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A good, well-written freelancer professional headline has the ability to make or break your freelance profile. In order to attract clients, you need a headline that reflects your job title perfectly as well as your skills and experience. Continue reading to learn what makes a good professional headline and find tips and examples! 

What makes a freelancer headline professional?

A professional headline is one that makes a great first impression, catches your client’s attention, and makes them want to click on your profile. You’ll want to choose a headline that is preferably one line long and condenses your skills and experience together.

A professional freelance headline isn’t just for freelancing platforms, it can also be used on your LinkedIn profile or on your resume, for example. 

Both on LinkedIn and on freelancer listings, the freelance title is one of the first things potential clients will see and this will be the starting point to deciding if the freelancer would be a good fit for their needs.

The importance of a describing, eye-catching headline

The importance of an eye-catching headline that describes your role perfectly cannot be overstated. Not only does it help you stand apart from your competitors and fellow freelancers, it gives your client a quick and concise view of what makes you the right person for the job.

Not having a title, or having a title that’s too complex and vague, can make a client pass over your profile and choose to work with someone else.

Clients and people, in general, don’t have the time to read every freelancer profile thoroughly. So having a convincing and strong headline is a must.

Great, but what’s a good headline for a resume and your freelance profile? 

Let’s first take a look at the information your freelance title should deliver.

What should you include in a professional headline?

A professional headline should ideally include keywords for jobs you’re on the hunt for, as well as specific job responsibilities that you have experience with. 

For example, if you’re a web developer who specialises in front-end development, your headline should include keywords such as: “web developer”, “specialist”, and “front-end development”. You may choose to separate these keywords or combine them to describe the level of responsibilities you’re familiar with and the level of experience you have.

Depending on your niche, you could add relevant certifications, programs or tools that you work with and are expert in or even proven results from your past work.

List of details a professional headline should include in a freelance profile title
Information To Include In A Freelancer Headline

How to write a professional headline – Tips for freelancers

Before we share some profile headline examples from real freelancers who got it right, let’s take a look below at some tips that will help you create your most professional headline yet:

#1 Keep it short

To start off with, keep your headline short, concise, and to the point. Your headline should ideally be one-sentence long and eye-catching. Anything that’s longer than a sentence tends to appear clunky and defeats the whole purpose of a headline.

A couple of examples of short headlines (and to the point):

  • IT consultant | 20+ years international experience
  • Digital marketing | Finance & Banking

#2 Don’t forget to capitalise 

Just like an article, capitalise the start of all words in your freelance headline. This will make it look more professional and is a super easy and helpful way to make your headline stand out. 

It also makes it easier to read, here a couple of examples:

  • Full Stack Developer | Java / Spring / React / Angular
  • Senior Data Scientist (Tableau / SQL Developer)
  • Google Analytics expert | Funnel Analytics & Reporting

#3 Use the right keywords

As mentioned above, using the right keywords is extremely important in making your freelancer headline as professional as possible. One easy way to make sure you’re using the right keywords is by looking for projects that interest you and incorporating words from it into your headline.

Someone looking for an expert, could type something like: “Need help with my e-commerce in Shopify”

Your freelance headline could then be something like:

  • Need help with Shopify? Fixing Shopify Issues since 2019
  • Shopify Expert & Theme Development – I can help fix your shop!

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#4 Highlight your value

To make clients stay on your profile longer, make sure to include what makes you different from others and what you’re able to bring to the table. For example, you’ll want to include your years of experience or highlight any certifications that you may have achieved.

Professional headline examples highlighting value and experience could be:

  • Award-winning Graphic Designer (25+ Years Experience)
  • Network Engineer | Cisco | CCNA | CCNP
  • BI Developer – Microsoft & Tableau Certifications

#5 Stay away from clichés

You’ll want to avoid using phrases and words such as “highly skilled”, “results-driven”, “hard worker”, “rockstar”, etc. Make your skills and achievements speak for themselves!

