What does an OBIEE Developer do?


OBIEE Developers are IT experts in charge of designing, developing, and implementing Oracle OBIEE solutions within an organization. Today we take a closer look at the role and responsibilities of an OBIEE Developer. 

What is OBIEE?

OBIEE or Oracle Business Intelligence – Enterprise Edition is a powerful tool for data analysis, visualization, and presentation

OBIEE provides a wide variety of business intelligence capabilities so that you can:

  • Extract relevant data from internal and external departments within an organization
  • Offer clear visual presentation of data for ease of understanding
  • Manage and deliver data to relevant departments within the organization 

This allows an organization to make better decisions, perform informed action, and implement business processes more effectively. 

The OBIEE dashboard presents your organization’s data in easy-to-understand formats (tiles, tables, charts, etc.). OBIEE makes it easy for organizations to plan new lines of business, optimize costs, and improve overall growth.

Role Overview of an OBIEE Developer
Role Overview – OBIEE Developer

The role of an OBIEE Developer involves making use of OBIEE technology to help organizations collect, refine, and manage data from various sources that are crucial to important decision making.

The developer must understand the context in which the business operates and the overall business requirements. They can then offer ideas and suggestions to improve business processes, anticipate future issues and developments. 

This makes OBIEE Developers key players in the planning, analytical, and strategic decisions within an organization.

OBIEE Developer Responsibilities

The usual duties of an OBIEE Developer start with analyzing the needs of the organization they work for. They then work on developing plans for the OBIEE tool and implementing, installing, and/or upgrading BI tools where necessary. 

OBIEE Developer - Tasks and Responsibilities
OBIEE Developer – Tasks and Responsibilities

They manage BI projects with the use of the Oracle platform and are responsible for the maintenance of BI infrastructure. They also generate OBIEE reports, carry out test plans for the BI infrastructure, and provide support to OBI team members, SMEs, and Testers by developing high BI data models to support reporting needs.

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Tasks and duties of an OBIEE Developer: 

  • Design, development, delivery, and maintenance of OBIEE
  • Project Management via use of Oracle platform
  • Installation and configuration of system environments
  • Development and migration of OBIEE Reports
  • Analyzing business challenges & translating them into solutions
  • Creation of data models, access structures, and reports
  • Working closely with other teams via Agile to create BI data models
  • Creating functional and technical design specifications
  • Managing code and design reviews and creating technical presentations

Skills & Knowledge required

When a company is seeking an OIBEE developer, employers look for developers who can showcase OBIEE solutions expertise, strong technical skills, creativity, analytical skills, and innovation. 

OBIEE Developer - Skills Required
OBIEE Developer – Skills Required

Apart from managing OBIEE, they must also be familiar and know how to operate relevant tools such as: 

  • Oracle Database
  • Data Integrator
  • Warehouse Builder
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • OBI Metadata Models

Besides the set of technical skills required, a developer should also have certain soft skills such as organization, creativity, and communication skills. 

Skills needed as OBIEE Developer: 

  • Experience with OBIEE Visual Analyzer and other visualization tools
  • Experience in DWH or BI environment and infrastructure
  • Knowledge in handling relational databases (e.g. Oracle DB)
  • Distinctive organizational and communication skills
  • Advanced experience in Oracle 11g database modeling and techniques
  • Experience with SAP, system design and project development
  • Strong project management skills are a plus
  • Team player and ability to work in a team environment
  • Strong analytical skills and problem-solving skills
  • Excellent communication and technical writing skills 
  • Ability to meet deadlines and manage multiple projects

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In order to work in this role, candidates require at the very least, a Bachelor’s degree in IT, Computer Science or Information Systems or Engineering

In general, employees look for technical experience in system design and project development involving BI applications and tools. Certification courses are also a great way to develop skills and knowledge. Below is a list of courses to consider. 

OBIEE Certifications and Training Courses:


According to Glassdoor, the national annual average in the USA is about $105,000, with the possibility to earn over $120,000 with the right skills and experience at a senior position. Beginners can expect around $85,000 when first starting out. 

As always with salary numbers, remember that they differ greatly between countries and sometimes even cities. Remuneration is also dependent on skills, experience, industry, and organization. 

How much does an Oracle BI consultant earn?


How much do freelance OBIEE Developers charge?

The freelancermap rate index in August 2020 shows an average hourly rate of $59. Considering an 8-hour working day, freelance OBIEE consultants will make about $472 a day.

OBIEE Developer - Average Freelance Rate
OBIEE Developer – Average freelance rate (freelancermap index, August 2020)
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