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What Is A Coworking Space? Options and Potential


Coworking spaces have been trending in the past few years. It’s easy to see why – their flexibility is exactly what freelancers need. Being part of one can help you get in touch with other professionals, expanding your network. And, for people like me who are easily distracted at home, coworking spaces provide a semi-regular schedule and an...

How To Work Remotely From Home: Tips & Strategies


Working from home has many benefits: you dictate your own hours, no time is wasted commuting to the office, there’s no one watching over your shoulder. And, best of all, you’re home to receive the mail – goodbye trips to the post office! However, working at home also comes with its own set of challenges: it can be overwhelmingly solitary, the urge...

Freelancer Trends 2022: What To Expect This Year


IT freelancers are flexible and can work from anywhere - a good prerequisite for staying afloat during the pandemic. But which programming languages, software and skills will be in demand this year? We’ve evaluated data from around 3 million freelancer profiles and project searches on freelancermap to reveal what trends will prevail this year and...

How To: Work As A Self Employed In Spain


Spain is one of the most unique countries in Europe and is particularly famous for its architecture and artistic culture. More and more freelancers are looking to move to Spain - mainly due to its excellent healthcare system, rich culture and general quality of life. Read on to discover how you can move to Spain as a self employed!

How To: Freelancing In Greece


Thinking of Greece automatically conjures up images of sandy beaches, ancient buildings and volcanic islands. It should come as no surprise then that this Southeastern European country is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world - and the perfect place for freelancers who would want to work from abroad. Continue reading to learn...

How To: Freelancing In Germany


Freelancing in Germany is an attractive prospect for many freelancers thanks to its clean environment, cultural attractions, strong welfare system and general safety. Germany also has one of the strongest economies in the world and is very welcoming to foreigners who want to move there.

How To: Going Freelance In The UK


Moving to the UK to work as a freelancer is an exciting prospect. From the beautiful countryside views and sandy beaches to the magnificent heritage of ancient buildings, the UK is a great option for anyone looking to go freelance abroad.

How To: Freelancing In Portugal


Portugal is quite a popular destination for people who want to move and work abroad. There are plenty of opportunities available in this Southern European country, and freelancers who move there often do so due to its warm, moderate climate, quality health care and general safety. Discover how you can freelancing from Portugal!

Where Do Freelancers Work Best?


When you run your own business, it is up to you as a freelancer, to decide where you work, and this is a phenomenal opportunity. You know yourself best and choosing the working environment that suits you perfectly can not only make your job more productive but more pleasant as well.

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