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What does an Informatica Developer do?


The primary role of an Informatica developer is to develop, debug, maintain and test Informatica software applications that support the business needs of an organization. This includes creating solutions for databases that align with the needs of a company or organization. What does an Informatica developer do?

What does a Shopify Web Designer do?


A Shopify web designer’s primary role is the design and development of an online store. They customize the User Interface of a store based on the corresponding brand standards and style guides and implement system integrations for various components. What does a Shopify web designer do?

What does a Business Intelligence Developer do?


A Business Intelligence Developer designs and develops strategies and solutions for processes that are relevant to a company's business. They develop and maintain business intelligence tools and interfaces and create and present data request queries with the help of visualisation and reports.

IT Freelancing Trends & Insights 2021


IT freelancers are flexible and can work from anywhere – a good prerequisite for staying afloat during the ongoing pandemic. But which jobs and skills will be in demand this year? We evaluated over 1 million search queries on freelancermap to help you figure out what to expect in 2021. IntroductionFreelancing Trends in 2020Remote...

What does an IoT Engineer do?


A specialist in connected objects, an IoT engineer develops innovative services that help users to receive, control and manage information. They are also in charge of developing and managing a vast array of IoT devices, platforms, software, hardware and systems through a combination of data, technology and research.

What does a Configuration Manager do?


Configuration managers are in charge of coordinating and directing configurations of all kinds of products. A configuration is the sum of interrelated features of a product, both physical and functional. What does a configuration manager do? Role overviewResponsibilitiesSkillsBackgroundSalary What is configuration management? Configuration...

What does a Database Developer do?


A database developer’s primary role is to design, program, develop and implement database systems. They tailor database systems precisely to the company in question and its needs. The profession includes many tasks from designing the database to maintaining data integrity. What does a database developer do?

What does a Mud Engineer do?


Mud engineers, also known as Drilling fluid engineers, are responsible for mixing, controlling and testing drilling fluids, also known as ‘mud’, which is used in the process of drilling. They typically work with other engineers and geologists on oil and gas rigs and are well versed in drilling practices. Role...

What does a Hardware Designer do?


A Hardware designer or a Hardware design engineer is in charge of developing, testing and building hardware systems like computer processors. While different hardware designers may work on different types of hardware, their primary roles are generally similar. These include identifying hardware needs, working with a development team, and...

What does a Data Artist do?


A Data Artist visualises data streams in the Big Data area and is an expert in graphic design and information technology. They understand business objectives and processes and are able to implement them in the form of storytelling and graphics such as graphs, charts, infographics and other tools that can help people understand complex information...

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