Real freelance title ideas:

  • Software Developer (Computer Engineering and Mathematics)
  • CTO with 8+ years of AI/ML | I founded 2 startups 

#6 Don’t overthink it 

Lastly, don’t overthink your headline too much. There’s no need to flood your headline with too much information on what makes you unique. Remember to keep it simple, short, and relevant to your industry and skill-set

We’ve curated a list of freelancer profiles with great professional headlines that make them stand out. Let’s take a look at them below.

Professional Headline for Freelancers: Real Examples

Examples are worth more than 1,000 words so let’s take a look at some great examples of freelance professional headlines from profiles in different industries.

You can use them as inspiration for your own freelance title.

Examples of freelance titles for freelancers in SAP

Example freelance headline for SAP Developer
SAP Development Consultant Developer & Architect
Example freelance headline for SAP and Machine Learning Specialist
Enabling business by Innovative SAP and Machine Learning based solutions
Example freelance title for SAP consultant
SAP MM & APO consultant with PP and FI certificate
Professional freelance headline example in SAP MM
SAP MM Certified Consultant (20+ years in SAP) – Freelance – Argentina Localization

Freelance headlines examples for Web Developers

Full-Stack Developer – 5+ years Node.js and React.js
Full-Stack – .NET Angular C# Typescript – Cloud embedded Database
Front-End Developer (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery)
Full Stack Developer | Java / Spring / React / Angular

Professional Freelance Headlines for Experts in Data Science

Data Science, Robotik, AI, Machine Learning, OCR, Computer Vision, NLP, OptimierunA
AI / machine learning engineer
Consulting & Development for AI & Big Data, Numerical Simulation & HPC projects
Data Analysis & Machine Learning; Information & Cyber Security

Examples of professional headlines for Freelance Engineers

Embedded / C / C++ / PCB design
CAD Designer / Sheet Metal & Special Designs / Inventor / Solidworks / FEA / 20+ Years Experience
Security Engineer / Operations, SOAR Consultant (PCSAE Certified)
Blockchain Technology. Smart Contract Development using Solidity and Rust NFT, FT, DeX, DeFi Exp

Freelance titles examples in IT and Networking

100% Remote Network Engineer | Extreme Networks | Watchguard | OPNsense | PfSense
Networking | WAN LAN Datacenter | AWS Cloud | IT & Cloud Security | Cisco AWS PMP certified
DevOps, DevSec, Cybersecurity, Developer, Python, ELK-Stack, Kubernetes, Docker, Azure, AWS
Senior | Database, Linux, Cloud, Web, Test | Engineer

Freelance headlines in Consulting and management

IT Consultant – Software Developer – Digitalization
Contracted Auditor, Contractor / Principal Auditor, CISA
IT Project Management, CISO, CISA, Workplace Architect
Senior Project Manager (Agile & Classic). Business Analytics Expert. Business Architect

Examples of freelance headlines for Web and Graphic Designers

Art Director & Designer, UI/UX Online & Offline
UI/UX Designer | Designing Hassle-free Website and Mobile App for Businesses and Employees
Web UI/UX Designer / Graphic Designer / CMS Themer
Graphic design with focus on UI/UX | Web design | Corporate Design | WordPress

Professional headline for Content Writers and Freelance Marketing Experts

Freelancer | CMS WordPress | WooCommerce Web Design | SEO | Google Ads SEA | Online-Shop | Adwords
✋ STOP! ✋ Traffic is great, but sales are even better ✅ I can help! ☝
Content Writer, Ghostwriter, Finance Writer, Virtual Assistant & Blockchain Enthusiast
SEO Specialist | Content Writer | Surfer SEO certified

We hope this article helps you write a professional headline for your freelance profile.

If you’re still unsure about how to select the best words for your freelance title, send us the link to your freelancermap profile to with the subject “Freelance headline Ideas” and our team will be happy to help you with it.

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