Career Insights: Most In Demand Remote and IT Freelance Roles


We all know one thing for sure: the economy is changing. Every day more and more people decide to leave their full-time job to embrace the freelancing world. And not just that, new roles and jobs are arising from the gig economy and the new digital world.

For young generations it's generally easy to understand what a community manager or a LinkedIn Branding expert does, but for some roles it’s not always that easy! Especially if you are not into technology, Social Media or the Internet. There are so many new roles in the digital world that we frequently hear new positions that we have never heard before and we always think “What can he/she be doing?”.

That’s why we are launching a new series where we will try our best to clarify what that new roles do, what skills are needed, how accepted those roles are in the freelance market and we will be asking some experts within the field about their personal experiences.

We will present a new job position every month starting out this week with our beloved Front-End developers. What do they do and what would you need to start your career as Front-End professional?

You will find that out in our first article of our career insight series:
We will be updating this article regularly as new roles are explained, so do not forget to check back from time to time!
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