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Project or client acquisition is an annoying prospect for many freelancers. Data from freelancermap’s Market Studies proves this, year after year. The search for new projects is one of the greatest challenges of self-employment which is why it is important to optimize the process accordingly. freelancermap offers the perfect solution for this: on our platform you can automate the project acquisition with the project agent. Continue reading to learn what the project agent is and how it works.

A freelancer’s greatest challenge: project acquisition

In our annual market study, we asked participants about all aspects of self-employment, including challenges and downsides. The study makes it clear that project acquisition is one of the biggest obstacles that many freelancers face. 68% of freelancers even described it in the Freelancer Market Study 2020 as the greatest disadvantage of being a freelancer – even before fluctuating income or unpaid vacation.

The Biggest Challenges That Freelancers Face
The Biggest Challenges That Freelancers Face

Understandable, because the time freelancers spend looking for and acquiring new projects cannot be offset. So the longer it takes them to find new projects, the longer they don’t earn anything.

freelancermap is not only an open marketplace for projects and clients, we also help freelancers to get jobs easier and faster. To make this possible and to provide our members with the best possible support in acquiring new projects, we offer the free “project agent” service. With this feature, client acquisition can be conveniently automated.

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Automate client acquisition with the project agent

The project agent can be used for free by all members on freelancermap. It can be configured according to your needs and wishes and sends an email with the latest project offers, either immediately or daily, depending on the setting.

How to set up your project agent

As soon as you are registered and logged in, you can start using the project agent. You can find the configurator under “My Account” ➡️ “Project Alerts“.

The project agent will send you new project offers from the specified categories directly to you by email. You will never again miss new project opportunities!

To set up your project agent, follow these steps:

1. Enter the name of your project agent.

2. You can then restrict the locations from which offers come in. The filters can be set here from “Worldwide” to a specific region and/or country.

3. Next, specify the desired type of contract. Do you only want to receive remote project offers? No problem, just tick the box.

Setting Up The Project Agent (1/3)
Setting Up The Project Agent (1/3)

4. Then define the main category from which you want project offers. These are divided into “Development”, “Graphics, Content, Media”, “IT Infrastructure”, “Consulting & Management”, “SAP” and “Engineering”.

5. Use positive and negative keywords to ensure that the offers match your skills and requirements as closely as possible.

 Setting Up The Project Agent (2/3)
Setting Up The Project Agent (2/3)

6. If you do not want to receive offers from certain project providers, you can exclude them in the next step. In the last block there is also the option to tick “only end customer projects” – this ensures that you only receive project offers from end customers.

7. Select the sending time (immediately or once a day) 

8. Finally, select the desired email format (text or HTML) and if you would like to receive only projects in English or also in German.

Save your preferences. The configuration of the project agent is done. From now on you will simply receive suitable offers by email.

 Setting Up The Project Agent (3/3)
Setting Up The Project Agent (3/3)

Automating client acquisition is very easy

With the project agent, you can automate the search for projects and, thanks to precisely tailored filters and keywords, receive interesting project offers straight to your email inbox. For our premium members there is also the option of creating several project agents in order to search even more accurately.

Have your next project sent to you by email now!

Natalia Campana

Natalia is part of the international team at freelancermap. She loves the digital world, social media and meeting different cultures. Before she moved to Germany and joined the freelancermap team she worked in the US, UK and her home country Spain. Now she focuses on helping freelancers and IT professionals to find jobs and clients worldwide at

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