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Marketing tips for freelancers and entrepreneurs. Learn how to market yourself, how to attract the right clients, or how to leverage social media or e-mail marketing!

Working With Freelancers: Hiring, Onboarding & Management


Freelancing has gone from “niche” to “trend” to basically a worldwide standard in the last ten years. Whether you are a small business owner or the CEO of a huge corporation, the thought of working with freelancers might have crossed your mind over the last couple of years. This article will explain everything you need to know about hiring a...

freelancermap celebrates Freelancers’ Day


The freelancing movement is unstoppable. Freelancers are ready to jump into exciting projects anytime and motivated to support both large and medium-sized companies. They bring in expert knowledge, experience, and passion in what they do – what a great combination, right?

Having a Freelance Website For Your Business: Yes or No?


Having a freelance website can be very beneficial as it helps you to showcase your skills and portfolio, establish your brand, and attract potential clients. A freelance website can also make it easier for clients to find you and can serve as a hub for your online presence. On the other hand, creating a website (and maintaining it) needs time and...

Agile Methodologies Explained: Definition & Examples


Tackling a project with the help of Agile methods has gotten increasingly popular in the last few years in software development. Agile is essentially a philosophy for the way projects should be done. However, there are also some strict rules when following the particular line of thought that Agile stands for. And while working with it can be the...

Freelance Profile: What to Include, Tips and Examples


Your freelance profile plays a key role in your client acquisition strategy. More often than not, it’s the first thing potential clients and recruiters will see, so it needs to make an impression. What should you write in your freelancer profile and how can it help you set yourself apart from other freelancers? Continue reading to find out!

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