What does a NOC Engineer do?


A NOC engineer is responsible for the overall performance and maintenance of NOC systems. They perform a back-end role and have experience with servers, networking and IT work. Let’s take a closer look at the role of a NOC engineer! 

What is NOC?

In a fully connected world, ensuring the quality and uptime of the telecommunications infrastructure requires special attention. Network Operations Centers or NOCs, are intelligence powerhouses where all data on network performance is collected and tracked

This requires a truly reliable IT center, from displays to software, to sophisticated equipment that produces visualizations of the networks that IT specialists are responsible for.

Role Overview of a NOC Engineer: Tasks, background, skills and salary
NOC Engineer – Role Overview

This center is where computer engineers observe and maintain telecommunications networks. From this centralized location, NOC analysts and operators scan the network to detect, locate, and resolve performance issues

NOCs are often found in large enterprises, where network activities are difficult to observe individually.

Responsibilities of an NOC Analyst

Responsibilities and daily tasks of NOC engineers
NOC Engineer – Responsibilities

A NOC engineer – also known as a NOC Analyst or NOC Technician – is responsible for the overall performance and maintenance of NOCs.

They perform a series of tasks such as the configuration and administration of routers, updating and maintaining firmware on a regular basis, analyzing network issues, and offering solutions. 

Additionally, a NOC engineer also monitors system conditions, documents changes made to networks, creates technical manuals, and is responsible for maintaining network security. 

They recognize faults with the current network setup, analyze issues, and work to develop solutions. They may also support the head of the NOC and other managers with regard to current incidents and/or network issues. 

Responsibilities of a NOC Engineer:

  • Manage IT operations and network equipment like routers, switches, firewalls, and access points
  • Configuration, implementation, and support of all network components
  • Ensure the proper functioning of IT equipment (troubleshooting and diagnostic support)
  • Manage and administer applications throughout the life cycle
  • Monitoring of line systems and digital facilities
  • Manage the technology providers that implement the solutions
  • Back-up management, completion, verification and restoration
  • Perform access management
  • Manage the availability and capacity of the platform
  • Receive faults, analyze them and consequently classify them according to operational and customer relevance
  • Management of requests, problems, incidents and data environments
  • Write and maintain technical documentation for the network environment

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NOC Engineer Skills

List of skills required by Network Operations Centers Engineers
NOC Engineer – Skills

An NOC Engineer is someone with in-depth knowledge of information technology and strong technical skills. 

They should be familiar with common tools such as Microsoft products, Internet Services to more detailed applications related to Information Security, Data Architecture, and Operating Systems.

Additionally, being a team player is as important as learning to be a leader when required. Strong technical writing skills are also an advantage in addition to good communication skills

Skills and experience required to be a NOC Engineer:

  • Experience using information management tools
  • Experience with network monitoring tools like Auvik
  • Automation experience
  • Understanding of Cloud Computing
  • Knowledge of virtualization, spin-up and maintenance (VMware, KVM, Xen, Hyper-V)
  • Understanding of network protocols, reporting and monitoring tools
  • Experience in IT operations management
  • Data center management and Database administration
  • Strong Windows server, Linux user & Sysadmin knowledge
  • Solid understanding of networking concepts such as DNS, DHCP, NTP, TCP/IP, FTP, Firewalls
  • Understanding of Cloud Computing
  • Scripting experience would be a plus (Batch, Powershell)


Becoming a NOC engineer usually involves a degree in computer science or information science. However, workers who have extensive experience in computer network problem solving can also apply to this role. 

Additionally, short courses are a great way to boost your resume and highlight your skills. Some NOC relevant certifications to consider: 

NOC Engineers can also benefit from other certificates such as CCNA, CCNP, JNCIA, or JNCIS that are highly desirable, though not always required.

Companies often look for NOC engineers who have previous experience with the hardware and software the company uses, although they are sometimes willing to provide some on-the-job training.

Businesses are increasingly concerned about security and network integrity, especially since these companies are increasingly dependent on computer networks. In addition, computer networks are increasingly being used by consumers – all of this points to growth within this job sector.

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The salary of a NOC Engineer depends on factors such as industry, role, and location. For junior-level roles, the annual starting salary in the US is up to $50,000. The average salary with a few years of experience is closer to $74,000. At senior level roles with considerable professional experience, annual salaries can go up to $107,000

How much do NOC Engineers make?

Junior Salary$50,000
Average Salary$74,000
Senior Salary$107,000

What is the average freelance rate for a NOC Expert?

NOC Freelancer - Average Rate
NOC Freelancer Average Rate

The freelancermap rate index in October 2020 shows an average hourly rate of $94. Considering an 8-hour working day, freelance engineers make about $752 a day.

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