What does an IT Auditor do?


An information technology audit or IT audit refers to the analysis and management controls within an Information technology (IT) infrastructure. IT auditors are in charge of auditing these systems and offering pragmatic solutions to improve, manage, and sustain IT and business processes. Continue reading to learn more about their day to day roles and responsibilities!

IT Auditor Responsibilities Skills Background Salary
IT Auditor Role

What is IT Auditor?

Job Description:

An IT auditor is a management consultant who analyzes processes within a company and identifies the potential for optimization.

Most auditors work in small teams of up to four people. They act as observers who communicate with all departments by interviewing employees, but also evaluating data and reviewing documents. These can be company manuals, process descriptions, and product specifications.

They go on troubleshooting and research opportunities for improvement. The results obtained are discussed with the managers of the relevant departments and a solution strategy is created.

What does an IT Auditor do?

IT Auditor Responsibilities

An IT auditor examines internal processes and structures and analyzes them for optimization potential. Auditors serve as a communicative link between all departments and the management level. They can be represented by both internal and external experts.

Which tasks does an auditor have?

  • Checking the status quo of a company
  • Communication with all departments and management levels
  • Identification of potential for improvement
  • Evaluation of internal company data
  • Examine internal IT controls
  • Evaluate design and operational effectiveness to determine risk
  • Develop solutions and strategies.


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What skills does an IT Auditor need?

IT Auditor Skills

Hard skills and soft skills

Auditors need sound knowledge in the areas of accounting, controlling or auditing. Often, they also have professional experience in auditing. An understanding of the business processes within a company is essential as an auditor cooperates with various departments and needs a basic understanding of the mechanisms behind the processes.

In order to carry out the process review as effectively as possible, an auditor must think analytically and develop structured and logical solutions. He communicates these safely and is able to convincingly present his approaches. However, empathy and teamwork are also required when interviewing employees in order to identify problems.

What skills should an auditor have?

  • Knowledge in the area of controlling and accounting
  • Business Operations and Processes
  • Experience with Firewalls, Office 365 Security, VSX and Endpoint Security.
  • Knowledge of financial and IT applications - SAP, QAD, MFGPro.
  • Understanding of IT audit methodologies.
  • Keen analytical sense and problem solving skills
  • A structured way of working and operating
  • Excellent communication skills and teamwork



If you want to become an auditor you need an academic degree and usually, have a degree in business administration. An IT Auditor can come from virtually any background but are frequently industrial engineers. Less often lawyers and engineers also take up this role.

In addition, a specialization in certain topics is possible, such as logistics, personnel, marketing or sales.

Typical industries

Auditors do not work in any specific industry, but rather in all companies that want to question and optimize current processes. Today, they can be found in almost all industries and companies.



The average salary of an auditor depends on the industry, the region, and the division. A starting salary of approximately $54,000 gross per year is the rule. On average, the annual earnings are $69,000. If the auditors have the necessary professional experience, they will be able to earn an income of $105,000 or more per year.

How much does an auditor make?

Junior $54,000
Average $69,000
Senior $105,000

The average freelancer hourly rate of an auditor is $123 per hour. Extrapolated to an 8-hour day, the daily rate is around $984 per day. (freelancermap price index - as of July 2019)

Average Freelancer Rate IT Auditor
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