow – how much money comes in and how quickly it does so. This is a factor that will make or break businesses. One of the ways freelancers can speed up their cash flow is invoice factoring.

  • Writing an Invoice for Freelancers – Tips, Tricks & Templates


    What would a freelancer do without invoices? Absolutely nothing! Learning how to write a special invoice is a crucial skill for any freelancer. Not receiving the correct amount of payment or not receiving it on time is a problem many freelancers face. A good invoice is often the key to solving these problems.

  • 4 Templates every Freelancer should have


    Bureaucracy is something few beginners consider when going into freelancing. However, handling different kinds of documents is a significant part of the job description, so you better be prepared. It might seem intimidating at first, but with the right system you can save yourself a lot of time.

  • Writing proposals as a freelancer - tips and tricks


    Freelancers often have to write proposals in order to receive projects. The same applies here at Writing proposals can sometimes be very tricky, but having a couple of things in mind can make a great difference in the way you approach this task and, more importantly, in the way employers evaluate your proposal. Here are a few steps that will hone your proposal writing skills and increase your chances to get contracts.

  • Order Confirmation Letter Template for Freelancers


    Proposed and secured a new project with a client? Time to send an order confirmation. Download our free order confirmation letter and adapt it for your business! Available in several formats: Word, PDF and more.

  • How to deal with late payments as a freelancer


    It’s the bane of freelancing existence – getting paid late. At best, dealing with that wastes valuable time that could be spent working or enjoying your life. At worst, late payments mean that you’re unable to pay essential bills like your rent.

  • How to Retain Users on Your App


    There are millions of apps out there. In the first quarter of this year, there were 3.8 million apps on Google Play alone. In 2017, there were up to 178.1 billion mobile app downloads worldwide; that is more than 23 times the current global population. With so many apps - some of which perform the same function - vying for the attention of the public, what are the chances of your app standing out?

  • How to Improve Your Freelancer Website: Page speed, UX, and More!


    Your freelance website is your chance to showcase your personality and experience as a freelancer, and will often be one of the first ports of call your potential clients will make when ascertaining whether you are suitable for their needs.